PNP: It’s OK to be Gay, BUT…

I was once dragged by a friend to a party for “straight-acting gay guys.” It turned out to be an “O-Party” apparently organized by a number of closetted gay police officers. (O as in orgy.) Good thing the organizers were late, and I had time to sneak out. Here’s a development regarding gay police officers.


From The Philippine Star 03/23/2007:

sf.jpg The Philippine National Police (PNP) has issued a warning to gay officers not to sway their hips or display suggestive behavior while on duty or they risk losing their jobs.

“If they sway their hips while marching, or if they engage in lustful conduct, I think that will be ground for separation” from the service, Pagdilao said.

Despite this, the PNP maintains that homosexuals are welcome to join the police force, provided that they refrain from immoral and indecent behavior.

“The PNP does not look at the sexual preference of individual police officers but they should be wary and strict in the conduct and behavior of a police officer,” said Pagdilao. “If a police officer acts immorally or is indecent it could be a ground for sanction or dismissal from the police service.”

He also said cross-dressers, those who are wearing clothing commonly associated with the opposite gender within a particular society, are definitely not allowed in the police force.

Since the PNP was established as an institution in the late 1980s, Pagdilao pointed out that he does not know of anyone who admitted to homosexuality.

“I don’t know of anyone who is actually gay. Perhaps they remain in the closet. Being openly gay is probably still not accepted in the culture of the police,” he said.

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13 Responses to “PNP: It’s OK to be Gay, BUT…”

  1. Mimi Says:

    good news for the pink community! there are still some touches of homophobia with the PNP’s ruling….pero ok n arin…at least umuusad n rin ang ating goal towards total acceptance….MABUHAY ANG KABAKLINGAN!!!

  2. pbottom Says:

    well, what he says actually rings true for any job naman di ba? immoral acts during duty are grounds for separation, kahit naman SM saleslady matatanggal kapag humada while duty.

  3. teid Says:

    Philippines tolerates gayness but not to the extent of accepting it….

  4. cast Says:

    for as long as they are doing their duties, why not d ba?….. they should know how to separate business (police business) from pleasure (gay pleasure)…

  5. homie Says:

    It’s definitely better than the US policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” - considering that our’s is a national police force and not locally organized like in the U.S.

  6. ian Says:

    well, at least that’s better than outright prohibition and discrimination. i just hope they would not be doing lip service. as for dismissal due to immoral behavior, generally accepted naman yang rule na yan.

  7. MsNinja Says:

    Mga pulis ang all-time favorite kong papahin, dahil ombreng ombre. General perception kase sa mga lespu e, masungit at homo-phobic. Pero ako! nag reyna ata ako sa isang Police Camp. Super elya yang mga yan no!
    Marami din namang gays sa police force and alam nila yon among themselves and they respect naman nila yon esp ka-buddy nila or ka batch.

  8. David Says:

    i don’t understand the point of not allowing that (swaying their hips?!?).. would the police officer look less authoritative?? besides, the guidelines they have are so vague yet they use it as a basis for termination?! the hell!! hindi ba’t mas immoral at indecent ang pangongotong?? pero hindi naman natatanggal yung mga yun!!

    grr.. sana makapagpasa na ng bill for gay rights..

  9. renzo Says:

    Believe it or not I already saw a a gay policeman wearing make-up and manicure in a a police station in a component city in Cebu… Panay pa ang pa-beauty ng lola.. I got the shock of my life when I saw that policeman but I said to myself at least the police force is already becoming tolerant with gays

  10. andrew Says:

    Aminin man natin o hinde, ‘pag nakita mo nang naga-sway-sway ng hips at naga-wear-wear ng muk-ap ang parak, lahat ng paggalang mo sa kanya eh mabilis pa sa alas-cuatro biglang maglalaho. Big turn-off, diba? Mahirap igalang ang pulis na matingkad pa sa’yo ang eye shadow. Aminin…

  11. andrew Says:

    Migs, hindi ka pa ba nakasubok ng orgy? Ayaw mo ba? Ako kasi hindi pa. Nacu-curious ako. May nagyaya na sa’kin dati pero hindi ako tumuloy. Gusto ko subukan kaso natatakot ako. Madaming factors to consider.

  12. Jayson Says:

    wow, so different in The phillippines, gosh theres gay openly police officers in the U.S.A.. gosh there’s more rights here in the U.S. so sad…

  13. igy Says:

    i guess you could say it’s an advantage that gay cops are welcome,
    however, it becomes ironic that they can’t act the way they want to,
    so that’s almost contradictory.

    but sure,
    business and pleasure really should be separated.
    it’s like that everywhere i guess.

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