Phil Younghusband, footballer too


Yes, dear readers, there is another Younghusband — Phil Younghusband. And he is a footballer too! Phil, younger brother of James, is currently under negotiations to play alongside David Beckham for the LA Galaxy. He is also the Philippine Team’s most valuable striker and currently ranks as the highest scorer.

My goal is to be the most bankable player in the history of Philippine football. (Phil Younghusband)


Don’t confuse Phil and James — Phil’s full first name is Philip James, while James is James Joseph.


Full Name: Philip James Younghusband
Age: 19 years old
Date of Birth: August 4, 1987
Center of Gravity: England and Philippines
Nationality: British-Filipino
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyes: Hazel/Green
Hair Color: Brown
Interest & Hobbies: Football, Films, Hanging out with friends
Agent: PR Asia Worldwide Communications


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21 Responses to “Phil Younghusband, footballer too”

  1. tonyboy Says:

    mas cute si james. mas lutang ang pinoy features nya. phil mas dominant ang caucasian features. he looks older too.

  2. aeriol Says:

    mas cute yung isa !!!!!!!! na footballer

  3. jin Says:

    parang si yael..

  4. Misterhubs Says:

    Now, i want to be the salami in a Younghusband sandwich.

  5. fernie Says:

    i saw him a week ago!!!! SUPER HOT! as in makalag lag panty siya!

  6. fernie Says:

    nanghihinayang ako grabe nung nabasa ko na under negotiation na siya to play for the LA GALAXY! SANA NAG PA PICTURE NA KO WITH HIM!!!! haay kelan ko pa siya ulit makikita… :(

  7. eric Says:

    model ba tong mga to?

    they may be good in football but as a model??? puhleeezzzz!!!

    hindi porket tisoy puede na mag model!!!


  8. taylor Says:

    well, some people become models not because of their looks but they are good endorsers like some celebrities. just like the case of this young boy. gosh, he is going to play for the la galaxy, that is a big deal…

  9. neonego Says:

    kahawig niya ung boss ng kabilang department sa office na nagresign.

  10. JP Says:

    Wow. I love it when there are people who get to do what they love, and for this guy to play for LA galaxy, if he does, it’s going to be a huge achievement, not only for him but for filipinos everywhere.

  11. mahaderang_tamaraw Says:

    i love you na talaga migs!,thanks for your feature of the YOUNGHUSBANDS..haay both of them really deserve the attention they’re getting, especially PHIL,i would love to watch him play with BEKHAM!..

  12. peak fantasy Says:

    mas feel ko si james…but i don’t really mind if either of them ends up to be my young husband…hihi kurutin nyo ako!

  13. peak fantasy Says:

    migs, one wholesome guy i like is chase tinio..he has this mon-wed, 8 am show with amy perez on channel 2, kabuhayang swak na swak..i stop on my tracks everytime he is on. i know he is not one’s regular hunk with sexy fotos, but his total persona is sexy!

  14. peak fantasy Says:

    oops, i forgot to ask if you could feature chase tinio in your next releases? thanks…

  15. fernie Says:

    i think chase tinio is gay. navivibes ko lang…

  16. mahaderang_tamaraw Says:

    me too,feeling ko rin parang gay or bi si chase,napansin ko na yun since the first time i saw him nung nagjoin sya sa MTV VJ Hunt..

  17. chyle Says:

    HOT!but I prefer his brother james more!galingan nya pa lalo para maging tulad sya ni Beckham!

  18. peak fantasy Says:

    fernie and mahaderang tamaraw, kahit na siguro i find out later na gay din si chase, okay lang. magpapaka tomboy na ako. parang sarap nya i-baby e… hihihi

  19. footballAficionado Says:

    i know these guys!!!
    they are really handsome!!!
    they’re good inside and out and dsefinitely many girls will go wild when they’ll meet this guy!!

  20. louvie Says:

    yeah..this guy is really nice..talked 2 him na..and he’s not the type who’s snobbish..c james nman,medjo silent type..hehe that’s what i noticed bout the two gus2 q c phil kc he was really friendly..

  21. michelle Says:

    chase tinio is not gay! wtf! i know him and sometimes gay people just want to believe that these guys they like are gay!

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