Climb the Ladder of Success

When I see gay men succeed in their chosen fields, I secretly rejoice. I feel some sort of nonbelligerent and kind vengeance for all the inequalities and discrimination our lot has experienced through the years. So dear brothers (and sisters?) go and be successful in whatever you do! In my world, the corporate world, I seek every opportunity to be such too. While reading a book by Jeffrey Gitomer (Little Black Book of Connections) I found this quotation rather amusing — and maybe useful for us, gay or not, to consider:

All things being equal, people want to do business with their friends.

All things being not equal, people STILL want to do business with their friends.

HINT: To climb the ladder of success, you don’t need more techniques and strategies, you need more friends. the Ladder of Success  digg:Climb the Ladder of Success  spurl:Climb the Ladder of Success  newsvine:Climb the Ladder of Success  furl:Climb the Ladder of Success  reddit:Climb the Ladder of Success  fark:Climb the Ladder of Success  Y!:Climb the Ladder of Success


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