Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur 3


The Conclusion

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He took his shirt and put it on the lamp shade to further dim the light in the room. He pulled down his boxers, and because the room was dark, the mystery of his package remained a mystery still at that point. Not for long though, as he joined me in the massage bed. He lied down beside me, like a lover about to make love. That was when I discovered and experienced the big surprise — that hugely electrifying reason why this masseur is indeed the Star Masseur, and much more.

* * *

Perhaps many of the readers here would think that the “big surprise” and “hugely electrifying reason” I was referring to was something anatomical. Sorry to burst your bubble, my friends. I would tell you this early in this post, no. Adonis is the Star Masseur not because of any of his physical attributes.

* * *

He sat beside me as I was lying down. Few words were exchanged and and yet we were moving in synch like in a ceremonial dance. He touched me, and I touched him. He touched me more, … and more, …and more… until I had to let go due to the intensity of the moment. He whispered something to me, and the intensity doubled. He then made me go on top of him, his manhood all hard, sandwiched between our steaming bodies. The way he wrapped his arms around me said more than words can ever express, intense and passionate, yet tender like that of a lover. His touch, his whispers, and his every moan spoke volumes, spoke of many things that meant that one thing we all so desire: I want you. In my mind, we were lovers on fire.

* * *

Adonis is a masseur. He will never be my lover. Yet for that fleeting moment, like in temporal theater, he was able to suspend my disbelief. So what was that “hugely electrifying reason” why he was the Star Masseur?

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46 Responses to “Inside the Mind of a Star Masseur 3”

  1. starcruises Says:

    i see your point.
    where’s this place? please email it to me. i want to check when i go back there next next week. Thanks!

  2. bryan Says:

    che. crap.

  3. anton maton Says:

    eh kasi naman para kayong mga engot! akala niyo naman mag-po-post ng graphic description ang lola niyo.

  4. Isaribi Says:

    in order for us to know the right path, we must learn first to be wrong and fall.

  5. mao Says:

    sorta look like mark herras..

  6. Doro Says:

    fuck with our minds? pwede yan i-promote ng Dept of health to control our population…

  7. vince Says:

    migs, talk of anti-climactic!! hahahaha. just the same, thanks for keeping us entertained. come to think of it, he does look like mark herras.

  8. Gripen Says:

    @mao ,mark herras pag 34 na siya….

    @migz I knew it will end up like this hahah,sabi ko na nga ba eh,wholesome ka.. hehehe….

  9. pepron Says:

    Saan ba yan?….hmmmm

  10. Kai Says:

    i like it when masseurs seduce you. in fairview, totoo they really have to do it so the customer will be at ease and will try to relax. dami kasi - myself included - di kayang magrelax kahit sa super cozy place like a massage parlor.

    Hey Migs, will share my own masseur experience on my blog:

    PS: thanks for the… you know… heheheh

  11. Tita Glo Says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble but he’s performing the part (whoever you want him to be) because he wants your money!

    Comment from Migs: Exactly my point! :)

  12. my yellow shirt Says:

    well migs I know what that felt like. There was one masseur that I wouldn’t even imagine would want to touch my body that way. It was sensate but enchoate

  13. blue_harajuku Says:

    hmmm i still have had a hard-on. lol

  14. Charles Says:

    Acting lang pala…what a post..

  15. titit Says:

    ay naku, dito sa cebu, theres a massage parlor named “banyan tree” they will do anything to please their customers. PERO, ang mga guys hindi naman ka gwapohan. hehehe parang mga kargador sa pier! ang CHAKA! mas gwapo pa ata si TADO!. hehehe

  16. dowell Says:

    can somebody love somebody, having heard less than a hundred words, having seen body movements in less that 60 seconds, having seen facial expression under less that 50 lumens, in only one spot, in only one occasion?

    only soulmates can. but soulmates know in less than one word, in less than 1 second, in only one spot, in only one occasion.


    Can someone emptily utter “I Love You”, having heard only few, and seen only few, in one spot, one occasion?

    only people who are desperate to live can. a hungry masseur. a thirsty podiatrist. a naked mendicant. a suicidal loner.
    a star losing fire.

  17. Rooster Says:

    He’s more Ding Dong Dantes than Mark Herras. Squarish kasi yung face saka malalim ang eyes. Saw him where he’s practicing his craft - Revivir Spa (Scout De Guia near the corner of T.Morato).

    Must try him soon.

  18. question Says:

    this is so sad.

    (sad in a pathetic i-don’t-want-to-get-through-this kind of way)

  19. Archie Aruejo Says:

    I went der last wik He’s good as a masseur and hes also cute

  20. kantoTEEN Says:

    migs is exactly right… i went there last friday because i wasnt able to control my libido hindi ko na hinintay and conclusion ni migs… i asked the manager on duty is adonis or jake was available and presto! he was. ganito din and experience ko, exactly the same! i thought he will do everything whats on my mind! asking price nya is 2,000 pesoses, pero gaya ng kwento ni migs ganyan lang ang mangyayari! kung sa masahe bongga sya talaga! pero sa extra service very dissapointing! sayang lang ang pera ninyo! DATU parin ang maaasahan sa extra service! heheheheheehe

  21. jimg29 Says:

    That’s why I did not buy any of this crappy soap in the first place. But all in all it’s a masterpiece worthy of ignoble prize for eroticism.

  22. Jedd Says:

    I kinda agree. Crap. Next!

  23. fioux Says:

    that masseur gave migs what he has not experienced with the allegedly basketball player, physical intimacy. thus the story. yun lang po.

  24. Crap Says:

    This blog series is NOTED. Next!

  25. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …Oh my booty! is that it! this cliff hanger really sucks!!! :(
    butt I still don’t get it, if I need a really good massage I visit my chiropractor and if I want to see premium 100% grade A beef and get really really really excited i visit Hothouse, Colt or, it couldn’t be harder than that!!! hehehe :lol:

    …I don’t see any point in mysterious fantasies, its sssso prehistoric!!! the sexual revolution started in the 70’s, the last time I check my calendar… its already 2007! I guess to each his own, Oh well! Hahaha :lol:

  26. eponine Says:

    gay xerex!

  27. Leo Says:


  28. alfonso Says:

    why do gays expect masseurs to be prostitutes? i don’t understand it.

  29. josh Says:

    so will you be repeating ur Xperience der migs? d way u blog it here, i guess so…

  30. maggie yu tan of chinatown Says:

    anti-climactic naman ‘yan neng!

  31. vince Says:

    migs: wow, you forked out P2k to someone who didn’t, how should we put it, go all the way?

    kantoTEEN: you should’ve clarified from the start what he was willing to do–then you could’ve haggled. at least, you wouldn’t have felt short-changed. i think P1k would’ve sufficed if it were all hugging and dirty talk only. my thoughts.

  32. Ryan Says:

    Let me know where does he work

    i really wanna experienced how good is his hands

  33. donald Says:

    is that really his pic btw…???
    where is this place… i need a massage…

  34. Leo Says:

    Oh well. How would he fare compared with my own masseur? I also want to EXPERIENCE how good his hands ARE.

  35. Raymond Says:

    My dear Migs, thanks for sharing your story. To all of those who were disappointed and thought it was all crap, let me say that the service that these masseurs give is valuable and should not be pooh-poohed by the holier-than-thous. We know that in certain enlightened countries, prostitution is a legal trade, because there is the recognition of the economic necessity of providing this particular service demanded by society. Of course, as in every trade, some measure of regulation exists.

    I grew up in the Philippines where prostitution is seen as immoral and abhorrent, but I have since changed my views on the matter. I have never been a customer of female prostitutes, and female prostitution is a more complicated thing because of the unequal power relationships between men and women that may interfere with what should be a purely business transaction. That power inequality is largely absent between two consenting adult men, who come to the (massage) table as equals, more or less. One has a service that he is willing to sell, and the other has the money he is willing to trade for the service. It is just like any other service transaction. I am a lawyer and I provide legal service. I don’t see the service that Jake provides as any different. Heck, I have known some lawyers, and who are they to call Jake and the other massuers immoral?

    It is the morality issue that we Filipinos have to learn how to deal with, and eventually liberate ourselves from. Look at countries like the Netherlands which has legalized prostitution and has recognized gay marriages. Does that make the Dutch perverts? I don’t think so. My Dutch friends (and they are many) are among the kindest, most compassionate and tolerant people I know, and that’s because they have been raised in a society that recognizes the value of each individual, whether gay or straight, Muslim or Christian, man or woman.

    Our problem in the Philippines is that our only model of society is the United States, which, as you know, is wracked by its own history of intolerance and Christian self-righteousness. There are other models out there, and we really need to realize that there is a larger world out there beyond our shores. Those of you who can afford it, try to visit Bangkok, which has probably the best male masseurs in the world. The Thai men are beautiful, gentle, kind, but will give you as hard a massage as you will ever need or want. The thing I loved about the Thai masseurs is that they never look down on their customers (unlike some of the Pinoy masseurs who are straight) and they really are serious about providing good service and pleasing their customers (some are better than others, of course). Then, at the end, when you tip them, they have this nice smile and give you a “wai” (hands pressed together), and you realize that your money and time were both well spent.

    It was in Bangkok where I really began to enjoy the physical nature of my homosexuality. Each of us will have our own experiences, but I would caution us from looking down on each other. I know a lot of Pinoys who would look down on people like me who pay for sex. But hey, look at yourselves, is anonymous sex in a bath house morally superior? Pare-pareho lang tayo when it comes to our carnal needs, and what is important is that the two men who desire each other treat each other with respect and kindness and, if possible, some semblance of love.

    I would never have come to realize all of these things if I had just stayed in the Philippines. I will always be grateful to God for the gift of travel and seeing the world and all of life in a whole new light. I wish you all MGG readers the same good fortune.

  36. jimg29 Says:

    Turkish Bath ISTANBUL-SHIT is my new destination! Lawyers are free to cum!! Polish sausages are also complimentary & never Dutch treat!

  37. chuchucaracas Says:

    ah ok so hindi siya ga-horse…

  38. anton maton Says:

    niyahahahaha … ayan natalakan este napangaralan kayo ni Raymond. and lilibog niyo kasi at ang babaw naman! leche! makaalis na nga!

  39. Reyville of Simply Manila Says:

    Hey Raymond, your thoughts are really inspiring. And Migs, that was one hot narration. Liked it.

  40. kim jones Says:

    now i believe in the saying, “strike while the IRON is HOT” and not “strike while the ROD is NOT!!!”

  41. jazzie Says:

    wahahaha!!! hmmm… makapunta nga jan sa massage parlor na yan pag dating ng allowance ko….


    galing mo talaga migs!!!!

  42. Rooster Says:

    Migs, i loved the way you wrote it. I also believe that “He had you at… Diliman” (paraphrasing Renee Zelweger’s line) hehehe!

    Well Jake seemed to be using his Diliman-bred intelligence to command a 2K fee for doing the “temporal theater” technique.

    Well, for as long as his customers are happy, all the other comments are deemed moot and academic. :-)

  43. jake_home_service_fan Says:

    Jake used to do home service outside of his shift at Revivir, and probably he still does. I should know - I had him in a motel twice some months back. He is indeed a most masterful and calculating actor with his seasoned manipulation of one’s libido-fueled mind. And believe you me - if he can be as sizzling and mantric as Migs spelled him out to be in the hushed confines of Revivir’s accordion doored cubicles, I guarantee you he is unabashedly volcanic (pun intended) a few times over in a more private and unrestrained place.

  44. Xerendipity Says:

    We can’t deem to expect a more intense sexual contact. They earn money from this service and they should not by equated to prostitution. A small orgasmic tickle is ok. That experience is a proof that they are in contol.

  45. Impulsive Anger Says:

    this is very very interesting! I’ve never met a masseur that could do that - i’m so thankful I found this site… well, probably because I can count the number of times I had home service… i just wish he can still do home service maybe next week wahehehehe

  46. sxmchn Says:

    saan b ung massage parlor n ayan??

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