On Long Distance Relationships


The Troikasters are back! Even with such serious topic as “long distance relationships” we’ve managed to make this the most fun podcast recording we’ve done so far. Sobrang enjoy! Hope you enjoy listening too!

This is the first part of our podcast (39 min 46 sec), and you’ll see how we’ve branched out from long distance relationships to open relationships. The discussion was graced by 2 guests, Tony and CC (Corporate Closet), of course with the Troikasters Joel McVie, Gibbs Cadiz, and yours truly. (Photo above: the podcast group after the recording.)

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15 Responses to “On Long Distance Relationships”

  1. Tony Says:

    It was great to hangout with you guys and just talk the night away! Ang saya! We should have just left the computer running and recording since we branched off to so many other topics after. :P

    Can’t wait to finish downloading the episode and listen to it.

    Again, thanks for having me!

  2. JHVRothschild Says:

    OMG. Must’ve been great with all of you there. Wish I can just listen in live. :P

  3. kirts Says:

    wow!,..you looks like the other side of the boys night out:magic 89.9:logan,slick and toni!..
    u can be a nice dj!

  4. mave Says:

    hey why does it end with to be continued …. ?

  5. Rye Says:

    congartulations on this phenomenal episode, troikasters! di ko lang tinapos pakinggan. it brings back so many sad memories. hmph! affected ako, shet!

  6. Luo lan Says:

    wahahahah ang saya hehehe bitin nga lang. Pero sa totoo lang, di ko gusto yung sistema ni CC it’s very dissapointing. Naalala ko nanaman yung ginawa sa akin ng ex ko huhuhu

  7. moschino Says:

    does this mean gays are not meant to have a monogamous relationship. is it just wishful thinking.

    great work guys.

  8. fattyacid Says:

    weee, migs i luv na talaga!

    me want to listen more of the troikasters!

    sana you guys can talk about more gay matters.

    sana kung may budget kayo, live webcast na po sana!

    keep it up guys.

  9. Sa_totoo_lang_ako _day Says:

    Parang ang saya siguro na makasama sa mga discussion na katulad nito.

    Anyway, i just wish you have more meetings like this in the coming days that will touch on other pressing gay matters.

    Regards sa group nyo!!!

  10. josh Says:

    hmmmn…im not really in a relationship…been single since day 1 (hehehe) but i do think dat what transpired in ds podcast is very helpful to someone who is in a relationship now or planning to go into one :)

  11. neon Says:

    bitin. migz, im learning ah.

  12. James Says:

    wow! nakakaintriga tong latest podcast niyo :-) winner!
    kakaloka, ung pic niyo sa mgg site, that spot in a coffee shop in qc looks family..hmmm

    i laughed a lot in while listening to this in the office, funny yet educational. and of course, quite shocking, especially about open relationships, compromises, et al..


    shocking and a lot of funny comments..”that’s my bush” LOL

    i am now imagining myself being interviwed by you guys, its just that, im just an average gay.. nothing exciting since college life ended…

    *sighs again

    we’re now ON AIR! Kudos to you guys! Keep it up!

  13. On Long Distance Relationships 2 | manila gay guy Says:

    […] manila gay guy “the national gay blog of the philippines!” « On Long Distance Relationships […]

  14. kiko Says:

    migs…whats this ad about cebuanas?..philippine chuva…sana cebuanos ching!

  15. Harry Potter Says:

    This is a nice topic. Currently engage myself to this kind of relationship. It is really hard and costly, but still it is something worth fighting for. He is the guy what Im looking, eversince I came out ( Age: 21, now 23 ). We plan for the future, that is, we’d live together.

    It was really good listening to people especially from TONY, he says something really interesting and educational.

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