Rocky Salumbides, Pinoy model

Rocky Salumbides has been modelling since June of 2004. He represented the Philippines in the Best Model of the World Contest in Istanbul in December 2004, and made the country proud when he won as 3rd runner up. Rocky is of Filipino, Chinese and Puerto Rican descent. He stands 6′2″ and used to play basketball for his college varsity team. He is also a dog trainer.


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rocky6.jpg Salumbides, Pinoy model  digg:Rocky Salumbides, Pinoy model  spurl:Rocky Salumbides, Pinoy model  newsvine:Rocky Salumbides, Pinoy model  furl:Rocky Salumbides, Pinoy model  reddit:Rocky Salumbides, Pinoy model  fark:Rocky Salumbides, Pinoy model  Y!:Rocky Salumbides, Pinoy model


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14 Responses to “Rocky Salumbides, Pinoy model”

  1. Ang-ang Says:

    He’s so lucky he made it in the industry!

  2. robin Says:

    how and where did you get rocky”s pics?

  3. Rocky Salumbides, one more time | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] It’s not the first time I’m featuring Rocky Salumbides in this site — that shows how much I like this guy’s looks. Ironically, while I believe he’s one of our really Filipino-looking models, he actually has Puerto Rican and Chinese blood. Here are more photos of our Pinoy male supermodel, Rocky Salumbides. […]

  4. |LEY| Says:

    that was nice photographs…

  5. jonie Says:

    he’s doing a great job! i miss his company!! hes a sweet,gentle,funny,loving,god-fearing person! i hope he still remember the city where once he had his college days…good luck ALVIN…

  6. jeeves Says:

    you ROCK my world!!! i miss you…
    visit ILIGAN soon!!

  7. joebelle Says:

    I’m a great fan of you,sana ma-meet kita someday.

  8. joebelle Says:

    the very first time na nakita kita ay sa interview mo sa rated k. Your story is very inspiring talaga.From the mr. balut vendor, aba hey, look at you now,one of the top models of the world…wish ko lang you stay the same as what you are from the beginning.

  9. andrew Says:

    Ikaw na lang ang mag-supply ng balot ko! Dang! This Rocky is one hOoOot guy. Amph! Second pic’s nice.

  10. Hen Says:

    Have you heard of his taong grasa story? There was a time when he had no place to sleep in Manila that he’ll sleep in Quiapo’s underpass. He’ll lather himself in black grease to look like a taong grasa so no one will bother him. Pang MMK talaga story nya.

  11. andrew Says:

    Grabe naman yan, Hen. Sa’n mo napanood/nabasa yan? Sobrang mahirap ba s’ya simula pagkabata o naghirap lang? Migs, I hope you’ll feature more of this hunkylicious Rocky, how he got discovered, what was his life back then before modeling, etc. I’m sure everyone’s curious about this hunk. Thanks, Migs.

  12. Hen Says:

    Ask Mother aka H.C.!!

  13. Tommy Says:

    This guy bare “all” in the fashion photo book named ” Super Stars ” by Leslie Kee.
    He is only one Filippino model in that famous photo book. I have seen his full frontal nude already. He has a nice and lean body with a average “thing”.

  14. ray Says:

    He’s UGLY!!!!

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