The Boracay Eyeball - conclusion

(Continued from The Boracay Eyeball 3)

We were laughing like old friends. I was actually enjoying his company, really enjoying. After dinner, over beer and peanuts, he suddenly fell silent. I was about to ask him what the matter was when, in a very soap opera-ish way, he looked at me straight in the eye, then popped the question: ‘Migs, do you love me?’

Straight in the eye. Acquaintances sometimes get frightened when I, even during first meetings, look them straight in the eye when we talk. I guess it’s an unconscious way of saying, “hey I’m an authentic person, I’m sincere.” This time, this very moment with Dan, I was not my usual self — I couldn’t keep my eyes on him. I looked at my sweaty beer bottle, then the sandy concrete floor, back at him but only for a moment, then somewhere else again. He threw me off balance, I did not know how to react. He was sensitive enough to feel I was uncomfortable with the question. “Ambilis ko ba?” he followed up with a shy smile.

I can’t remember how I maneuvered my way out of the topic, but the conversation took a turn somehow, and we found ourselves just talking, laughing, about other things. Dan was gracious enough to give me my space. That night we retired to our room like old friends. In bed though, he was back to his malambing mode, and yes, we again enjoyed a long night of sizzling, steamy sex.

* * *

Youth is typically characterized by being bold and brazen, yet during this first among my EBs I was not as typical. I knew I so wanted to be with Dan, but I did let it pass without commitments. I was afraid to risk my heart, and was fearful of a long-distance relationship. He’s from Boracay, and I am, well, the Manila Gay Guy.

* * *

After a couple of days in Boracay, I left for Manila. Dan saw me off, and made me bring some meat products from Kalibo as my pasalubong back home. He wore a white long sleeved polo when he brought me to the airport, pretty formal, I chided him. He had an embarassed smile as a response, and I can see in his deep-set eyes a certain something I could not place. By this time I have psyched myself not to even try to read him, and guarded my decision not to get into a long-distance relationship like it was dear life. Just before I went inside the airport to check in I found out what was that certain something in Dan’s look. He asked for my address in Manila. At first I hesitated but before I could think, I tore out a piece of paper from somewhere, scribbled my address, and handed it to him.

* * *

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20 Responses to “The Boracay Eyeball - conclusion”

  1. gay blogger in the closet Says:

    hellur! anong klaseng “the end” yan? hmpf!

    mabuti pa si mcvie, alam mo may next season =)

  2. prock Says:

    dinaig ang mga modern telenovela, abrupt ending! sana magka book 2, tipong:

    sunday morning.

    i woke up to a soft knocking on my front door. i reluctantly got of my bed and took my robe. ‘who could this be’, i thought to myself as i tousled my hair a bit.

    and there he was.”

    hehe :)

  3. dax Says:

    ei migs!… i’ve been waiting for this post for so long and that’s it?… i mean… did he follow you in manila?… do you still have communication with him upto now?… is he your ex you were talking about when you were in sanfo last march?… c’mon men! tell us!… any sequel of this post? season II?… hehehe… c”,)

  4. jholou Says:

    confirmed shake rattle n roll nga to…bwehehheheheheheh

  5. josh Says:

    Bakit the End? what happend after the scribbles? Parang this last installation extinguished all the fire building up from the previous posts…

  6. mcvie Says:

    Dear gay blogger in the closet: Alam mo naman ako, “McVie For All Seasons”!
    Haaaaay naku, knowing Migs, si Dan yung kanyang houseboy na naglilinis ng kuwarto ni Migs by day, tapos ginugulo naman ang kuwarto niya by night. Hahahaha!

  7. Little Fish Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this Boracay Eyeball…many possibilities came into mind. And now, here we go again….grabe! tinitigasan ako sa ending!???


  8. Meister Says:

    my gash…bitin ako! :P

  9. Homie Says:

    Kahit bitin - I like the story’s ending - I remember a quote I read somewhere about knowing when to exit and making them want more…Best regards..

  10. anton maton Says:

    niyahahahahaha! ang babaw niyoooo!

  11. neonego Says:

    people here did expect more. me too!

  12. llnacosta Says:

    I remember my sweet kiss here in the UK with a gorgeous ENGLISH guy, and just like your story, it ended like a dud, but it was sweet, though bitter and abrupt…

    cheers to you! MIGS

  13. Nadriamez Says:


    Naihi na naman ako sa kilig! This time, I have to change the bedsheet. It was more than expected (which is three drops!)


    Seriously, it was an eye-opener for me. The whole 4-part story of yours was a wake up call for me. It’s been four years since my last and I need something like this to happen. Where bitterness and sweetness collide.

    Ayun, english yun. Hehehe

    Good day to you and your blogger fans.

  14. peak fantasy Says:

    hi miggs, there is a common thread in your love story many gays can relate to…it reminds me of a hunk who worked as attendant at the butterfly farm in costa rica more than a year ago. a true chico with great body, we had a brief encounter at hotel herradura in san jose..he was uncut but so huge, and this made the whole experience unforgettable. ahh, sometimes the best encounters are meant for one night only…

  15. KittyQT Says:

    Screech……ano ba yan, parang tele-nobela na nawalan ng commercials kaya pack-up ang setting! dyuskoday….purr…..

  16. xerex Says:

    dapat ganito ang ending..

    nang magkita kami ay nag check in kagad kami sa motel at doon ulit namin pinaramdam ang aming mga pagnanasa sa isat isa. isinubo ko ang kanyang pagkalalaki hanggang mabaliw cya sa sarap…

  17. marco jordan Says:

    i like how you kept it hanging, migs.

    we’ve all had a story like this happen to us, in one way or another. and they all end differently. be eliminating the conclusion, it became a story EVERYONE could relate to.

    and it’s always great to end a story where there are sooo many possibilities. the reader should just project his own into it.

    great story! great writing! great work, migs!

  18. mohyusef Says:

    hi guys, i am a newbie here ok.
    so i just want to say to miggs that you have a great and worth-while-to-read blog site.
    i especially can relate to this story of the “boracay eb” coz mine happened during my stay in bangkok where i met this guy which i fell in love and had great sex.
    and i definitely agree that great encounters happens once in a lifetime.

  19. jay Says:

    tissue… tissue… tissue!

  20. jhepy Says:

    ang sad …..

    hope you and dan meet sometime ….

    in the right time and place …..

    ang drama ko … ingats miggs

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