Mark, John, Joross: Hot or Not?

Look at the following pics, and let me know — are they HOT? or NOT?

Mark Herras, hot or not?


John Pratts, hot or not?


Joross Gamboa, hot or not?

joross2.jpg, John, Joross: Hot or Not?  digg:Mark, John, Joross: Hot or Not?  spurl:Mark, John, Joross: Hot or Not?  newsvine:Mark, John, Joross: Hot or Not?  furl:Mark, John, Joross: Hot or Not?  reddit:Mark, John, Joross: Hot or Not?  fark:Mark, John, Joross: Hot or Not?  Y!:Mark, John, Joross: Hot or Not?


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41 Responses to “Mark, John, Joross: Hot or Not?”

  1. from1fagtoanother Says:

    i saw joross on tv yesterday. I must say he’s hot. He’s bulking up

  2. kel Says:

    for me mark’s hot..kahit di siya gwapo ng sobra..
    john? fats man……..
    joross?lumalaki katawan niya but parang walang dating mukha niya..

  3. george Says:

    if any of them disrobes in front of you, will that question still hold true? hehehe

  4. carlos_m Says:

    NOT! Kulang pa sina Mark at Joross ko! Si john prats, overstaying na! Move on, dude.

  5. maggie yu tan of chinatown Says:

    mark-hot hot
    john-not not not

  6. lovingmanilagayguy Says:

    john prats - SUPER SEXY x2 (my opinion. its just that he has this look that makes me love him.
    mark is too serious and i ate joross’ voice. mrk need a hotter bodie and joross need a hotter face.

  7. Tita Glo Says:

    Pinakagusto ko si Joross! Pwede nya ako Jorossin anytime!

  8. pepron Says:

    laman tyan din yang mga yan… go!

  9. June Says:

    mark is the hottest!!! ooohhhh

  10. ron Says:

    john is hotter than the other two…

  11. sheveree Says:

    of course ci Mark, kababayan ko yan…

  12. paa Says:

    mark is hot as ever, joros is certainly not bad, but john? FEELING ung dating nya sa akin. hate him.

  13. iloveboom Says:

    mark lang hot..yung 2 bading…

  14. starbucksdude Says:

    mark is really hot! he just need to work out more magkalaman pa ng konti and then john prats is not my type. joross is not bad hes ok!

  15. blue_harajuku Says:

    mark - not

    john - not

    joross - definitely not

  16. rico Says:

    no! no! no!

  17. eric Says:

    agree ako kay blue_harajuku!!!

  18. sire_lee Says:

    mark: not
    john:hot/not (alanganin)

    pls feature ung event last wed, ung k janvier daily.ung roxxxane! would really like to comment on that!!

  19. josh Says:

    hot si mark! :) d rest, pwede na rin!

  20. rodier Says:

    parang abno si joross, si john naman ay unano, kay mark na lang ako.

  21. peak fantasy Says:

    mark WAS hot
    john WAS hot
    joross WAS hot

  22. Isaribi Says:

    why was?

  23. peak fantasy Says:

    to me, these 3 guys are no longer hot, not as exciting as before. i guess every hunk has his own hot season. there was a time everyone was crazy over mark herras, but his star has somehow ebbed. the likes of jake cuenca have taken over.

  24. jang chul soo Says:

    Mark- Not! Payatot!
    John- Not!
    Joross- Not! Dont even know him

  25. Inggetero Says:

    no,no,and no. next topic please……

  26. janet go Says:

    john parang di marunong sa bed, not hot
    actually walang hot sa kanila

  27. francis Says:

    nobody is hot among them..

  28. philippe Says:

    joross for me!

  29. twinkee Says:

    main course na ba’to?

  30. Nokturna Says:

    wala kang mapapagpilian. tse!

  31. fattyacid Says:

    none of the above.

  32. argo Says:

    joross is way hotter than d othr two guys..although i can say that mr herras’ face is truly prettier than the two.

  33. calvin Says:


  34. slut Says:

    ke mark ako lalo n ung takip thing d other two,never mind!

  35. the other leo Says:

    i like mark and john, yun nga lang parang di sila nagmamature! parang lagi na lang silang boys! but that doesn’t matter, i like boys naman… i never found joross hot, ewan, walang appeal!

  36. Lyka Bergen Says:

    Mark…. Not
    John…. Not so
    Joross…. Yuck!

  37. creexs Says:

    no one’s hot

  38. isitla Says:

    only mark is hot! looks like he’s very good in bed

  39. fillmeup Says:

    i’m really not too particular.. may ichura naman cla and true yung sinabi na pag naghubad yang tatlo sa harap ko, ay pista sa nayon…

  40. rodier Says:

    pagmaghubad silang tatlo sa harap ko, bigla akong luluhod at mapaparosaryo ako ng tatlong beses.

  41. cryptic Says:

    well i must say john is really hot

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