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I already featured David the Coconuter in this blog before. This time, here are videos of his extraordinary journey in the Philippines, as documented by ABS-CBN’s Nagmamahal Kapamilya with Bernadette Cembrano. (In fairness, for a Fil-Am like him, his Tagalog is very good!) When he started talking about his family in the States, I couldn’t help it but my tears just kept flowing down my cheeks. Hay, drama! May he find his “perfect coconut”! (Kung single lang siya sana, love ko na siya! hehehe!)

The Coconuter David Poarch at Nagmamahal, Kapamilya [Video 1 of 2]


The Coconuter David Poarch at Nagmamahal, Kapamilya [Video 2 of 2]

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29 Responses to “David the Coconuter - video”

  1. gibbs cadiz Says:

    haay, this made me cry. we don’t see the likes of him very often. :)

  2. kurara_chibana Says:

    he looks so american yet he’s got the heart (and the diction) of a true pinoy.

  3. Ang-ang Says:

    grabe naiiyak ako CRUSH ko na siya. nagwork pala siya sa NASA before at ang cute niya swerte ni Lea.

  4. ran Says:

    i still don’t understand this guy. If he is really trying to find himself, why have a wife and a child at this time. It is not a smart move for a supposedly educated guy.

  5. jex Says:

    di ko alam kung naiiyak ako dahil sa pagkamiss niya sa pamilya niya or dahil may asawa na siya at nabuntis niya. hahaha

  6. peterpic Says:

    i guess the best way to appreciate his action is to detach ourselves from our own standards and to look at his move with fresh eyes. if having a wife and a child is what will help him find himself, then all i can do is wish him good luck. he was brave enough to risk his entire life for this purpose. i hope he’s on the right path.

  7. neil Says:

    the perfect coconut is on its way. it’s actually iside the womb of the woman he loves…

  8. omik Says:

    sob!! sob!!..pls pass the hanky gentlegays…whew…id seen his interview in ABS CBN and all i can say is that there s more to the person itself…and i just cant fathom why he left his budding carrer and setle in this country trying to find his coconut and getting laid and tied up..just as peterpic said i though hope that hes in the right path..

  9. ran Says:

    he should have at least finished his college degree…Pinas is full of educated young people with degrees but still can’t find proper jobs.

  10. mtguy Says:

    ahhh! it made me cry when i saw the video…i think theres something going on more than what he confesses…but anyway its more on private matter…gudluck to david for choosing to live in here.

  11. Rick Says:

    Oh thank god you have this. I’ve been looking for his videos.

  12. Bim Says:

    he is such an inspiration.

  13. pepe Says:

    Sa tingin ko, yumg pagkaroon nya ng babae at anak ay kasama sa mga adventures niya. Aksidente yun. I think di na plano. Pero, ito lang masasabi ko, At least marunong pala cyang gumawa ng baby na di gaya ko na nandidiri talaga sa puke! hehehehe

  14. julian Says:

    it made me cry, i remember my nanay and tatay…it so touching moment that i can’t control my tears to fall down.

  15. Antonio Says:

    naasar ako!!!! but wish you all the lucks,, swerte ni lisa…

  16. drklght Says:

    ginulo niya diwa ko!!!! lolz …

  17. room506 Says:

    haaaay, life!

  18. Jun Says:

    Through his own definitions, he sees the Philippines as his paradise. Totoo naman na kahit na mahirap ang buhay dito sa ating bansa, masasaya pa rin at madalas nakakatawa pa rin tayong mga Pinoy.

    Whatever is it that you are doing, just do what is right and avoid what is wrong.

  19. Boyet Says:

    ang gwapo naman nya! syet

  20. Noel Says:

    Wow…saludo ako kay David, I wish meron akong will of power na tumayo sa my own way of living, masasabi ko lang goodluck syo david….pinakita mo ang katangian ng isang pinoy na wala ang ibang hali……napa bilib mo talaga ako…..

  21. joey Says:

    awww…he’s crying..:(

    soo cuteeee and above all, he’s soo nice

  22. Bewired Says:

    i saw the video and it made me speechless…really.
    Wow! now, that’s what you call DEPTH… what a principle…G’luck…

  23. Ree Says:

    good news he has a gay cousin in the US

  24. Andrian Says:

    Awww! I just saw this just now. Thank you Migs for putting the video here in your site…. Anyhow, in my own deduction ko lang ha — there is more to David than meets the eye. I sense a degree of family fued that happen in the States and probably he proclaim a sort of self-exile on his part to seek absolution.

    For all that he is — his achievements garnered in life, i don’t mean to jump to conclusions but I really could say, that if he may have committed mistakes along the way (who hasn’t?!), hence the said self-exile, he truly has the integrity & the dignity to whether stand his ground or seek absolution. It seems to me that he could be a reflection of those wise & spiritual individuals in the past on whom denied all the riches & the fame of this world in order to seek themselves out in the wilderness.

    Sh*t! It is not everyday that we find people with exceptional characteristics such as this…. My admiration goes out for this man’s nobility.

  25. Andrian Says:

    — In short my dear members of the “sisterhood”, if he was gay & one of us got hook with him — this guy really knows how to love, care & value the one that he loves. Sayang may asawa… Wished i was that lucky girl!!! Lol!

  26. IcHaN Says:

    I once learned in high school that “Success is not the key to happiness, but happiness instead is the key to succes…” Madami satin, we thought that if we’re rich and we have everything in life, eh sasaya tayo… But that’s not the basis of happiness, we can only achieve a better life if we learn how to be contented… God put us here to where we stand right now, not to because he hate us or He’s in favor to other people… But he wanted us to learn, that no matter what we do in life… And no matter how we rise and fall in each obstacle, there’s always a better day… It’s how you live your life to the fullest and how you define success… If you’re rich and buying expensive things makes you happy or if you’re poor and having a small celebration makes you smile, don’t forget to look back and see where you stand right now… Tell yourself how God had been grateful to us… Any of your dream can be fulfilled, if you strive hard for the best, and know what you’re doing is right, all of your dreams will be achieved…

  27. titit Says:

    damn! he is hiding something alright. spill the beans!

  28. titit Says:

    hehehe. another batch of unemployed! but in fairness sa kanya.. he has the looks and everyting.. he wil definitely go a long long way. good luck to you.

  29. wally demar Says:

    My deepest respect for him.

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