Shirtless James Zablan

There are people who need skillful photographers to look great in pictures. I believe James Zablan is one of them. Anyhow, here’s James Zablan, shirtless.




bora07_james_pic.jpg James Zablan  digg:Shirtless James Zablan  spurl:Shirtless James Zablan  newsvine:Shirtless James Zablan  furl:Shirtless James Zablan  reddit:Shirtless James Zablan  fark:Shirtless James Zablan  Y!:Shirtless James Zablan


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23 Responses to “Shirtless James Zablan”

  1. argo Says:

    haggard ung last pic.. wat happened sa fez nia?

  2. andree Says:

    oo nga.. parang tambay lang from somewhere!

  3. luis Says:

    hahaha, mukhang adik lang sa last pic. hehe :D

  4. john Says:

    bkit parang hindi sya ung nsa last pic. nice bod though!

  5. nell Says:

    i like yung third pic. nice body..

  6. allen Says:

    I am one of ur fan migs, and to be honest i like everything that wrote here…. and soon ill share to you my story, its just that i need more time to finalize it…. and hopefully i an welcome here…..

  7. Emenn Esse Says:

    Looks a lot like…uhm, just couldn’t quite put it who…

  8. iloveboom Says:

    third pic is nice

  9. Bakleeta Says:


  10. ralph Says:

    He looks exacltly the same in person. I used to see him in the gym where i used to work out.

  11. bluethumb Says:

    I think the last pic is what Migs is trying to say in the caption. Totally different.

  12. sigepa Says:

    Yah i admit it… ano yun… sana na UNA yung last pic… para naman ma intindihan namin… BEFORE and AFTER… lol.. ilang times talaga ako nag scroll ng browser ko comparing the last pic na yan, kaka shock…. nag pa retoke kaya…. or its kamukha lang na guy jan sa kabilang kanto….pero Goshhh hes HOT huh….

  13. pepron Says:


  14. astroboi Says:


  15. Tita Glo Says:

    Pwede na yan — Sa dilim!

  16. maggie yu tan of chinatown Says:

    he looks like jojo lastimosa at nick lache(?)

  17. bisho Says:

    So that’s his name. He used to work out in the same gym and man, he always made me want to hit the machines like crazy. he actually looks better in person. I find him really hot with a great face (looks like manu sandejas) and a great bod to boot. maybe he was just really out of it in the last pic…

  18. bluethumb Says:

    Ang galing no he looks good sa ibang pics

  19. red ice, nagbabaga pa!! Says:

    baka na over used, jkahit gano ka gwapo pag na over used nalalanta, parang sun flower…

  20. Jason Mendoza Says:

    True that. Notice the 1st 2 pics. His nose was either on side view, or cut by the blinds.

    His nose is even larger than life in person.

  21. caradinala Says:

    he used to play for the FEU tamaraws. not really good looking but the body is to die for.

  22. euges Says:

    Mga manash, Photo edit nyo na lang ang last pix nya cute labas nyan like all photos.

  23. Baklusha Says:


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