My Very First Podcast


Hello, hello everyone! How about an MGG podcast?

It’s my first time to do it… so be gentle :)

Continue on to listen to my very first podcast! Very First Podcast  digg:My Very First Podcast  spurl:My Very First Podcast  newsvine:My Very First Podcast  furl:My Very First Podcast  reddit:My Very First Podcast  fark:My Very First Podcast  Y!:My Very First Podcast


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42 Responses to “My Very First Podcast”

  1. MAC.afr0 Says:

    huwaaat!!!!!! :) simula na ito ng bago mong career! congrats hahaha :)

  2. Angelo Says:

    Migs: Wow…I love your deep voice! Mwah!

  3. chad Says:

    awesome :)

  4. closet queen Says:

    Hey!!! Ok na rin… At least we heard your voice again…

    Konting feelings din sa sunod…

    kakainggit ka…

    World peace… hehehe

  5. closet queen Says:

    erratum: at least we have now heard your voice…

    World Peace… hehehe…

  6. jj Says:

    hahaha ang cute naman nun…parang pang vpice over sa starwars!jajaja

  7. josh Says:

    nice nice nice. Do you happen to be a fm station dj?

  8. neil Says:

    just a tip… it looks obvious that you’re reading from a script. i suggest that you just speak up whatever comes to your brilliant mind so that you’ll come across more effectively and sound more spontaneous. stay cool! ;)

  9. neon Says:

    mark this as the first.

  10. neon Says:

    sunod videos na! wow!

  11. effie Says:

    omg. i have been visiting this site for some months now, and i have sort of created this image of how you might look like and sound like and whatever. but this! this is so far from what i have imagined! i’m surprised by the masculinity of the voice, but i love it, nonetheless. kaya lang parang may punto ka. no offense, meant ha. =)

    imma play it again. can’t get enough. =)

  12. effie Says:

    why was i thinking “ryan agoncillo” while listening to it over and over? world peace, indeed!

  13. arm Says:

    nice pod cast

    uhmmm just improve your accent and put some more feelings

    feels great to actually hear the voice of manilagayguy ahahahah

  14. timmy Says:

    Miggs you have a fantastical beauty-pageant-host-like voice! Hi hi hi! It’s a compliment by the way.

  15. zizou Says:

    ariel ureta the 2nd?.. hehe..

    at last narinig ka narin ng mundo.. :)

  16. randy Says:

    i love you too migs! he he! looking forward to videos next time. what do u think? he he. peace!

  17. Kaleena Says:

    You just made me cum. Your voice still sounds the same as when we had hot, passionate, sweaty sex not too long ago. That voice begging me to do more. I’m cumming again!

  18. aldous canapi Says:

    now it’s really u talking! want to hear more mgg padcast frm u migs… i lyk ur voice… i really meant it!

  19. Kimbro Says:

    Nice voice though the way it was delivered is a little bit contrived. The Pinoy-English accent is evident and a little distracting.

    Not bad for starters.

  20. wrestler Says:

    Good job!!!!!

    i can feel the sincerity in your voice!

  21. aji Says:

    panalo!!! next tym wana script para mas churva!!!!! peace my bro!!!!

  22. chriscapade Says:

    i love you too migs.. i love you i love you i love you!

  23. banana Says:

    migs mahal na kita… iyong iyo na ako.. seems a hottie on his voice…slurp…

  24. Mikee Says:

    Ang Galeng! Parang si JoDMango. Pwede ka ng leader ng cult, may followings ka na. Luv Ya!

  25. Pancake Says:

    You sound like that host on Urban Zone…are you the same person?

  26. Nora Says:

    Pa-min! :D

  27. drklght Says:

    pwede!! haha!! i bet migs was smiling while doin this nyahaha .. pagkatapos, natawa na sya hehehe

  28. chrissy Says:

    i like it. your voice sounds friendly, welcoming and all in all hunky.;)

  29. addick_88 Says:

    wow…. amazing…. sana you can write more about urself

  30. londoner Says:

    Nice voice Migs. I really think you’re good looking as your voice am i right? Nice to hear you. Thanks very much indeed. Looking forward seeing you in flesh.Soon……

  31. prock Says:

    i’d have to say, ang guapo ng boses :-)

  32. Little Fish Says:

    Sound SEXY!
    Little Fish puts MGG on a Pedestal!
    Lovely and sexy voice!
    Gui Hi Gugma Ta Ka….Migz!

  33. zra Says:

    shyet! u sound HOT! ;)

  34. Raymond Says:

    Nice one, Migs. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  35. soopah! Says:

    ang cute naman ng voice ni migs!!!…hehehe! i do hope you’d post ur real (nude…hehehe…) or at least hot photos!!!…i’m looking forward to seeing your photos on ur site migs!…MORE POWER TO MANILA GAY GUY!!! MWAH!!!


  36. Joel Says:

    Not bad, not bad at all. I tried searching for it on iTunes but couldnt find it. Will you have more podcasts soon? Also, under what name would it be on iTunes.

  37. vivo Says:

    migs saan naba ang pic. nila rishard gutierez at jc de vera?

  38. vincedejesus Says:

    ang taraaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaay!!! may podcast!!!

    career talaga ito ha! what’s next? an MGG video game?
    go go go!

  39. reyville Says:

    the first podcast i listened to. sounds sincere. love u…

  40. jacko Says:

    cool miggs… ok ang modulation ng boses mo- seems like the person behind it is really nice one-hopes to meet you in person when i go on my next visit to manila in 2008 LOL.

  41. Sexyboi Says:

    Wuz up I love your Blog man it’s very nice.

  42. geof Says:

    i love your voice migs..pati ikaw mahal na kita..nxtime ung pic mo naman..

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