Enchong Dee, cute-slash-hunk

So much buzz about Enchong Dee nowadays… and it’s not surprising at all! He’s the cute-slash-hunk kind of guy.


See more of Enchong…


Nakaka-enchong si Enchong!!! (whatever that means!)


Don’t you think so?

(Enchong is the younger brother of TV personality AJ Dee.)

More! More! More! Here’s more….




(Acknowledgement for last 2 pics to Xeng Zulueta, Photographer Sara Black)

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109 Responses to “Enchong Dee, cute-slash-hunk”

  1. DC Says:

    Enchong is amazing!! I hope we see more of him (in more ways than one!)

  2. je Says:

    enchong was my classmate not too long ago in DLSU and he’s so hot!

  3. jianne amante Says:

    i love u!

  4. bro yao Says:

    swimming pool attire is out of place and lessen his being a men of new mellenium.

  5. chuva Says:

    Mahal ko si Enchong… ANg gwapo at ang cute… Todo! The best!!!

  6. amy Says:

    enching is super cute… as in… he’s the most adorable guy i’ve ever seen….. i just hope we’ll get a chance to meet someday….. blushy….

  7. amy Says:

    can i have he’s e-add?

  8. mari Says:

    i love u enchong!!!!!!!! ur one of d hottest and cutest guy hir n d phil. hope 2 c u n person

  9. teesh Says:

    enchong…he’s really cute.. iluv him..haha

  10. s0phia Says:

    i lUv yah…………..
    tsalap, tsalap……..
    sn kya sya ngpapractice ng swimming nya????
    s skul nya kya?????
    ptay dmi na silip a knya…….

  11. bads Says:

    i want to see enchong wearing t back or better yet, walang suot kahit ano.

  12. lol Says:

    my boy my boy ukaya ko bi ukaya ko be!!!!!!!!!!
    ang sarap mo chong yummyylecios juicylecius!!!!!!!!!!
    mwahhhhhh!!!!! yeahhhh

  13. babyjen Says:

    wla ako msasabi kong di
    ” aNg gWapO mO”
    “lOv3 Yoh m ENchOng”

  14. Ghel Says:

    How old is this guy?

  15. kurara_chibana Says:

    ^ Ghel, he’s currntly 18 years old and a scorpio at that. maybe you two are compatible…uyyyy!

  16. mediaprince Says:

    My friend told me he has a close resemblance with enchong dee but I don’t know who he was so I searched the net about this guy until I found this blog! And I’m shocked and amazed by the intensive coverage of this site! I didn’t just found who enchong dee was but discovered lots of good hunkylicious men! Grrrr parang queerclick ng Pilipinas haha! I loveeeee this site and I love the guys as well! Thanks

  17. nico Says:

    lusaw na po ako. paluhod

  18. Max Says:

    He’s so hot!!! I want him now***

  19. ginger Says:

    i see him 3 times a week in school. his ex is my friend.. he has been my classmate and groupmate when i was still a freshman in DLSU.

    and i know where he practices every morning.. hahahaha!

  20. okay. Says:

    okay. i like his tan. ;)

  21. ljh Says:

    I am in love him!

  22. kurara_chibana Says:

    ^well, ang swerte mo nga naman ginger! mag-share ka naman ng mga updates sa aming mga “less-fortunate” enchong addicts. ching!

    btw, true ba ang news na kasama si papa enchong sa phil. swim team na pinadala sa asian games in doha?

    oh, and before i forget, catch more of enchong dee in abs-cbn’s new show, “abt ur luv” every saturday at 5pm. he plays the bro of our “kafatid” vicky wet…este, victor basa. ayan eh, nag-plug! :)

  23. mediaprince Says:

    ginger sa sports complex ba yun? hahaha yung guard dun mahilig sa gwapo at magaganda katawan (pero lalaki sya hahaha) sayang i wasn’t able to swim with hunkylicious lasallistas there hehe

  24. unwanted_01 Says:

    waAaAaAh!!! gwaPo!!!! xoBwa

  25. erika lee Says:

    enchong!!!!!! youre so adorable!!!! keep it up and be a good boy always!!!! add to your friendster! my eadd is
    congrats for playing in the sea games!!! youll be better !!

  26. Ferezze Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nalulusaw ang puso ko kapag nakikita ko si Enchong… Kahit na nasa Japan na ako Enchong parin ako di ko siya ipagpapalit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Jason Says:

    i always bump into him whenever i’m in greenbelt.. he is so child-like.. yesterday he was with a guy at greenbelt 3.. the guy was squeezing his butt!

  28. pio Says:

    i want to see his legs!!!

  29. antonella Says:

    SOBRANG GANDANG LALAKI…pero di pa rin nmn naiwan nang husto ang bro nyang si AJDEE!!!

  30. antonella Says:

    HI MIGS…am looking for a possible hook-up of our male winners here n d usa, to send to d phil. to compete…which one can u suggest?

  31. fastie Says:

    oh well.. enchong is amazing… enchong is so mabaet.. pag nakilala nyo tlg sya…

  32. victor Says:

    saw enchong at bench glorietta kanina. he is really HOT! he was with tita ben chan & lola keren pascual. haba ng hair ng tita keren. panay ang lingering touches kay enchong. nagsawa na kaya sya kay Zanjoe? he’s not that tall pala but really nice body & cute nya talaga. paglabas ni enchong sa store, may 3 shopping bags sya. i know he’s a member of the bench family na pero promise iba ang tingin at touch ng lola keren sa kanya ha. at nang iinggit talaga ang lola. paglabas umakbay pa talaga kay enchong.

  33. kiefer Says:


  34. envy Says:

    was with him a few days ago…he has great skin and he’s mabait but give him a few years in showbiz and he’ll turn into a bitch. ha!

  35. jill Says:

    ang gwapo nia!!!!!!!!
    ‘ope he’ll be mine….
    he is the man of my dreams..
    i love enchong..

  36. jewill Says:

    ang cute ni enchong!!! pamatay talaga!!
    ang lakas ng appeal nya!!!

  37. shamy Says:

    EnchOng??? hmmm,,he’s cute.. i want to kiss him often… he’s my x bf.. at DLSU.. eNchong ryt??

  38. queenie Says:

    ang cute mo talaga… at ang seksi pa

  39. queenie Says:

    gwapo mo tlaga

  40. yukibouy@y! Says:

    grrrrrr.. aw, aw, awwoooooooooooooooooooooooo…(sabay lawit dila)

  41. sy Says:

    hay..grape your so cute, sna you’r mabait din.

  42. jam Says:

    my gosh! since the very first time i saw him

  43. cb3 Says:

    ang sarap ni enchong! sila ni aj yung na-blind item before na na-sexually harass ng swimming coach nila diba?

  44. Bogs Says:


  45. jhoanne Says:

    eow ernest enchong lorenzo dee ang gwapo mo tlga u know im crazy 4 u na tlga and ang gling mo sa abt ur luv and gud luck sa carrer mo and more power and inggat ka lge luv u

  46. mhycute Says:

    dis guy totally growned up i love him n tlga sna mameet nmn kta in person wish ko lng

  47. eugene Says:

    ang cute nya tlaga!!! nababakla ako!!!!!

  48. GORDS Says:


  49. mersole Says:

    won bin lookalike.

  50. jeni Says:

    schocks! ang gawapo! ever!

  51. rachel Says:

    U r so hot & gwapo. Gosh! Crush n kta. Pde swim tau 2ruan kta synchro. he3…

  52. cookie Says:

    cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute u tlga…sna even in my nxt lyf,i will b able to meet u……..

  53. iced_coco Says:

    REAL HOT! natutunaw ako!

  54. angel Says:

    di ko siya gusto noh

  55. sugar Says:

    the dee brothers are in deed cuties… did you know that AJ Dee and Enchong are brothers. THey still have anoth younger brother and a sister. All of them were my school mates when they were still in bicol. im even a friend of them. i support them all the way!!!

  56. R Says:

    good for you sugar… why don’t you date them!

  57. catherine Says:

    enchong dee is so hot! i saw him the other day in school. i didnt even know that we are schoolmates! he’s really hot. super kinis ng muka in person. maybe not that tall, but none he less he’s still very good looking.

  58. Count Ochu Says:

    This guy’s sexuality is “shaky” to say the least, I don’t think he is straight.

  59. yuna kurama Says:

    hi…..ang galing u umarte sa palimos ng pag ibig..tas very gwapo u…cge poh…

  60. vyLette the swim_fan Says:

    oh my gosh..im having very wet dreams because of enchong..duh?!..who would’nt?!
    this hottie totally rocks my world!!
    to enchong:
    i find you very attractive..will you sleep with me once?!
    ..or we can make it twice,thrice or forever..
    hahaha..LOVEYAH EVERYDAY!!

  61. cLaUd Says:

    enchong is so cute and yummy. hehehe, hope mameet kita in perZon, I admire u s0 much!!! muahugZ, ‘NgatZ p0h olweiyZ…^_^

  62. cLaUd Says:

    caN i have your Cel N0?? plZZZZz…

  63. popo zaragoza Says:

    ang cute mo at ang galing mong umarte sa palimos ng pag ibig
    sana magkaroon ka ng sexy project or movie na may roong frontal dahil as a swimmer ay kaya mo naman iyon diba

  64. harajuku Says:

    again, too cute ehehehe

  65. migs Says:

    this guy is so Cute! has a sweet smile and a very innocent face! he caught my attention in a timex watch poster.

  66. danica Says:

    elow ang gwapo ni enchong..the first time i saw him in a drama series,, i fell in love with him…grabe!!!!mhal ko na cya…

  67. glaze(",) Says:

    hi cute moe gwapo moe pah lam mo pnpnood qoh lgi about ur luv…..hehehe

  68. kayy Says:

    hott!!!!love it!! btw is he gay?;)

  69. mykel Says:

    ay nako migs magkasundo tayo sa mga tipo ng guys! i love Enchong too! i love chinito guys talaga like Star Struck’s Aljur Abrenica…I love Dennis Trillo too..

  70. franzky Says:

    hI dUde!

    nice shot
    mga aztig pictures mo!…
    talagang pang hearthrob!…
    pagpatuloy lang!…..
    basta wag magbago!…
    be yourself always…..
    take care!….=)

  71. klarence Says:

    i wanna take u home enchong

  72. kris Says:

    His angelic face and a nice physique!Being with him sure be HEAVEN! ang amo ng mukha na parang batang inosente sa mundo! SARAP alagaan! Luv yah, baby!

  73. noel flores stylist Says:


  74. ordinaryextraordinaire. Says:

    saw him outside the conserv inside dlsu. haha. he’s just sitting at the benches with his friends. ayy correction. sa baba sa pebble walk sya mismo nka indian sit. then i turned back to glance at him cos parang in the corner of my eyes palang sabi ko parang may nahagip ata akong celeb ah hahaha.. yah sya nga. malinis at mabango tngnan. sobrang cute in person. and yeah, like what they said, makinis talaga sya.

  75. weng Says:

    wow. i was amazed the body oFencHong dee. wii

  76. trisha mae Says:

    ang gwapo nya parang hindi pa sya 18 years old ……parang 90 years old!!!….joke ang gwapo mo tlaga….

  77. moca Says:

    i love enchong! but the thing i hate him is being thatata

  78. lYndOn Says:

    mahal na mahal kita enchong!..
    my relasyon ka ba sa mga TORDILLA?

  79. hsiri Says:

    waaHH!!!!as in 2 d maX!!!paTay n PaTay tlg aq sau!!! hehehehehehehe!!!,,,,,yngatz k poh olweiz, mwaaahugggzz!!!!!! lasallian k rn pLa prehas tau, hehehehe!!!! godbLess poH!!!”,)

  80. Maini Says:

    I met him through a friend yesterday bakla na bakla un dating.. I also met si denise laurel super hot sobra!

  81. khAi Says:

    he’s really really hot..
    itakehome na yan! :)

  82. hsiri Says:

    woW!!!CuTe nya tlga>>>>hehehehe!!!!!luvyah enchoNg

  83. kassey Says:

    enchong..ang gwapo mo talaga…I LOve you!!!

  84. Lovely Dean Says:

    uy grabe infairness na kita ko na si enchong in person noong showing ng spiderman 3 sa imax and infairness nakatabi ko siya sa upuan nanginginig ang laman ko grabeeee!!!! very cute talaga!!

  85. marvin Says:

    He’s gay…

  86. jysska Says:

    no wonder, I do drool a lot in this guy…naglalaway akesh! lalo na if you look closely his eyes….aaaiiiiieeeeeh!!!!:-)

  87. barbie Says:

    ughm….ng una q p lng nkta c enchong I sed… YUMMMMMYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  88. ahem Says:

    sawang sawa na ko kay enchong dee. panu ung tambayan ng TANKERS katabi ng tambayan ng TRACKSTERS eh dun kame lage nakatambay araw araw kaya lagi ko xa nakikita. tapos magkasunod pa kame ng klase tuwing MWF sa yuchengco ko xa nakakasalubong. e2 lang masasabi ko sa inyong lahat, ENCHONG DEE is the ONE OF THE HOTTEST GAY in campus. seen him everywhere, SJ, Miguel, Gox, Sportex, Central Plaza, Amphi, SPS, Animo Canteen, Velasco walk, Miguel Walk, AGNO, Andrew. also Heard him joking with his very funny GAYISH TONE AND VOICE. Syang ka enchong. Eh kung sa babae ka na lang pumatol, gaganda pa buhay mo. pero wala tau magagawa. bading ka talaga. haha. sa mga gus2 ng updates kay enchong, post lang kau d2

  89. felisha Says:

    I met him in person, his a Bicolano pala, I have a friend din na bicolano and theyre so malambing when talking… kaya siguro sya napagkakamalan, nakakatawa yung nabasa ko dito, cant please everyone talaga. His nice though tsaka nagjojoke sya kahit di masyado ka close, like ko na sya because he doesnt feel like his a celeb. I can actually tell that his not gay, malakas gay radar ko and sorry to say his Not.

  90. felisha Says:

    more power to him and sana wag kang yayabang like other artista.

  91. clAudine Says:

    cUte mOh..

  92. Mark Says:

    Go ate enchong! girl na girl sa ABS CBN studio

  93. enchi Says:

    gay ito… pero puede ring malamya lng… pero sa tingin ko talaga gay siya e… lahat yata ng male model e my gay tendencies e…

  94. Dear Enchong Dee | manila gay guy Says:

    […] dear Enchong Dee: anuman ang sabihin nila about you — girl, boy, bakla, tomboy! — I still love yah and […]

  95. Sarah Says:

    Enchong! Grabe… Crush na crush kitah! ^_^

  96. jan patrick ang Says:

    hay naku bakla yang enchong na yan..
    im also halfchinese and also studying in lasalle…
    lahat yata ng mga gwapo ngaun bakla! lol
    enchong dude…get a life..

  97. ghim Says:

    ernest enchong lorenzo dee…hmmmmm your so adorable!!!…i cnt help my slf but to fall in love w/ you!…

    stay cute honey!!!..mhuaaaaah!..

  98. sha evette lapu-os Says:

    gusto ko talaga maging bf si enchong!!!!!nakakatakam ang body nya……

  99. sha evette lapu-os Says:

    i want him to be mine!!!!!!naks!!!!i love you with all my heart!!!!!!muahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  100. me... Says:

    Yeah, so hot and cutiielicuos… gosh,, sarap mo…

  101. gelly Says:

    he is cute but ewan…. parang may kulang…..

  102. Yufa Says:

    waT!!ang gwapoh Tlga…
    wahehehehe..he’s hot
    and he looks nice..
    they r telling xa daw papasok sa pbb
    xeh isa xa sa crush ni meagan..
    ..well sna hnd n lang kxeh auq kay meagan
    bka iflirt p nya c enchong..hehehehehe
    >>>PeAce OuT

  103. jimg29 Says:

    ENCHONG DEE I LOVE YOU! Hindi na fantasya ito. Talagang susugurin kita sa 2008 Beijing Olympic. Humanda ka, at lalanguyin kita, kesehodang China is still human rights violators, walang hadlang para di kita mapaglanguyan. Di magsasawa sayo!

  104. katkat Says:

    idol ko talaga c ENCHONG DEE…
    dream boy kOh… hehe

  105. dOnNa@nikki Says:

    your d man!!!!!!!!!ang cute m Talaga,,,,,,,Enchong dee>>..

  106. jheff Says:

    ang gwapo n tlga ang sarap mng u know mging special friend

  107. jhess_09 Says:

    ur my ultim8 crush…
    cute & hunk…
    luv u enchong….

  108. jay manuel Says:

    Helloooo! to all my fellow Enchong Dee’s Followers, check him out sa Lastikman, grabe lagi syang merong swimming scene, yun nga lang not the old fashioned swimming trunks that he wore (brief-like) parang cycling lang mga dude..pero okay na rin kesa naka balot sya..ganda talaga ng katawan superb! pero diba may chismis about him and his brother AJ? Bi daw sila both..pero oaky lang guapo naman, it’s worth it… :)

    email nyo naman ako if you have updates about Enchong Dee and if you got new pictures…alam ko marami yang pictures taken from the cellphone nung nasa Bora yan..tipsy-tipsy sya nun, ewan ko lang sang site makikita, di pa sya masyado sikat non…cge pag nakita ko share ko saunyo mga guys… :)

    email me here:

  109. jay manuel Says:

    For those who judge Enchong wether he’s a gay, bi or non-straight individual, stop it! if that’s the case, let him be, that’s he’s personal choice, and if that’s what makes him so happy, why not…

    And he’s not sayang in the first place, he’s earning money, he’s in school studying and a very active athlete and a medalist as well…besides, uso na ngayon yan, if you got the golden face, be proud of it kahit ganun preference mo..GO! be happy man! :)

    react here :

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