Hunks in Speedos? Or Priape?

I love how this Priape matches my site’s colors!

I passed by Maria Orosa Street in Malate last night — yes, I confirm that Top & Bottom Shop is now on SALE! They offer up to 50% off! Check out their website, it features Priape stuff. Maybe your speedo hunks can wear Priape hunky-licious trunks this time? in Speedos? Or Priape?  digg:Hunks in Speedos? Or Priape?  spurl:Hunks in Speedos? Or Priape?  newsvine:Hunks in Speedos? Or Priape?  furl:Hunks in Speedos? Or Priape?  reddit:Hunks in Speedos? Or Priape?  fark:Hunks in Speedos? Or Priape?  Y!:Hunks in Speedos? Or Priape?


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2 Responses to “Hunks in Speedos? Or Priape?”

  1. taylor Says:

    I wanna thank you for this excellent website you have created. I can really say that Pinoy guys are sooo, soo HOT. I am a Pinoy Canadian and looking at these photos just gets me more and more excited to coming home in March 2007.
    Since I have been in Canada for 21 years, I don’t know much about the places where most Pinoy men hangout. Can you suggest of places? or internet sites. I know this is too much to ask but would really appreciate it if you can help in some way. THanks…..

  2. james Says:

    ang sarap

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