Be Bench Model Search Videos

Watch a couple of interesting videos from Be Bench Model Search:

The male contestants (Carlo in focus):

Male contestants in their undies: Bench Model Search Videos  digg:Be Bench Model Search Videos  spurl:Be Bench Model Search Videos  newsvine:Be Bench Model Search Videos  furl:Be Bench Model Search Videos  reddit:Be Bench Model Search Videos  fark:Be Bench Model Search Videos  Y!:Be Bench Model Search Videos


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8 Responses to “Be Bench Model Search Videos”

  1. Bakleeeeta Says:

    Gwapo ni John ah. Medyo kailangang idevelop lang ang upper body pero sh*t ang pogi.

  2. leo Says:

    John is indeed guapo. You should see him in person.

  3. fattyacid Says:

    undeniably, john is indeed gwapo but i would still stick with kerbie…he’s so hot.

  4. gay blogger in the closet Says:

    bakit hindi ko napanood yung finals?!!! magkakaroon kaya ng dvd?

  5. sushi77 Says:

    ^gay blogger in the closet: the be bench finals will air this sunday on abs-cbn at 10:30pm. :)

  6. EX_AGENT Says:

    Basta, crush ko si RON of Las PiƱas, hahaha.

  7. eponine Says:

    kerbie is the yummiest. tallest in the four.

  8. poldo Says:

    just a funny thing, nakasabayan ko si john sa elevator ng Talent Center Building sa ABS, kasama niya si Michelle. He’s really guwapo in person… ayun sa kakatingin niya sa aken, naiwan siya ni michelle at naipit pa siya (john) sa elevator, hehehe..

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