Naughty Luke Landrigan


When I first featured Luke Landrigan (the surfer hunk), I didn’t know he can be this naughty!

luke2.jpg Luke Landrigan  digg:Naughty Luke Landrigan  spurl:Naughty Luke Landrigan  newsvine:Naughty Luke Landrigan  furl:Naughty Luke Landrigan  reddit:Naughty Luke Landrigan  fark:Naughty Luke Landrigan  Y!:Naughty Luke Landrigan


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16 Responses to “Naughty Luke Landrigan”

  1. philippe Says:

    yum..yum..yum..mouth watering..i like him so0o0o much..lalaking lalaki!!!

  2. eric Says:

    oh gosh!!!!!!!!!
    hes such a tease!!!!
    luke tease us more!!!!!

  3. maverick Says:

    i wonder what lies beneath that cap ;p

  4. Baklang AJ Says:

    minsan gusto ko maging isang cap na lang…

  5. Dave Montero Says:

    @Baklang AJ: you made my day! Haha!

  6. vincent Says:

    want MORE!!!!!!!!

  7. vinvin Says:


  8. monsour abraham Says:

    what can i say; he’s definitely hot man ! i guess he’s handsome too … i like him ; so manly…

  9. talap Says:

    hot… f*cking hot!

  10. rex Says:

    oh akala ko lalaki akooooo,juice ko po!

  11. cb3 Says:

    sya ba talaga yun? hindi kasi masyadong kita ang face…

  12. moderno Says:

    really a hunk. he was featured on seventeen mag. he didnt finished schooling kc he wntys to pursue surfing. this guy seems nice and hot!

  13. chris Says:

    uhmm… is that all?

  14. ian Says:


  15. fattyacid Says:

    weee another certified ENERGYZER BUNNY!!!

    me wanna see more…meeeowww

  16. jazz Says:

    sana ako n lng ang nging cup!

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