Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur 2


This is the much-anticipated continuation of the post “Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur.” If you have not read that post, please do so first.

* * *

“Only one name touches my skin… who touches yours?” Well that stallion Adonis did. He so touched mine. He so touched me.

* * *

In near kindling temperature, with feverish anticipation that can burn down that well-kept massage parlor, I was lying on the bed when the accordion door finally opened. The room’s tacky green light was dimmed but when Adonis entered the room, this time with the finality of a warrior going into battle, I thought a spotlight was on him. His profile was of a moviestar! Was my libido playing tricks on me? That suddenly even for that fleeting moment, the handsome human being I chose some minutes back became a god, and I, yes I, Migs the Manila Gay Guy, a goddess.

* * *

He was wearing nothing but his boxer shorts, and started the massage on my left foot. The strokes were confident, long and slow, as if cued to a Michael Buble song. From my left foot he went to my right, then legs, up to my thigh. Everything was slow and sensual. When he reached my buttocks, he was respectful, careful. The backrub had the right pressure and style mix, dynamic with sharp pressure point precision of Shiatsu and flowing muscle pampering of Swedish. All these generously sprinkled with questions like Sir is this pressure okay? and Harder, sir? There was even this question that got me giggling — Am I doing good, sir? — to which I sincerely replied, Yes you are doing good; ang galing mo nga eh! He gamely responded back, Sarap naman nung comment ninyo sir, ginanahan ako dun ah! I knew he was telling the truth; his hard on was showing beneath the boxers.

* * *

After the backrub, when he asked me to flip over so he can massage my ventral side, we started talking. For some reason he thought I was a lawyer. While working on my arms, hands, and fingers, he asked where I went to college. I said UP. When I returned the question, he said he went to school in Diliman. Hmmm. UP Diliman? I asked. He nodded. Hmmm, I thought, an Isko ng Bayan, now a masseur? He continued on telling me, with the help of my questioning, about his course, his reasons why he temporarily quit, and what he did before getting employed in the massage parlor. The talk, all while he was massaging me, strengthened my impression that this guy has something inside his head. I am not sure if he was telling the truth when he said he studied in UP Diliman, but I really did not care. Diliman or not, the guy knew how to converse. He definitely knew how to make a good impression.

* * *

When the massage ended, he stood up. But in a moment he was again in his knees, he asked me — Ano pa sir ang gusto ninyong ipa-massage? I answered with a nervous smile. The massage was good, no it was great, even better than what I get in most high-class spas, so I was okay to end it there. But then Star Masseur — in my mind then a god — is saying something between the lines, so who am I, a mere goddess to not entertain? So I did.

* * *

He took his shirt and put it on the lamp shade to further dim the light in the room. He pulled down his boxers, and because the room was dark, the mystery of his package remained a mystery still at that point. Not for long though, as he joined me in the massage bed. He lied down beside me, like a lover about to make love. That was when I discovered and experienced the big surprise — that hugely electrifying reason why this masseur is indeed the Star Masseur, and much more. (To be concluded.) the Mind of a Star Masseur 2  digg:Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur 2  spurl:Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur 2  newsvine:Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur 2  furl:Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur 2  reddit:Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur 2  fark:Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur 2  Y!:Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur 2


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53 Responses to “Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur 2”

  1. blue_harajuku Says:

    wow! that is cool!! i cant wait for the third and final part…

  2. marvz Says:

    oh migs…u always kep us on guessing…i cant w8 4 d 3rd part…well may i know where dis spa massage located and maybe the name of the spa….pls migs

  3. elmo Says:

    huh? fuck im having a hard on right now. hmmm i wanna go there ;)

  4. Kai Says:

    you HAVE to tell me where this place is

  5. kim jones Says:

    u give me fever!!!

  6. shikamaru914 Says:

    kabitin….di pa ako nakakapag pa ganyan…gs2 ko try sann to Migs?

  7. george Says:

    man, you’re the goddess of surprises, migs! hehehe

  8. Raymond Says:

    Terrific writing, Migs! You really know how to tell a story.

  9. Nokturna Says:

    kaloka ang zuzpenz!!!

  10. Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur | manila gay guy Says:

    […] A few moments later, I heard footsteps approaching my room, and I knew it was Adonis, who — later on I found out — was about to reveal a little bit more than what I expected. (To be continued.) […]

  11. paul Says:

    anu ba!wet nako!i cant wait anymore!sasabog na ateh!

  12. can Says:

    I knew it! You’ve gone for another cliff hanger. Bah!

  13. wildfire Says:

    aww sabhin mo na migs san yung place ;P

  14. chenelynmarkado Says:

    revivir spa in tomas morato

  15. pepron Says:

    sakit na puson ko!!!!

  16. R. Adobo Says:

    Oh, God. To be continued na naman?! Why must we suffer like so, Migs?!

  17. Isaribi Says:

    this is just too much… Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

  18. vince Says:

    just log on to and click on their photos album. you’ll see jake’s pics (face & body shots), as well as the photos of their other masseurs (muscular ones, slim ones, jologs, etc). the “spa” is at 109 scout de guia. tel.410-5249. so, sugod na…hehehehe. but migs, you’re right, this guy is the best-looking nga among them all.

  19. sexyback_la Says:

    whoah! migs youre such a teaser! sobrang nabitin ako dun ha… sana mapost mo na ung next episode ASAP can’t wait to finish this exciting story…

  20. Charles Says:



  21. fioux Says:

    I know why he asked you “Kung ano pa gusto mo ipamassage.” Tanga ka at sabi mo wala na!! Yan tuloy, humiga ang loko, ikaw na daw magmassage sa kanya. Massage the Masseur ang drama, kaloka!

  22. peak fantasy Says:

    vince, i got’s revivir, and that jake has 4 fotos that match the masseur’s image here. (i don’t want to squeal, but there’s a miggs in the list of new members hehe). will wait for the 3rd installment tom.

  23. Fernando IX Says:

    haaaayyyy nagkahard-on talaga ang mga bakla.. kwento pa lang yan… sige na nga continue migs..

  24. titit Says:

    ayan, miggs, nambibitin ka na naman!! ang galing mo dun! hehehe i was already making a movie in my head tapos naputol… may commercial break? hehehe. cge lang.. hope to hear more from you.

  25. GLENN Says:

    I am done, got to sleep this out. Saves money too…

  26. jimg29 Says:

    from Kathmandu to Timbuktu, kasuys hold their breath awaiting for the big package* hmmm, the massage bed is amazing, it fit both King and Queen and the sceptre was drawn once again like a blessing! WORLD PEACE HERE THY COME!

  27. jonjie Says:

    gosh san massage parlor ba yannnn i need to see him and to experience too same with migs…plsss give me the exact adress/… i want to go there…plssssssssssss

  28. GLENN Says:

    It is Jake, ready get set go revivir ….

  29. empress maruja Says:

    DIYOSA! (plak plak palakpak!)

  30. eponine Says:

    Why do I feel like I am reading Xerex of Bandera (of before)? World peace, Migs!

  31. anton maton Says:

    mga bakla … para yatang may mali dito. kung makapag-comment kayo para bang … wala ba kayong balak lumabas ng inyong mga balay at i-explore ang mga hadaan at mga masahistang naglipana sa lungsod ng metropolitan manila … bakit kayo umaaasa at nalilibugan sa mga kuwento-kuwento lang.

    wala ba kayong mga paa at di kayo makalabas ng bahay. o kaya kayo ba ay nakakulong….

    ang daming readers dito wala man lang nag-she-share ng mga happenings nila.

    kilos mga bakla ….

    forever lakwatsero …
    anton maton

  32. Mark Says:

    migs, your writing is mindblowing and impeccable. :)

  33. jimg29 Says:

    What’s wrong with the scenario is the fact that everything is in the goddess’ fertile imaginations, with the purpose to titillate and arouse unsuspecting gayminds. If what was told was true, its time to raid this kind of brothel and ensure their licence be revoke. I assure you the conclusion to this won’t be anything but…

  34. leeroy Says:


    You have the making of an erotic writer. Telag nako tapos….hay..masakit sa puson!! What a bloody torture!

  35. La Sallista Says:

    Accordion door. . . . I now have an idea

  36. john Says:

    matatapang.. matatalino… whoo! mabuhay ang isko! hahaha

  37. LAW OF ASIA Says:


  38. from1fagtoanother Says:

    you’re so gay.

  39. fattyacid Says:


  40. neon Says:

    buti pa si kuya migs. may pang-star masseur…. kuya b10…. kelan conclusion?

  41. leelou Says:

    hindi to be continued… to be concluded daw,,, means, you have to make your own ending… got it?

  42. Gripen Says:

    Bitensung! sa revivir yan ano? I think I saw that guys pic already

  43. Leo Says:

    It seems may convention sa Scout de Guia one of these days. Hehehehe.

  44. hikki Says:

    Interesting! Im so excited the next part…

  45. James Says:

    claps for the great second serving!

    why is he the star masseur?

    anton is right, see it for yourself :-) share something

  46. maggie yu tan of chinatown Says:

    eureka! eureka! jake is it!

  47. dazedblu Says:

    ay grabe!

  48. Bewired Says:

    nice writing… your piece really makes everyone’s mind playing on something else…
    can’t wait for the conclusion…

  49. question Says:

    it’s that jake from the yahoogroups of revivir spa.


  50. Archie Aruejo Says:

    Yap he’s cute…pero d naman ganun kalaki as described by miggs

  51. Gripen Says:

    Taena me and my big mouth…… sorry migs =(

  52. mave Says:

    hahaha makes me want to fly there and experience him. i bet adonis is going to get lots of request after your post.

  53. Impulsive Anger Says:

    Like OMFG! parang xerex pero may class ang dating!

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