The Actor, The Basketball Player, and The Blogger

I would like to tell you a story with 3 characters: The Actor, The Basketball Player, and The Blogger. After reading, let me know your thoughts, okay?

* * *

The Actor and The Blogger have just started becoming serious about their relationship. Both have admitted that they have feelings for each other, yet since they were looking at a possible long-term relationship, the agreement was to take it slow, no need to rush the decision to commit.

The Basketball Player was the guy The Blogger was dating before he met The Actor. In the context of being fair to The Basketball Player who has continued to keep in touch despite their agreement that they should start dating other guys, The Blogger informed The Basketball Player about The Actor. The Blogger admitted to The Basketball Player: “The Actor and I are getting ‘there’. It’s a matter of time.”

The Basketball Player was distressed.

The Basketball Player asked The Blogger, “can I see you one last time?” The Blogger agreed. And in that meeting, The Basketball Player asked The Blogger to tell him more about The Actor. The Basketball Player asked, “have you told him you love him?” The Blogger replied, “Not yet. But it was unnecessary. I sent him a bouquet of red roses yesterday.” Despite the obvious hurt, perhaps due to the sincerity and brutal honesty of both, that meeting ended well. So The Blogger thought.

The next morning, The Blogger woke up with the following text message in his phone, from The Basketball Player:

Until now, I still do not know how to accept the fact that you like him, not me. If I can just do anything to make you mine, please let me know, I will do it with no qualms at all. I don’t know till when this will last, but I’m really down in the pits. I don’t know what to do, or where to go. What does he have that I don’t?

The Blogger was distressed. How can he promote world peace if in his own life, because of him, people are getting hurt? Actor, The Basketball Player, and The Blogger  digg:The Actor, The Basketball Player, and The Blogger  spurl:The Actor, The Basketball Player, and The Blogger  newsvine:The Actor, The Basketball Player, and The Blogger  furl:The Actor, The Basketball Player, and The Blogger  reddit:The Actor, The Basketball Player, and The Blogger  fark:The Actor, The Basketball Player, and The Blogger  Y!:The Actor, The Basketball Player, and The Blogger


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79 Responses to “The Actor, The Basketball Player, and The Blogger”

  1. ced Says:

    hi migs! just do what ur heart dictates u! be with the one who loves you and u love! ciao!

  2. terrence lee Says:

    i have been a follower of this blog for almost half a year now and i say that that’s one hell of a hard decision to make… i’ve never experienced having a relationship yet but i think you just have to follow where your heart and mind leads you… ROCK ON Migs!!!

  3. daniel Says:

    listen to your heart. Nakakainggit ka naman. Haba ng hair mo! =D

  4. bananachoked Says:

    take a pause. don’t push. rest. try shutting down ur system. leave for awhile, i know u know what i mean…then listen and listen again. don’t ask too many questions while avoid being emotional. just listen to the honestly of the self.

    if it won’t work, ask real people…the people surrounding u. they know u better than we do…

  5. ewan Says:

    opinion ko lang ha…
    out ba yung dalawa o hindi?
    kung ako ikaw, pipiliin ko yung me less baggage…yun lang…hehehe..

  6. andree Says:

    why choose if you can have both..
    nowadays, its no longer impt kung ilan kayo sa relasyon.. why lose lose one of them if they both matter to you..

  7. daniel Says:

    i agree with ewan. Less baggage. The actor is high profile but not out. Seems problematic.

  8. Isaribi Says:

    “Every relationship we have is an opportunity for us to love like God has loved us.” -Forgot where i picked this up.

    Para sa akin just go with what your heart really wants. One of the most common fault of human beings is that we think that we exist to please others, to be at the service of others, never hurting others, forgetting that we also have a responsibility to our selves. A responsibility that is so crucial since we are talking about how do we want our lives to be.

    This is no longer a matter of hurting someone in the process of gaining something, this is about making your own destiny. Having what your heart wants.

    Learn to let go of something that you can no longer have. Every story has to end. You just have to think which of these stories should end first.

    You are now in one of the crossroads of your life. And you alone can make that step. Which step will you make? Is it for others? Or is it for you?

    -just my thoughts-

  9. migsfan4life Says:

    ang ganda mo talaga lola migs!

  10. Leo Says:

    Life is a matter of choice . . . just be ready with the repercussions of your choice.

  11. pepron Says:

    kainggit ka namannn…

    Just be with the two until you decide to know who you really love more, at least a month…You need to explain to them this is a “process” and that it is not about you being “full of it”; that it’s about getting to know each other more before finally committing(?) to THE ONE…

    Good luck!

  12. Harry Potter Says:

    i had the same situation, what i did, i gave up both..

  13. Tita Glo Says:

    aba! articulate ang baskeball player. *

  14. The Principal Says:

    Migs, it is only you that can answer who among these two guys you want to be with…Bottomline, sino ang isinisigaw ng puso mo…Hurting someone in the process of choosing the other one should not be your problem..This is how the universe works in the light of love and justice..This is your life and your destiny…Go where your heart tells you…As long as walang sabit yung pipiliin mo..I don’t believe in choosing someone with the less baggage, para sa akin kung sino yung mahal mo, no matter what, ipaglaban mo at sa kanya ka pumunta….Now what you should do is take some days off and go to a place where you can find refuge and solemnity..isip ka and ask yourself…Sino ang mahal mo??? and then pagbalik mo ng Manila, lay the cards out…I am in your situation a year ago and what I did, I chose to be happy and gto be with someone I love despit of the baggages and the limitations that we have..Life is too short to be spending it with someone you choose just because you pity him…Be with someone you REALLY LOVE..Kung nahahati yung nararamdaman mo, just think, sino sa dalawa ang di mo kayang tiisin dahil mahal mo? Alam kong you know the answer…And you need to pray..No matter what, kahit hindi natin alam how the universe accepts this kind of relationship, God is there to help you…Love works in mysterious ways Migs..Good luck and God bless You.

  15. rabbit Says:

    You lucky dawg! some people do not even have the luxury of choice! If you asked me, best to go for the one whom you are sure would love you back. Madaling mabulag ang puso.

    Tapos … akin na lang yung matira. ;-)

  16. bi-straight guy Says:

    Whoah, I know how you feel because I’m in a similar situation, although it’s less complicated. It’s hard to let go and still be friends of one with his emotions still trying to capture you. But maybe the best thing to do is just be with the other. The one hurting will understand eventually. I hope.

  17. mouthworxz Says:

    pray for a sign!

  18. mekare Says:

    this is so kevin walker from the series “brothers and sisters”.

  19. Kimi Says:

    haba ng hair!

  20. gonjuan Says:


    i’m a frequent visitor but rarely make comments. but i just have to say that you didn’t do anything wrong. telling the truth about what you feel to someone you know has feelings for you is what decent guys would do - even if it’s something that they wouldn’t want to hear. from your end, you did what’s proper. it’s up to the basketball guy to deal now.

    hope everything works out.

  21. margaux Says:

    Nothing The Blogger alone has done resulted in The Basketball Player getting hurt. It was a mutual agreement to date other people, di ba? The Blogger can’t be expected to keep strong feelings for The Basketball Player if the relationship wasn’t serious enough in the first place. Taking it slow is one thing, agreeing to see other people is another. It’s inevitable that sooner or later one/both would let go. Don’t feel bad Mr. Blogger, you should be happy that you’ve found love!! “Don’t allow anyone to scorn the dreamer” - especially when his dreams have come true ;D

  22. fioux Says:

    Well my advise is simple. Blogger must wake up from his sleep and kiss reality. Admitt it honey, even Angelina Jolie doesn’t get that much action!! Bitter ba?! hehe

    Life is not fair! People love and hurt. Just take it as a lesson, someday you will learn about what it feels like to be the Basketball player or the Actor. By that time, you don’t need to ask us what to do, because you know it all too well, just from a different perspective.

  23. DENNIS Says:

    Migs, it’s only you who could say who BETWEEN THE TWO GUYS you would start and eventually nurture a relationship with. Just think about it for several times. Good luck to whatever decision you would make. Stay happy.

  24. L.A Says:

    Follow your heart and everything will fall into its place. ;) Go Girl!

  25. eQuip Says:

    wow rapunzel… haba ng hair

  26. gay blogger in the closet Says:

    fioux beat me to it: life is not fair.

    “world peace” does not mean that everyone will be happy.

    if you try to make everyone happy, will that make you happy? as this post suggests, you will be unhappy.

    there is nothing wrong with selfishness, especially if you’re making a decision about who you will spend the rest of your life with.

    life is not fair. this decision is about the person you love, not world peace. carpe diem!

  27. french Says:

    hi migs. my friend referred your blog to me and i must say this is indeed an interesting blog. i just love your entries. neway, were you at the premiere of roxxxane? i was there. and hey…i was telling my friend that i would shout “migs!”..

    now what would i say? first, you’re lucky at least to have a love life. you should be thankful for that. next, weigh the advantages and disadvantages. and last, listen to what your heart says.

  28. dowell Says:

    I don’t think there’s a man who’d choose World Peace over Love. In Love, world peace is off the topic.

    Anton. Bati tayo ha.

  29. QtheConqueror Says:

    Sigh. Whattasituation.

    First of all, sinong mas kumikilig sa puso mo?

    Your choice should be who you really want. Otherwise, you might regret it in the future. Just make sure that when you break the news to the other person, you won’t be thinking “what if?”

  30. jimg29 Says:

    to be honest I really want to be sensitive to the bloggers plight, but I’m deliriously happy right now that Enchong Dee is gonna be all mine, all mine you hear?

  31. sushi77 Says:

    i have to agree with the 5th reply of this post (i think that’s from ewan)

    just pick the one who’s already out to his family and friends or the one who’s at least on the verge of coming out of the closet.

    less secrecy = less emotional baggage = more long-term happiness :)

    P.S. just like with what most replies have stated, ANG SUPER HABA NG HAIR MO MIGS! to have two guys compete for your attention (and one of them being so desperate to the point of doing anything for you to pick him) is a fabulous–though troublesome–state to be in!

  32. Isaribi Says:

    @jimg29 - hehe… isnt it that enchong dee is a model/actor? wala lang…

  33. jazzie Says:

    well ndi na ako manghuhula kung cno ung blogger….

    pero ang malaking DA WHO…..

    sinech ang ACTOR at ang BASKETBALL PLAYER?!?!?


    migs….. i think you have to answer that….

    wahehehehehe!!! :)

  34. will Says:

    You know who you like, so I don’t see why there’s a problem. You shouldn’t hold yourself responsible for someone else’s heartbreak. It’s all part of the game, sometimes you get hurt and sometimes you unintentionally hurt someone else. All in the name of finding true love. One thing I know, do not mistake pity for affection. It’s kindest that you be firm and shift and let basketballer go so he’ll get over you quicker.

  35. Inggetero Says:

    Pwede bang makisali?

    I love you din Migs… Paano naman ako?

    Alam mo na kung sino sa kanila ang pipiliin mo Migs. Natatakot ka lang makasakit. Para sa akin, mas maganda malaman na nya, so he could start moving on..

  36. Fernando IX Says:

    Ganda talaga ni Migs..

    I wish I had such a long hair too.

    Like the rest here, I hope that what happened to you would also happen to most of us — kahit isa lang para walang competition and no one’s gonna get hurt.

    Good luck Migs

  37. chismoso Says:

    either way, migs, you’ll be having a tough time with a relationship. in both cases, potential lovers are out and the chances for you guys seeing each other where you are intimate or not will be small.

    IMHO, the clandestine meetings will be fun in the beginning but may take its toll in the long run. whoever you choose, you should really follow your heart. don’t let emotional blackmail make your reasons for you.

    my suggestion for the other person you don’t choose, introduce him to someone who can live with that situation ;) that way, you make yourself and the guy you chose happy and you will make the guy you didn’t choose and the other lucky someone very happy.

    i agree with will, whoever you do not choose, let them know the fastest way because the longer you keep them waiting, the heavier the emotional distress will be on the person.

    on a lighter, and naughtier, note… why not introduce both to each other and make room for a bigger relationship. wildness! hahahaha. just kidding

  38. twinkee Says:

    although we want to be decisive, we do not want to be’re lucky u experience this wonderful priviledged. but it is still best to wait for the one who really love than settle for the one who is around. the choice is yours mr.blogger. Gudlak! God bless!!! ti abbraccio forte!!!

  39. curbsidehellraiser Says:

    there’s a reason why God put our head above our heart….

  40. pjsanjose Says:

    so you heres the deal… two guys are in to you.. now the choices here are.. do you want a secure and guilt free relationship? then go for the basketball player. you want something unsure and be adventurous? go for the actor. - this is only based on what you wrote and just my plain opinion…

  41. poetry man Says:

    Whoever gives you a poem… That’s him. Trust me it works!

  42. mimicot Says:

    hay nako migs… u really have a talent in making stories.. sana magkatotoo na ang mga sinusulat mo for you hehehe

  43. codered Says:

    hi Migs, I think you are leaning towards choosing the basketball player. You could have chose not to tell him if your relationship with the actor is getting strong. The basketball player has nothing to do with your feelings to the actor. If you really love the actor, it would not matter what the basketball player would think.
    So please stop the basketball player’s agony and may you live happily ever after.

  44. cainam2002 Says:

    go with the one you know would really make you happy in the end. di mo kasalanan kung sa pagpili mo eh may masasaktan, part yun ng paghahanap natin ng makakasama sa buhay.

  45. perfida limpin Says:

    now, that’s a tough one - like being made to choose between the salons of ricky reyes and jun encarnacion in the late 80s. uhm… but between VICTORYJOE BASIA (the so-called actor) and the tall, fair but nameless basketball player (read: a non-celebrity), who should our blogger MICHAEL RIVERIA choose? if he’s the impatient type who values his time like gold, he would probably get easily peeved at victoryjoe who spends like an eternity inside the dressing room at fitness first - to do his hair (what were you thinking?). JOKE! migs, you should know better than turn affairs of the heart into a popularity contest like BITOY’S FUNNIEST - unless you want it that way.

  46. riptid3 Says:

    migs, i’ve been following your blog lately. at nasundan ko talaga yung storya nito. somehow, i kinda relate to your situation.

    ang masasabi ko lang.

    tama yung sinasabi ng karamihan. do follow your heart. alam mo kung saan ka mas sasaya. and do weigh in on the two.

    just make sure na yung gagawin mong desisyon, walang halong awa. dapat yung magiging desisyon mo, yung sayo lang at hindi naimpluwensyahan ng iba.

    of course yung “losing” side would feel all the negativity. pero it’ll pass. normal na yun.

  47. riptid3 Says:

    ai wait. i thought the basketball player still had some issues to settle?
    does the word “querida” ring a bell?

  48. Vin Says:

    Haba ng hair mo. Sometimes I wish I were in your position despite the obvious anguish of causing hurt to one or the other. Migs, akin ka na lang. Hehehe.

  49. josh Says:

    i’m just happy for The Blogger, the actor and the ball player should be sports enough to accept things coz d princess had spoken. hehehe :)

  50. George Bush Says:

    There’s no such thing as world peace, or peace at all. It’s a fallacy. Haha.

  51. jimg29 Says:

    “What does he have that I don’t”? - If you could answer that question blogger-diva, you’re sure to solve the turmoil that distressing you! The previous entry about BP is that he is just a waste of time; if I were on your wizard of OZ shoes I’ll just click them away like Dorothy and devote my undivided attention to the said EKTOR while uttering the mantra “There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home…” See it’s that easy and you’d instantly get back to where you’re good at: PROMOTING WORLD PEACE!

  52. desertfox27 Says:

    migs. hi.

    follow the dictates of your heart! as simple as that! naging kumplikado lang, pinasukan mo ng cerebral! hahaha

    or better yet, hayaan mo muna ang panahon. masasagot din lahat ng katanungan mo in due time. basahin mo kaya yung book ni paulo coeljo, “the zahir”? baka maenlighten ka dun, o kaya yung by the river piedra i sat down and wept o yung veronica decides to die. and while reading any of these books, hibernate ka muna. ika nga, introspection muna ang drama mo.


  53. desertfox27 Says:

    nga pala migs, tanong ko, ano ba talaga exactly ang hindi mo nagustuhan sa basketball player? sobrang vague kasi ng description ng emotions mo sa blog mo about him.

    kasi, if i would just read between the lines, mas may pagkiling ka sa basketball player eh. pero, parang hiniholdback mo.

    mag instrospection ka nga migs at gumawa ng scorecard.


  54. allen Says:

    And haba ng hair “the Blogger”… well, if ur sure about ur feelings about this “The Actor” then go…. go where ur heart decides,

    For Basketball Player, its better for him to get hurt now that later….

  55. alfonso Says:

    …this is a very silly and nonsensical question from the Blogger because we know nothing about what characters the Blogger wants in a partner…. even sillier, we know nothing about the Basketball player or the Actor…. we know nothing about the circumstances of these two characters nor do we know why it didn’t work-out with the Basketball player in the first place…any advice or comment from anyone here is simply guesswork which really means nothing… i fail to see how any of these has any relevance to the readers of the Blogger.

  56. PC SEAN Says:

    the Basketball player definitely assumed a lot of things. When you “assume” you make an “ass of “u” and “me”…

  57. vince Says:

    are you playing the field (whether for your ego’s sake or for the purpose of getting the best “deal”) or is it a permanent, intimate, healthy relationship that you want? you really should make up your mind, since life is short and you’re not getting any younger. only you can decide for yourself. not your friends nor the people who read your blog. a majority of PLUs simply end up alone and drifting aimlessly because of the tendency to treat relationships as expendable–a different bed to end up in every two weeks or so.

  58. george Says:

    Follow your hair, Migs!

  59. juan Says:

    actor will ultimately wimp out of the relationship. his work will get the better of him: he won’t have time for you, if it’s found out that he is gay then his handlers will require him to think of his career twice, etc. i’ve been there and i chose an actor over a more expressive, more caring, more secure, more mature corporate-type guy. why? because actor was better-looking and seemed like the better catch because he was “mysterious.” of course corporate-type would not touch me with a 20-foot stick after my fallout with actor.

    showbiz types work best with showbiz types.

  60. Fernando IX Says:

    after everyone has said his piece, here, i think, is the best advice in order to attain world-peace and for each one not to get hurt — do a threesome.

    after all of you have satisfied yourselves by exhausting your manly juices, it’d be over and you’ll realize it wasn’t love but merely carnal lust. plainly mundane happiness, fleeting and temporal.

  61. xerex Says:

    nag orgy na ba kayong tatlo?

  62. genre Says:

    Migs the fact you’re feeling distress means you also LIKE Mr Ball… tingin ko, nabitin ka sa kanya e… I mean in terms of company, affection, passion… kulang for you yung time nyo together… and I guess, that void was eventually filled up by Mr Actor… So tingin mo ba, LIKE mo talaga si Mr Actor? Tingin ko kc LIKE mo din :-) But for entirely different reason… Complicated situation…

    When the ball was tossed up high between you and Mr Ball, you get to rebound… si Mr Actor na nga lang yun :-) Labo noh?

    Im sure you’ll still choose the Actor, pero another thing Im sure of, you’ll be playing basketball in your head.

  63. ron Says:

    I had this similar situation some six months ago, mas pinili ko yung taong nakita ko ang totoong sya. I spent one night sa bahay nila and saw how he acts the very natural way he does. Ngayon, six months na kami and going strong, although of course we had rough times during those months,but happy nevertheless.

  64. Un0 Says:

    Hmmm.. sabi nga ng sexbomb, “kung ano ang nasa puso mo, sundin mo”….

    I just have one tny request, pag nakapili ka na…. yung hindi mo napili, akin na lang? Share your blessings. hahahahaha…

  65. AJ Says:

    go rapunzel! si ACTOR ba ay si…JANVIER DAILY???

  66. Broken Heart Says:

    You Nosy people! The question was just: The Blogger was distressed. How can he promote world peace if in his own life, because of him, people are getting hurt?

    Why are you giving the blogger answers as to who and how he should choose?:)

    My answer to this Migs is: Choosing one over another and hurting the previous isnt breaking world peace, for god sakes… the actor, the basketball player and the blogger is in a world of itself but they are definitely not the universal world.:) hence the peace of this world, whatever there is left would not even be shaken by either choice by the blogger…..

  67. closet case Says:

    asus. kung di pa kita kilala. hehehe.

    hey. the pain basketbolista is feeling will go away. the sooner he realizes that and moves on, the better. love just dont work that way, honey. he should take lessons from enigma. hihihi.

    i dont think you should feel totally responsible for his pain anyway. you tried to make it work. it just aint there, i guess. meanwhile, dont let this dampen the beginnings of a beautiful relationship with actorista.

  68. yoruosu12 Says:

    Shucks what a bitter sweet dilemna you are into. Mahirap talaga ang mamangka sa dalawang ilog, if I were you just follow what your dictates kasi in the end its what values the most.

    Ako sa kalagayan ko until now am yet to decide to whom shall I give my undying love sabi ko sa sarili ko only time will tell……

  69. candyboi Says:

    why is it that i feel that THE ACTOR is ARNOLD REYES..?

  70. MsNinja Says:

    Mas masarap ang SABAY !!!
    And daming nangarir ha!

  71. Baklang AJ Says:

    haba ng hair!

  72. xerex Says:

    dapat makipag orgy ka muna tapos dump them both. at least napagsawaan mo cla sa kama.

  73. chuchucaracas Says:

    sabi ng matatanda, dumadating tayo sa punto kung saan kinakailangan natin mamili between sa taong mas mahal mo o sa taong mas mahal ka.

    sabi ko naman dun ka sa daks at epek!

  74. kel Says:

    hmm..dapat makapagdecide ka ng,in every decision na gagawin mo,hindi pwedeng walang masasaktan..isipin mo na lang na lahat naman tayo dumadaan sa heartaches and,kung nahuhurt si bball player,and u really love the actor,isipin mo na lang na may lesson na matututunan si bball player after this.. ^_^

  75. NM Says:

    I think The Blogger should ask himself certain questions. Like “Is The Basketball Player only acting this way because of The Actor’s presence?” “Where was that when The Actor wasn’t around?” “What has The Basketball Player or The Actor done for The Blogger to show him affection?” Stuff like that.

    But at the end of the day, it is inevitable that someone will get hurt with this situation. When The Blogger does decide, like in any decision-making, he must firmly stick with it.

  76. akoito Says:

    Hi Migs. I know how it feels to be in that kind of dilemma.
    If you are troubled after meeting again Mr. Basketball, it means you still have feelings for him, otherwise it won’t matter to you anymore whatever he says.
    Let’s face it that we if we fall in love again, we do things to let the other person how we feel, as you did.
    Being in a situation wherein we have to choose between the two, we don’t have to make a quick decision. It needs time, a lot of reflection.
    You can also list down the advatages and distadvantages of things. You can also consider the situation of both of them, in terms of time that they could give you, their availability when you need them. Since both of them are in the limelight, what would happen if others discover that they have an affair with you? Whom between the two could stand up for you? Will you be accepted by their family? These are only some of the things you have to consider.
    But eventually, who will reciprocate more the love that you give? In all its aspects, neither the mind and heart should not rule, it should be the balance of the two.
    Giving up both is not the solution to your problem but instead, weighing things will make you face it and not escape from it.
    Good luck! Pray!

  77. my yellow shirt Says:

    sabi sa bibliya the heart is deceitful above all things

    I’d be careful of your heart

  78. dennis Says:

    It seems the actor in “THE BLOGGER, THE BASTKETBALL PLAYER AND THE ACTOR” story is JANVIER? Hehehehe

  79. edz Says:

    it’s true that it’s hard to choose whom to love just follow your heart. here’s an equation in having a relationship that i learned a lot 1+1=0 so you need to choose only one dear so you wont have yourself all alone for the rest of existence.

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