Cutie Cogie Domingo

I’ve always liked Cogie Domingo since I laid my eyes on him. Too bad he’s not as hot in showbiz now… is it because he has not stripped enough? He-he. Maybe it’s just me.


More pictures…



Redmond Christopher Fernandez Domingo (born on August 15, 1985 in Manila, Philippines), better known simply as Cogie Domingo, is a Filipino actor and model. At age 10, he joined the cast of ABS-CBN’s Cyberkada . This was followed by Regal Films’ horror flick, Sa Piling ng mga Aswang (1999), in which he starred opposite Maricel Soriano. His next project was Jose Javier Reyes’s Yakapin Mo ang Umaga (2000), where he played son to Christopher de Leon and Lorna Tolentino . But what was his most memorable is his lead portrayal of the juvenile prisoner in the award-winning filmfest entry, Deathrow in 2000, in which he co-starred with Eddie Garcia and was coached by director Joel Lamangan. Cogie Domingo  digg:Cutie Cogie Domingo  spurl:Cutie Cogie Domingo  newsvine:Cutie Cogie Domingo  furl:Cutie Cogie Domingo  reddit:Cutie Cogie Domingo  fark:Cutie Cogie Domingo  Y!:Cutie Cogie Domingo


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10 Responses to “Cutie Cogie Domingo”

  1. moki Says:

    why don’t you put up more pics of cogie! these pics are so old

  2. Bogs Says:

    Love him!!!

  3. bogs Says:

    May mga pics nya ako kaya lang pinag iisipan ko pa…

  4. harajuku Says:

    i love him!

  5. harajuku Says:

    wow cogie! he is cute!

  6. Jonathan Zamora Says:

    Hes cute.

  7. rex Says:

    ang konte!!!

  8. varga Says:

    di ba dati natsismis na he gave in to ericQ while doing a movie

  9. Andrian Says:

    I just adore him to pieces….

  10. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    just nice !

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