For our next podcast: Coming Out

Hi everyone! Because of the encouraging comments you guys have made on our very first group podcast, Gibbs, Mcvie, and I have decided to do another podcast soon, and the main topic will be the issue of coming out of the closet. I would like to invite you to share your thoughts about the topic as early as now so we can include your ideas in the podcast. And if you would like to share your coming out story (or your issue regarding NOT coming out) then send it as an email to: [email protected] - or through the contact page. Thanks for sharing! our next podcast: Coming Out  digg:For our next podcast: Coming Out  spurl:For our next podcast: Coming Out  newsvine:For our next podcast: Coming Out  furl:For our next podcast: Coming Out  reddit:For our next podcast: Coming Out  fark:For our next podcast: Coming Out  Y!:For our next podcast: Coming Out


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5 Responses to “For our next podcast: Coming Out”

  1. rheign Says:

    hi migz i am also one of the avid readers of ur blog, i am a gay, and i would also love to give comments to all issues you post here and voice out my perceptions and insights, hope to hear from you soon just to know if i really made a successful comment… hehehehe this is my first time to post a comment… thnx peace out!

  2. neon Says:

    it is ok ba to come out with your family? (this include your father and pinsans)

  3. eponine Says:

    Hi Migs! Coming out is always difficult, especially if one has only come to realize about one’s sexuality later on i life. I choose to come out only to a few people. A few freinds who are comfortable with the idea, and thankful that I am true to them about being true to myself. I choose not to tell my family. It’s something that will greatly disappoint parents, and I will not tell them. The last thing I’d like to do is hurt them. But I am ok like this.

  4. imbyernagelo Says:

    miGs…AviD reADer rin mE nG bloG moH…FreShiE me nG ust…sana matopiC nyo kunG baKiT nagiginG gay anG iSanG tao

  5. Harry Potter Says:

    Building a family in a same sex relationship? - having a son/daughter, would it create conflict?

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