Thank You, Salamat Po!

Let me start off with this: THANK YOU, dear MGG readers. You make this site so rich with many different opinions and points of view — you make me laugh, sometimes think, at other times, feel melancholic. And it’s all good! Salamat po!

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Single Brown Mommy writes:

… according to a recent survey by Reader’s Digest, Metro Manila ranks among the least courteous cities in the world, and that Manilans forget to say the words ‘thank you.’

Upon reading this, I told myself, along with World Peace, I want to take it upon myself to promote the practice of always appreciating other people. I agree, with all the negativities in this world, we tend to forget to appreciate our fellow human beings. We sometimes take our friends for granted, what more strangers? But I suggest, especially all you gay men out there, let’s role model the practice of appreciation towards others. You know how good it feels when we are appreciated, right? I believe in the saying that “if it is to be, it is up to me.” So people, if you agree that appreciating other people more often is good, then join me in this crusade! Let’s help in promoting this culture of appreciation.

* * *

To help ourselves further buy in to this kind of behavior change, let me offer you the benefits of being more appreciative:

1. Build better and healthier relationships
2. Positive energy begets positive energy!
3. You get to smile more often, thus slowing down the physical aging process
4. A pleasant (smiling!) disposition is a much better social lubricant than any alcoholic drink
5. It feels good to be appreciated — and to appreciate too!

So, mga friends, let’s do it! Say more ‘thank you’, more ’salamat’ — and believe that your positive energy will bring back more for you and for the people around you. Thank you, and World Peace! You, Salamat Po!  digg:Thank You, Salamat Po!  spurl:Thank You, Salamat Po!  newsvine:Thank You, Salamat Po!  furl:Thank You, Salamat Po!  reddit:Thank You, Salamat Po!  fark:Thank You, Salamat Po!  Y!:Thank You, Salamat Po!


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25 Responses to “Thank You, Salamat Po!”

  1. lee Says:

    Sige mag tthank you rin ako.

    @ewan, thank you for your love, kahit di ko masyado masuklian, layo kasi.

    @dowell, thanks for the short 5 hour YM friendship. Belated nlng.

    @Migs,thank you for making me realise some things (salamat to all din). I broke up with my gf… me nanligaw sakin… sinagot ko… so… kamusta naman ang transition. hehe

    Thank you migs for all of your posts, … posts for my sanity and my libido. hahaha. I wish you all the best… for your happiness… for your Mr. Right…

  2. eponine Says:

    Yes Migs! I say thank you to the guard who opens the door for me, the tricy or taxi driver who takes me to thier destination, to the waiter who serves me my drink, the saleslady in the mall, to anyone whom i get in contact with. And please take note, this is not gender-specific. I say it to anyone, cute man or hindi. I do not always get a possible response, or any response at all (they think I jsut try to make a move on them). Pero I just hope they get my thanks. “Amor con amor se paga” - love begets love. Same as respect to.

    About us not being courteous, I agree we still ahve to work on that. But I’d say kung ako maglalakad tapos nadala ako sa daan, I’d say at least isa ang pupunta sa aking stranger para tulungan ako tumayo. Or magtatanong man lang kung ok ako. Marami po tayong mga magagandang katangian. Bow.

  3. eponine Says:

    Wow mali: sa sinabi ko ealrier hindi po “to theri destination…” I meant to say “to MY destination…” sowee…

  4. pepron Says:

    Shokran Bilmarah Kithir!!Enshallah, al hayakh tawillahn!!!! ( many thanks! Long live!)

  5. lee Says:

    @eponine: galing! ako din ganon. Kaya sa office pag ako papasok, lahat pati parking ng may parking naaagaw ko. Pasaway kasi mga guard samin. konsintedor. hehehe. Ung masungit na guard buti friend ko na ngayon. hehe. Meron akong friend minsan nagyaya mag inuman ang mga kasama, lab assistants, janitors at guards. Bait kasi.

    Hehe pero, seriously, kahit ako, thank you lang ganado nako magtrabaho. Kahit di maacknowledge ung pagod at galing ng trabaho, plus nlng siguro un. haha.

  6. Gripen Says:

    I start my day thanking God for my existance. For giving me great parents and family around me…

    @migs I thank you too for creating a blog that exercises PLU people’s intelligence level at hindi puro kalandian lang…

    I hope guys like you eh dumami pa…

    I thank you!….

    and world peace….

    and yes we pinoys need to be more courteous…

  7. carlos24 Says:

    well thank you for letting us know this. but i dont think that metro manila is one of the least corteous cities in the world. i do actually think the oppisite, the metro manila is one of the most corteous cities in the world. Where can you find a food chain that everytime you get inside, a security guard greets you , “good morning ma´am, sir” kahit isa ka lang na pumapasok. Then when we u get inside all the crew would greet you as well. We call the old people we dont know, manong or kuya, or manang or ate. Ive been in so many countries and they are so discorteous. I believe that we are so corteous. It is one of the asian traits.

  8. jimg29 Says:

    Whoah Migs, Whoah! Could it be? Am I really reading this post? Or is this just paying lip service to world peace? You really made me reconsider the opinion I formed about you. Anyway, let me thank you thus far, merci, kudos at maraming salamat for bringing out the positive side in me.

  9. dazedblu Says:

    Hi Migs, the entry this time wuz actually a heartfelt.. yew really know how to bring the good conversation over the information superhighway!

    I also, like to thank yew fer giving such wonderful reading every time, i browse the pages of MGG. well then keep it up, and I’ll be one of yer dearest readers, cheers! :)

  10. Raymond Says:

    Thank you, Migs, for bringing us all together. I am also a believer in our capacity to generate positive energies that can, bit by bit, with every smile and “thank you”, eventually change the world. And, yes, “if it is to be, it is up to me”: that’s a good one. Where did that come from? Sounds like Hiro from “Heroes”!

  11. James Says:

    Thank you for strengthening my gayness!

    Seriously, I love what you have right now because you can easily empower people, especially gay people, just like that. Dati, sumulpot ka lang sa tag ko a year ago, ngayun, ikaw na ang sinulputan ng kung sinu-sino. Star ka na, mas sikat pa kay Margarita :-)

    Use your powers wisely, you are loved.

  12. margaux Says:

    i agree! that’s always been a thing of mine. common courtesy and politeness. it’s a must! with that said: thankyouXinfinity

    you are one of my closest friends out here. i’m so glad we met! i appreciate you and always enjoy our time together! can’t wait to see you again! :) love you!!!!

  13. Isaribi Says:

    Maraming Salamat Po!

    Mas prefer ko gamitin ang SALAMAT kesa sa thanks kasi parang mas bukal sa puso kapag Salamat ang word na ginamit.

    Anyway po, comment lang kay single mommy brown, Manila is no longer Manilan’s place. As far as I am concern, Manila is the melting pot where people from different places, of different cultures, and even of different race meet.

    “and that Manilans forget to say the words ‘thank you’” - Surveys doesn’t speak for everyone. That’s why i don’t believe in what they say. I still believe that appreciation must not be expected through just spoken words. Most Filipinos are still too shy to speak for themselves and that they, I mean WE, still prefer to say our utmost thanks through good deeds. Because we tend to forget spoken words but never the good deeds. Another anyway, thank you for pointing this out. At least we get to reflect on that. But I won’t change my way of doing good deeds as a sign of my thanks.

    Yun lang!

  14. dowell Says:

    To Lee: Thanks a lot. Naging busy, at maraming iniisip sa mga nagdaang araw maging sa ngayon. Nawa’y nasa mabuting kang kalagayan.

    To Anton Maton: Salamat sa pagsagot sa mga kalokohan ko. Kung ako’y ikaw, at ikaw ako, magsama na tayo!

    To people who showed their appreciation to my faculties of ideas: Tenk yu!(nakangiti, pilit na pinalalabas ang maliit na dimples)

    To Migs: Tenk Yu!

    To my enemies: Duh! Tinkamgonnasaytenks???! DUH!???

    To people who are still in the process of accepting their own circumstances, and doubt if there’s something in them to be really appreciated: APPRECIATE THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE GONE THIS FAR IN YOUR BATTLE. YOU MAY NOT BE MAN ENOUGH NOR FEMALE ENOUGH, BUT ONE THING I KNOW FOR SURE, YOU KNOW ENOUGH. HANDLE IT WELL, AND WIN YOUR BATTLE.

  15. dowell Says:

    Tungkol naman sa pagsasabi ng salamat… kahit nakasanayan ko ng magsabi ng salamat sa mga taong nakakasalamuha ko, hindi ito naging habit. dahil tuwing sinasabi ko ang salitang “salamat”, naririnig ko ang sarili kong binabanggit ito, at kahit pa sa mga taong itinuturing akong boss o amo, dinadamdam ko ang isang salitang iyon. Kaya tuwing sinasabi ko ang salitang iyon, parang bawat pagkakataon ay UNANG pagkakataon at hindi isang bisyo ng muscle ng mukha at ng dila na nagagawa dahil sa reflex lang.

    Ang payo ko lang, wag tayo maobses sa pagsasabi ng salitang ito, sa dahilang nakakapagpagaan to ng ating pakiramdam lang. Ngunit sana tandaan natin, na sinasabi ito para ipakita sa taong sinasabihan na natutuwa tayo sa kanya at sa nagawa nya, at hindi para masabi sa sarili natin “mabait ako, kasi nagtetenk yu ako”.

  16. josh Says:

    Salamat miggs for inspiring me to blog! hehehe, and to d TRoika podcasters!

  17. David Says:

    siguro kaya hindi tayo sanay magpasalamat dahil nasanay tayong tayo ang nagsisilbi.. hospitability ang pride natin diba??

  18. lee Says:

    @dowell: mabuti naman ako, sana ikaw din. Wag na masyado maginom. hahahaha! (sorry pakialamero ba?) I wish you all the best and happyness. Miss ko na kakulitan mo. Nasakin pa ballpen mo kung gusto mo. hehe

    Comment ko lang. Siguro it would depend on how one defines “habit”. Kasi ako habit ko magthank you. Pero everytime, katulad ng sinabi mo, parang first time ko sasabihin, at everytime, nararamdaman ko yung tuwa sakin, doble kung nakita ko natuwa rin yung nasabihan ko. So hindi lahat ng habit magthank you sinasabi na parang galing sa ilong. Meron din naman na nagtthank you na everytime, tumitingin sa mata at sincere ung pagkakasabi. Turo ng daddy ko, “A smile and a thank you cost nothing but gives much”, sabi nya magbigay ka lang daw ng magbigay. Minsan kasi kelangan na kelangan nung mapagbibigyan mo, di mo lang alam.

    So, again, to migs and all…


  19. lee Says:

    @dowell: medyo di ko nabasa yung last paragraph. Ang OA naman kung magsasabi ng thank you para lang masabi na mabait ka. For me it doesn’t really follow. For me a thank you is a must (pero not a rule) for someone na nagawan ng maganda/ serbisyo. Mas madalas, kung di ka mag thank you, masama ka, kung magthank you ka nmn, dapat lang, inappreciate mo lang. Parang sa mga fastfood, pag hinatid food mo, thank you naman ako, pag di ako nagthank you, anu un senorito?

  20. KittyQT Says:

    For creating this blog, THANK YOU MIGS!

  21. ace Says:

    Having grown–up in a country where thank you, please, excuse me and I’m sorry are used copiously, I always find it a bit strange every time I visit any US cities because I don’t usually hear these words used with the same abandon. I find the Americans generally nice but I guess there is a difference in how people express courteousness or politeness. As for Manila, I find that those who are employed in the service industries are very courteous. Sometimes though, I think some are just too shy to approach and greet clients appropriately which can be interpreted as rudeness by other cultures. This is especially true in the provinces where people are more sheltered from diversity. When visiting malls in the province I used to complain to my relatives that the sales clerks tended to ignore me. My relatives assured me that these young people were not really being rude but they were simply too shy to approach me. As for the general public though, I find that there are still a lot of people who are too impatient to wait their turn and form a line when waiting to be served.

    Thank you, Migs, for giving me a platform to express some of my thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics via MGG.

  22. sire_lee Says:

    isang malaking thank you sa iyo migs!!!

  23. peter pan Says:

    I am quietly thanking you migs for this blog.

  24. ralph Says:

    Funny because despite us one of the happiest people on earth we are also the least courteous and least polite. I got so surprised that despite being crazily stressed and harassed about their lifestyle New Yorkers are very polite and courteous. Thanks you’s are very evident everywhere, people always greet everyone and How are you’s is a daily greetings and they always wait and open doors for everyone. It’s a very simple gesture but it makes everyone feel comfortable. I easily sense the difference because i lived in manila for 10 yrs before i left for here. You dont exactly greet everyobody unless you two knew each other. You only get thank you’s from people who works in the hospitality industry and you felt that it’s just a part of their job and they are bound to utter it. We don’t wait and open doors for everyone. I dont understand why we are like this, my take on this is this… maybe because we are divided by our social class. The rich look down upon the poor and the poor are always intimidated by the rich. US residents dont get intimidated by their social standing, funny because the less priviledged are more vocal and doesn’t want to be intimidated at all. They always ask for equality of treatment for everyone. They wont take it sitting down if they feel that they are being looked upon or they are treated differently. Maybe that is one of the reasons why they can be themselves and are comfortable with their beings. They approach everyone as equals and nobody gets intimidated by anybody. They appreciate simple things and are always appreciative of everything. Being polite and courteous is their way of life and we pinoys had a lot of catching up to do. Its not too late…… Thanks migs for making sense about this issue, it might be unimportant to some but it does and always make sense as long as we live.

  25. anton maton Says:

    mga plastic kayo!

    courtesy and graciousness, like breeding comes from within and not because some surveys said we have to start behaving as such.

    mahirap man o mayaman, nasa pagpapalaki yan ng magulang and family values.

    it’s good thing some of us has become aware that they are not courteous or gracious at all. it is good so we can improve but given the environment to which we are exposed, it would take a big challenge to change. ibig sabihin, kung mismo sa mga tahanan niyo you dont show respect, courtesy and graciousness to your family members and relatives, i doubt if kung sa labas ng tahanan magiging corteous kayo.

    yung lang!!!

    ever the gracious, courteous at may breeding,

    anton maton

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