The Boracay Eyeball (3)

(Continued from The Boracay Eyeball 2)

We were on the bus to Caticlan… I cannot remember now how long that bus ride took — was it 3 hours? 2 hours? 1 hour? It seemed like heaven in aeternum, because as the bus went bumping along to Caticlan, Dan was holding my hand.

Yes, throughout the bus ride to Caticlan, Dan was holding my hand. Minutes before we arrived at the port where we were to take the boat to Boracay Island, he squeezed my hand, and whispered, “I love you.”

I felt two very distinct emotions swirling inside me — first, the superlative flattery of being told “I love you” by this chunky hunk of a man, not to mention the sexy, sexy mind; second, a discombobulating feeling because I hardly knew the guy — it’s all too strange, all too much, all too soon. I thought I was being a nice guy when I replied back with an “ooops, ambilis naman yata.”

Somehow the heat of the sizzling sun and the powdery white sand seeped through our feet as we walked our way to our accommodations in Boracay proper. As the aircon started to blare away, Dan was quickly undressing. We consummated what had to be consummated, even with something nagging at me deep inside, “did I offend him with what I said?” I could not deny that the sex was good… it was actually great. At first I was worried that we might not be sexually compatible, yet it turned out he was willing to be bottom. He was actually malambing in bed, almost child-like, something I found amusing since he seemed so much like the brusko-type.

The rest of the afternoon till evening, we were walking around, telling each other stories, eating, drinking, etcetera. We were basically getting to know each other all over again. The familiarity from our extended phone conversations suddenly came back, and we were comfortable with each other again. As we walked around I saw a male model and friend from Manila who came rushing, and wasn’t able to control himself. “Ipakilala mo naman ako diyan sa friend mo.” Of course Dan took it well and offered his handshake, “I’m Dan,” then looked my way to give me a mischievous grin and naughty wink.

We were laughing like old friends. I was actually enjoying his company, really enjoying. After dinner, over beer and peanuts, he suddenly fell silent. I was about to ask him what the matter was when, in a very soap opera-ish way, he looked at me straight in the eye, then popped the question:

“Migs, do you love me?”

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30 Responses to “The Boracay Eyeball (3)”

  1. mcvie Says:

    Aba Migs! Mainit-init pa itong post na to, ha.

    Mukhang ambilis naman ni Dan. Mas mabilis pa siya kaysa sa pag-unfold ng “Boracay Eyeball” series mo, AHAHAHAHA!

    Joke, joke, joke! World peace, Migs! :-)

  2. julian Says:

    Great story…can’t wait to read how it ends…
    Which leads me to the question:

    Can you recommend a site/blog with porn stories of the Xerex kind? Pinoy or foreign is cool. Nothing like letting your mind do the wandering, right? Thanks Migs!

  3. jhepy Says:

    wats ur answer migs? when dan asked you “Miggs do u love me?”

    to be continued na naman ….. :D

  4. cliogoddess Says:

    Pakshet, gus2 ko rin maranasan ya. CHOZE! i lack chaos in my life.

  5. josh Says:

    Ang sarap naman ng true-2-life story na to. Julian, try kwentongnakakalibog, i just dont have the exact webpage. i think it deals both fictional & real stories.

  6. harajuku Says:

    oh migs he is sweet! but i think he wants reassurance with what is going on between the two of you.. just my opinion.

  7. what_boys_want Says:

    hala! I love you na agad?

  8. sharon bading Says:

    hay naku! fiction yan! fictiiiiion! nag-iilusyon ang lola migz! (bitter!) hahaha

  9. mj Says:

    grabe. wew! wag mo ng bitinin migs :D

  10. drklght Says:

    hulaan ko answer ni migz ….. “secret!! (grin)” lolz peace tau migz! hehe

  11. gay blogger in the closet Says:

    “soap opera-ish” talaga!

    at mukhang gagawin pang telenovela ang “bora.” hmpf! =)

  12. anton maton Says:

    to quote “At first I was worried that we might not be sexually compatible, yet it turned out he was willing to be bottom.”

    may tanong lang ako … bakit kailangan may maging bottom … eh kung di kaya siya pumayag or willing na mag-pa-bottom … maiiba kaya ang takbo ng kuwento?

    ganda ng tanong ko no? kasing ganda ko! hahahahaha

  13. inday_garalgal Says:

    korek mga lola! it seems to me mas mahava fa ang novelang etech kesa Harry Potter! bwahhaha!:)

  14. Kaleena Says:

    Migs, totoo ba ito? Naiinlab na ata ako sayo. Ano number, email at address ni Boracay Boy?

  15. francis Says:

    habaan naman ng onti!!!

  16. chriscapade Says:

    oh my god.. oh my god.. oh my god….


    pero kinilig ako sa mga eksena.
    for those looking for pinoy hot stories, check this site:

  17. timmy Says:

    oh wow! come on! naka-bitin ka nman migs eh! paki-dalian naman ang susunod na installment.

  18. CuriouStr8 Says:

    Interesting. How old were you when this happened? HOw old was the Bora guy na din? I just wanna picture you guys out while reading your story. :)

  19. brent_adriel Says:

    i am an avid reader of this blog, and never did it pass my mind that migs is a top? are you? hehe

  20. bernard Says:

    so what’s your answer??? {giggle}

  21. pirena Says:

    …migs ano ba talaga….kailangan ba talagang mambitin?…masyadong ka namang pagurl sa novelang to…ang haba haba ng buhok mo…braid kaya kita?… ha ha ha…tska pls add details naman dun sa dyungkakangan nyo ni dan…what do you mean by DISCOMBOBULATING? discomfort din b un?? first time k mabasa un eh…punta ako boracay this holy week, pa share naman kay dan…ha ha ha!!!! and ganda ganda mo ate sa istoryang ito pa xerox naman ng fez mo pagagaya ko..ha ha ha….. hav a nice day ahead…

  22. neonego Says:

    hey i’ll wait for the complete post. ang hirap kaya mabitin. sumasakit puson ko.!

  23. andrew Says:


  24. astroboi Says:

    migz u must be really hot….

    migs… i love you! hihi

  25. krisssss Says:

    AYAN……. lahat ng comment ng tao isa lang masasabi na GAGALIT SILA SAYO MIGS na BITIN daw sila kakainis ka naman kasi ehh….. totoong story ba yan???? anyway di kana man nagsisinungaling migs so oo na totoo na ito ok kailan kaya ako makakahanap ng ganyan i want to settel na kasi ehh but parang walang gustong mag pakasal sakin cute at guapo naman ako….. baka meron dito… sa room

  26. archie Says:

    Nice story MIgs, masyadong bitin nga lang… You are such a character when you write. I hope makilala kita one day, kahit friends.

  27. forpaulo Says:

    im gonna kill you Mr. Manilagayguy if this isn’t true!! almost like a fairytale, well at least for majority of the PLUs who visits this site.. i suppose lang.. hehe!

    Dang! ur one lucky gay!!

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  29. MrWriter Says:

    Dare I say this?- YOU might as well be the Dan Brown for Our Kind.. The cliffhangers are everything but predictable.. At the onset, I was like “Well, this could only be fictitious..” Half out of pessimism (I suppose), half out of sheer envy (I’m pretty damn sure) ;p But now I no longer care just how much of the storyline is imagined/embellished/sensationalized; hell, I don’t even care anymore if it’s all bogus.. I aint saying that it’s the writing of a genius, but I do think you have managed to tap into the psyche of Our Kind, which is essentially what brings magic to any attempt at literature.. Goodluck, Migz.. Do keep us all posted.. I’m writhing in anticipation of the upcoming installment haha CIAO

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