Podcast: Bad Boy vs. Good Boy


This is the very first podcast a la “Joe D’ Mango” Gay Edition, featuring 2 guest podcasters, Gibbs Cadiz and Joel McVie. The first part introduces Gibbs and McVie, and we talk about blogging, something common among us 3. The second part of the podcast is where I read a letter from Duncan, an MGG reader from Sydney, Australia, who asked for advice on who to choose — his incumbent “bad boy” boyfriend, or a new “good boy” guy he met recently. The third and last part has Gibbs and McVie share their comments and suggestions to Duncan, while in the end I share my own views as well. We got too excited in putting this podcast together that it went a bit overtime, to about half-an-hour length. Do enjoy listening in, and please share your thoughts for Duncan as well!

To listen to the podcast… Press play in the embedded player below.

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28 Responses to “Podcast: Bad Boy vs. Good Boy”

  1. Baklang AJ Says:

    Ganda ng podcast! Fresh and witty. While listening to the podcast, I was imagining all three of you in a set on TV. Parang pwede na kayong maghost ng talk show! :)

  2. neonego Says:

    70,000 per day… wow!

  3. jholou Says:

    Duncan the base of the relationship on Gabby is just a repetition of your so called bad boy bf…Fugly but one thing that i admire of it is that you both pulled it through…6years…

    With that,,,you don’t have to choose between the two of them…all you need is to be single again…in this way you can examine and re-examine the things that matters to you…

  4. Mimi Says:

    para tlgang may effort ang low notes mo migs ha….kc habang tumatagal nagiging high octave na ang voice m! haha! pero in fairview, efek ang talk nyo….i know u r all intelligent gays so tlagang insightful ang kakalabasan ng conversation….more podcasts soon!

  5. Ace Says:

    It is great fun hearing a good natured repartee between the three of you. The only thing that is a touch distracting is the background (people) noise (restaurant setting?). Other than that, it is good to hear a bit of local humor. You all speak and think really smartly and Migs analysis of Duncan’s situation at the end of the podcast is well thought-of. As for Duncan’s dilemma, I really think that he needs to sort out his problems, one relationship at a time. He mentioned a few times that he and his bf are really not compatible, yet they’ve been together for six years. It is also interesting to note that the “bad boy” bf is really fighting to keep the relationship with Duncan while Duncan was the one who in the end cheated on the bf. Of course, I don’t know if the bf was ever unfaithful within the six-year relationship with Duncan. But Duncan’s one night bang (plus one week extension) with Gabby, fuelled with alcohol, is not really a great foundation for a relationship. I mean, how much can anyone know about a person in a week? It is complicated by the fact that it is a long distance “relationship” and as Migs (et all) already mentioned, it is also complicated with monetary help for Gabby. Duncan says that he and the bf are fighting constantly, presumably about everyday little things. If so, I think they are symptomatic of much deeper issues that they both have yet to delve into. Based on the fact that Duncan is asking the question, I presume that he is not yet ready to let go of his relationship with the bf. If so, I think it is money well-spent if both Duncan and the bf will try the expertise of a professional (facilitator) to find out their underlying issues. If it turns out that they can’t resolve these issues, then it will be a good time to let go of each other, however painful.

  6. mcvie Says:

    MIMI: Konting voice lessons pa para kay Migs, mawawala na rin ang effort, AHAHAHAHAHA!

    Migs, world peace! :-)

  7. john_aspen Says:

    Gibbs works for PDI, right?

    McVie give me a first impression that he looked like a doctor.

    Migs, this is what I can say about your PodCast:

    Magaling, magaling, magaling! Hehehe

  8. josh Says:

    luv it! Cant stop laughing, congrats to all of you. Mcvie ur voice is so cute at galing mong mag punchline (actually all of ur voices r great!) now i can put voices to the faces (xept 4 migs). Para akong nakikinig ng RX 93 (plug). Now on d letter sender, the tone is now on a serious one… Hey there should be an adverisement for d podcast.. like this podcast is brought to you by…..globe (nge)

    DUNCAN, is it because you support/ed both of your “lovers” dat they stay with you? Can it happen like a TROIKA? (w/o the dynamite effect in d movie siempre)

  9. ian Says:

    migs, nakaka-in love ang boses mo… hehehe… i wonder how you look like in person… :)

  10. onai Says:

    amen ;)

  11. jc Says:

    how can i transfer this to my ipod?

  12. annamanila Says:

    Hey. Why only 8.5 minutes? You said 30. Bitin?! I didnt get that part where you dole out advice to the lovelorn or problematic … whatever. Will try to listen again at home.

    Anyway. I agree with you Gibbs that blogging is a performance — we bloggers perform to the galleries. And yung sinabi ni Mcvie (???) about being licentious .. relate na relate ako. Natawa ako dun sa part na he admitted he writes what he wish he could have said instead of what he actually said.

    Anyway, bravo for very honest and intelligent insights into blogging. All three of you make blogging respectable. And being gay too.

    Hey, you have planted the seed of a unique radio show. Are we ready for such as this?

  13. Q Says:

    “the muscular migs?” :)) nacurious ako, I love the music! I congratulate the three of you on a successful podcast :D

  14. tenchu Says:

    why does money become a problem? love really isn’t enough. perhaps i should start getting less idealistic.

    nakakarelate ako sa totoo lang. for a moment i thought you were talking about me. LOL. like duncan, troika rin ang drama ko.

    i enjoyed listening to you 3. i also learned from your opinions and pieces of advice. perhaps i should start contemplating and learning to be more in touch with reality.

    congrats on this podcast. i think a lot of people would be able to relate to this.

    cheers and more power to you 3!

  15. mcvie Says:

    TENCHU: I think you found the right name for the threesome of Migs, Gibbs and I: TROIKA! O ano Migs at Gibbs, shall we name ourselves “Troikabaklaan”? Ahahahahaha! Too balahura ba? “Troikabloggers”? Waddya think? Tenchu beri match por yor sajeschun, Tenchu! Tenchu, tenchu, ambabait ninyo, Tenchu!

  16. paolomendoza Says:

    this is interesting..

  17. neonego Says:

    i had transferred this podcast to my mp3 player and keep playin’ it. it was long but the essence is there. migz, ang cute ng voice mo. i can’t await na videocast naman ang susunod.

  18. josh Says:

    Hey video cast (webcam) will be great!

  19. Gelo Says:

    refreshing!!! can’t wait for the next…

  20. vincent Says:

    nice podcast migz….
    to duncan, i think u dnt have to choose among the two…
    its very obvious and u wrote it ure letter that u love that bad boy dearly…
    all u need is a wide understanding on the kind of character ure boyfriend has..
    i also think that ure bad boy boyfriend really loves u…at least u know him inside and out….
    as for the good guy, i think he doesnt love u….think of it….u offer him money(education) and its a fact that he have to do something in return…what if u dnt sponsor his education? will he still love u duncan?
    hmmmm… i think not…….

  21. Mimi Says:

    Korak! Troika is so divalacious! Perfectly glamorous for the 3 of you! Go Troika Divas! Troika knb? Troikahan n! haha!

  22. Tony Saikee Says:

    I got to finally hear the podcast that I saw you guys editting the other day (my internet has been out for several days),Haha. Great podcast!

  23. Wendell Sanchez Says:

    All I can say is that, hey this is gonna be like a FEAST OF FOOLS(pinoy version). High 5 to all the podcast host.

    Yes, I do believe he should reconsider his first relationship. Why did I say that? Coz it’s worth trying to save that six years than gambling again with someone whom you just met. All those skin deep attributes and pa-show effect cannot be compared with what they’ve shared. Maybe, it’s just high time that they try counselling, Australia yan, I know that exist there.

    Sometimes too much compatibility would make your relationship boring. Look it’s like you have a mirror as your partner. I do believe that like poles repel and unlike poles attract. Plus the fact that’s what makes him more enigmatic to you because you’re different. Just work things out, that’s all.

  24. Migs Says:

    SALAMAT PO - to everyone who listened in to our first group podcast! (*Waves to all*)

  25. juan Says:

    Duncan, just because you’ve been together for 6 years with your Sydney BF is not reason enough to stay in a relationship. I went through the same thing. I held on even if I didn’t feel loved any more. In the end, I let go and that sent my life on a tailspin, but looking back, I am sure I made the wrong, albeit difficult decision. From how you describe your relationship with this guy, it would seem that you’re not really in love with him any more.

    But Gabby is the wrong guy too because of the distance. A long-distance relationship just doesn’t work. I don’t see Gabby as your way out of your Sydney BF.

  26. vincedejesus Says:

    You have to have a tv show!!! Har har har.

  27. For our next podcast: Coming Out | manila gay guy Says:

    […] everyone! Because of the encouraging comments you guys have made on our very first group podcast, Gibbs, Mcvie, and I have decided to do another podcast soon, and the main topic will be the issue […]

  28. mickey Says:

    hey guys, how can i download it and save it in my ipod

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