A Party and the Poser

I was in a private party last Saturday, and while there was a liquor ban due to the elections the following Monday, beer and all sorts of alcoholic drinks were free for all in that party. There were singing and dancing, but all clean and wholesome fun. I was enjoying it with friends, until this guy who I met only once previously started going around telling everyone he was my close friend. At first I didn’t mind it. Until he started doing really strange stuff. He introduced me to his “buddy” then later told me they just had sex while the party was at full blast (later I learned it was all fluff). Then out of the blue he wanted me to accompany him in the comfort room (which I so politely declined). Then while I was in the john, he barged in and, as if jokingly, put himself between the urinal and my thing. I was really and literally pissed. Even with all that, I tried to be nice to him, thinking it might just be the alcohol. But it was not just the alcohol.

We, along with others from the party, went to Starbucks afterwards, sort of to sober up. While we were conversing, in public, he just grabbed my crotch! That was when I really realized the guy was something else. Later on I found out how he was able to befriend my other friends in the party just by dropping my name, saying he was my close friend. Poser!!! It was the first time I met a guy that weird. A gay guy — he gives us gay guys a bad name, I thought.

But then, I challenged myself: “Migs, ‘World Peace’ nga di ba?”

World Peace. Yes, World Peace. But does that mean I should just sit there and watch this guy do seriously crazy (and possibly harmful) antics? No way. World Peace can mean waging a war if that’s what it takes. Of course I wouldn’t wage a war with this guy, but I can definitely disagree with his behavior, even prevent things he was trying to do (like grabbing my crotch). If he can do it to me, he can do it to anyone else, and therefore he needs someone to tell him to stop. And I did. He left earlier than everyone else, but not without me telling him I didn’t agree with his behavior.

So to you MGG readers, purveyors of peace, I hope that we be more proactive in promoting World Peace. Even if it means waging some kind of war. Siyempre ang drama ko, but do give me some slack. No one likes being harassed.

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27 Responses to “A Party and the Poser”

  1. baby_phat Says:

    what a freak…

  2. julian Says:

    It’s the price of fame my dear!
    But I’m sure you handled it well. Perhaps you have become a tad too irresistible ;-)

  3. neon Says:

    obviously, he wants you, for unknown reasons.

  4. max Says:

    rules of the game. he was taking a chance?

    you should have reported him to the establishment and then let the authorities take care of it.

  5. nell Says:

    Kapalmuks naman nun! Parang napaka-desperate.

  6. KittyQT Says:

    MIGS, post your pics so we can tell if your crotch is worth grabbing for, mmmeeeeoooowwww!
    Ay, world peace din.

  7. Andrian Says:

    With such lewd advances from that weird guy, I am glad that you handled with the such dignity.

    Indeed regardless what uncompromising situations we are in, let us always handle things with tact and even in the most extereme of conditions always remember to hold grace under pressure.

    We of all people should exude not only beauty but intelligence…. sophistication, glamour, dignity in all that is queenly. Lol!

  8. john_aspen Says:

    Teach him a lesson. Then World Peace. Ic ould have knocked some sense into his head, or knock his head literally. Then, World Peace.

    Was this guy following you? How did he get to Strabucks with you and your friends? Mag-ingat lang Migs.

  9. juan Says:

    i think i know the guy. he’s bad enough sober, he’s worse drunk or even just tipsy. migs, if you’re reading this, my guess is this guy has/had a bar in malate and his first name begins with the letter M.

    when he did to me what he did to you, i gave him an absolute dressing down. before that incident, i was nice to him (world peace nga di ba) but after the dressing down, whenever i see him in public, he avoids me, not even greeting me. which is just fine with me.

    world peace is good, but only God can make a tree…

  10. Ace Says:

    For a grown man, this guy was behaving very strangely. I’m sure there are more mature ways to show one’s interest in another. I think you handled it well, Migs. That action would have stunned and freaked me at the same time. Hopefully, this guy learned his lesson.

  11. Q Says:

    gad. ang pathetic. You actually handled it pretty well. If that happened to me, I’d stare daggers at him the entire night and plot how to get back at him for pissing me off somehow, kung hindi ko siya papahiyain outright.

  12. margs Says:

    this guy sounds pretty freaky. hahaha. i just wanted to say.. finally.. THE RUMORS ARE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Raymond Says:

    Hey, Migs, I think that it’s just that the guy wasn’t your type. If he had been, his “harassment” would have been the greatest turn-on, right? But all in all, I think you handled it quite well. Peace!

  14. josh Says:

    presko, right? ang tawag sa taong ganun? Well, i bet d rest of d Troika podcast were not in that party or else, the charle’s angels of mgg would have given him what he deserves!!!(lol) and world peace :)

  15. liz Says:

    you handled the poor slut beautifully, but he could have used more aggressive handling. and not in the yummy sexual way.

  16. my yellow shirt shredded Says:


    I like the idea of guys in heat. Who doesn’t? But unwelcomed heat? Plus people using your name? That sir is bad. Baaaaad (parang goat)

    But migs

    if this guy knew you for who you were and what you’re about, was he putting you in a place that was at once stereotypical (re: gays are just out for sex and rampant at it?) or was there really something else, like a headtrip he had and you were its object (hmmm, I wonder if you have stalkers already, ay I mean long list of stalkers…)

    Well maybe you attracted it to you (parang rape its the victim’s fault).

    We’re you wearing a thong?


    Anyways, sexual harassment is always based on the one receiving the unwanted attention.
    Loud and clear dear, he harassed you.

    And only you can either act like victim, or you can act better than that.

    And you did.

    (Pat on the back, well done. Just the back no funny business. Joke!!!)

    Wow, girls get this all the time. Gee. I remember when I was a girl. (hahahahah!)

    No seriously I had at least three girls who were harassed in college and man… some guys really don’t get it.

  17. Tobal Loyola Says:

    I’d grab your crotch any time of the day. LOL

    ~ Tobal.

  18. azam Says:

    Well done! Acquiring a stalker is a sure sign of having arrived. Give him a dressing down as indifference does break his stride. However, do avoid a very public scolding as the repercussions are frequently ugly.

  19. Jerome aka Bridget Jones Says:

    i hope you pissed on him…nothing figurative in that comment. hahahaha.

  20. Jp Says:

    whew.. that’s desperation at its WORST.

  21. Dan Says:

    hi miggs….

    funny and scary post.

    had i known that “crotch-grabbing” can be an activity for EBs… I should I have done it it tooin between our antiseptic , wholesome dinner and coffee at the starbucks.

    to those who are wondering if Miggs is worth grabbing-crotch for.. the answer is YES!

    hahahaha…world peace Miggs.


  22. fruitloops Says:

    i would’ve smacked him upside the head…

    this reminds me of a guy i used to date… the name dropping, the lying, and the total absence of shame…

    for some strange reason, i have a feeling it’s the same dude…

    love your blog btw, i miss pinoy boys so much!

  23. Migs Says:

    Hey guys thanks for all the comments! You guys are the best — I feel so much love and support, hehehe. Ingat lang sa mga parties ha. Have a great weekend!

  24. cute chinito Says:

    well i can’t blame him for doing such. maybe u really are hot in person!
    when are u gonna reveal urself ba? pag nsa fifties ka na?

  25. dennis Says:

    Juan mentioned an M who owned a bar — i’m not surprised, he did that to me too (no need to go into details). So Migs, you didnt react to Juan if it’s him. Is it?

    If it’s him though, he got worse from your story… i’d like to know what he said when you told him to stop ‘coz i dont think he will. If it’s not him, there’s alot of weird f*cks out there, not just gay guys.

  26. Closetconundrums Says:

    One of the reasons why I never go to parties anymore…hate those guys…you should have smacked him in the face or since you were at Starbucks, you should have ordered an extra hot grande mocha just to dump on his crotch. World Peace is more atainable if we rid the world of those types.

  27. peterpic Says:

    mas may world peace pa kung mabawasan ng katulad nya ang mundo. there is no excuse for bad manners, gay or otherwise.

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