Watching Insiang This Weekend


Growing up, one of the Filipino films I would often hear as something we can be proud of was Lino Brocka’s Insiang. So I got really excited when I heard that a play version will be staged. I’m watching this weekend! Gay culturati, come on over and watch Insiang. More info regarding the stage play here. Insiang This Weekend  digg:Watching Insiang This Weekend  spurl:Watching Insiang This Weekend  newsvine:Watching Insiang This Weekend  furl:Watching Insiang This Weekend  reddit:Watching Insiang This Weekend  fark:Watching Insiang This Weekend  Y!:Watching Insiang This Weekend


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4 Responses to “Watching Insiang This Weekend”

  1. eponine Says:

    napaka-cultured mo talaga, migs! gay idol!

  2. randy Says:

    wish i were in the phil so i could watch this too. the movie was great, i’ve seen it. it was our soc sci teacher who gave it as an assignment to watch the film. anyway, how i wish i could sit beside u migs while watching the play. mangarap ba? lolz!

  3. chris Says:

    Hi migs!!! Jus wanna thank you for those wonderful articles and topics everyday!!! keep up the good work!!! Keep inspiring!!!
    Just wanna know when the movie roxxxanne would be shown on cinemas and where?? coz i cant watch it on october 10 i have work…
    huhuhu.. thanks again.. hope to hear from you soon…. God Bless!!!

  4. Beautiful Week! | manila gay guy Says:

    […] I watched Insiang at CCP and Romulus d’ Grayt at PETA this weekend — a one-two punch (aba Manny Pacquaio […]

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