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Listening to beautiful music alone, in my room, with my brand new Bose Companion 5 multimedia speaker system… soundtripping is heaven! Listen to this special edition podcast… The Soundtrip Podcast (also known as “Giddy In Lurve” podcast, hehehe!) - Note: I suggest you download it first, then play it from your computer — this way you get it without silent gaps in between buffering downloads.

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12 Responses to “The Soundtrip Podcast”

  1. Misterhubs Says:

    Hey Migs. How about a singing a song in your next Soundtrip Podcast? I suspect you have a good singing voice.


  2. eponine Says:

    how very emo ang kanta. yoko mag-emote. anyway, wag ka sana magalit migs pero parang masyadong pilit pababain ang boses mo. anyway, nice song and world peace! (sabay kaway beauty queen)

  3. eponine Says:

    2nd hirit. nagulat ako me 2nd song pa pala. i love the song. waaah. corny man siya and cheesy, pero bahala na. cute ang song. feeling ko rin i am finding my way back into love.

  4. raymund gerard Says:

    i actually fell in love with the first song. i limewired it as soon as i could. times like these…songs like these…i remember why love is always worth it despite the shit you have to go through—the overanalysis—the conjectures—everything.

    hayy…im so in love with the idea of being in love.

  5. raymund gerard Says:

    now as for your problem…what can i say… just go where your heart tells you. the problem with love is that somehow, somewhere, someone always gets hurt by it. its how its been wired by the Great Guy Upstairs. eitherway, someone is bound to get hurt, especially since its apparent—both guys already have their attachments to you. i had a friend who was in a similar situation and asked me what to do—i told him to first get over the “idea” of having to choose…because really—is anyone at this point holding a gun to your head, demanding you make a choice? unless one of yoyr boys have gone ballistic, i doubt that. no rush. in fact, no decisions, no choices unnecessary.—so no deliberations needed as well. why? because i your heart—you already knew, even before the basketbolista came around—who it is you want…who wants you more…and who you want more. we overanalytical people tend to make things complicated (just because were such closet drama queens and like a little soap opera every now and then–and theres nothing wrong with that so long as its not habitual) when deep within us….we know the easy answers to our questions. sometimes our heart cant speak or our mind is too deaf because of whatever personal demons (hang ups, the need for drama) but really…matters of the heart are as easy as they can be. matters of the heart are never one sided—its never just one person’s call. my friend didnt have to choose. everything fell into place…one guy had to move away…and he had no compunction to chase after him or stop or give him a reason to stay. and thats how he knew—i guess the circumstances werent ripe till then for him to realize it. in your case…just keep on seeing blue—as the song says—just keep seeing blue, and enjoying seeing blue….then open your eyes…and the guy youll see is the one you really want. the guy whose name easily pops into your mind…the guy whose calls you anticipate everytime the phone rings….the guy who just makes you feel like everything is sooo easy. the one guy who will be your easy choice no matter what—when your heart is most at peace…thats the guy.
    whoever it is who is never a constant struggle—or who never makes you overanalyze and bring you …and keeps you peacefully happy…he’s the guy. if you wanna work on world peace from this take off point—then start with the guy who gives you peaceful happiness—bliss.

  6. jimg29 Says:

    luv’ luv’ luv’ your podcast migs, keep them cum’ing! ‘Never Saw Blue Like That’ really affected me too much you have no idea, esp. Shawn Collins’ version, while this one is really upbeat. Michael Buble? At first I thought it was Ben Sharkeys, I subscribed to him on You Tube! OMG how I’m torn I luv’ ‘em both! So lalalalalalala so lalalalalalala lalala…

  7. kel Says:

    dj migs???
    love the songs!

  8. Jeff Says:

    Weird ba? Nalungkot ako kasi gusto ko someone will dedicate the songs din to me. hahahaha.

  9. cast Says:

    migs maraming salamat sa mga music especially ung “way back into love”…. ei migs kababa pala ng voice mo noh? ….. ung ke buble ni(c)ze din

  10. Harry Potter Says:

    good music esp “never saw a blue like that”…

  11. rai Says:

    Hi Migs!

    Listen to song of India Arie’s I am ready for love and Eva Cassidy’s Autumn Leaves. Yo’ll love them. They’re perfect for your music podcast.

  12. ewan Says:

    shoot…cant find a copy sa isang never saw blue like that…sino uli ang artist? di ko magets e…

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