Hunk-ticipation for Mark Herras

Mark Herras is a product of GMA 7’s Starstruck artista search. Turning only 20 this December, he has pretty much matured from where he was when he won his Ultimate Survivor title. One GMA insiders says technology has done wonders on his skin — well this does the audience good, as we all deserve to see beautiful things. Many tag Mark as the one with a “bad boy” charm. While I personally prefer “good boy” looks like Dennis Trillo (sorry people, Dennis is mine, hehehe!) I do, once in a while, appreciate the other side of the spectrum din naman. So here goes, lovers of bad boys, enjoy Mark Herras!


Mark is not yet a hunk though, judging from the body flaunts here and there, once in a while — but maybe let’s give him another look after 6 or 12 months. He may just join the gym-going bandwagon. And maybe he will flaunt a little bit more.







In the last picture, Cosmo tried very hard to make him look ripped — sadly it’s just too obvious that those abs are more virtual than yummy. More work Mark, but we’ll be waiting with eager, eager hunk-ticipation. for Mark Herras  digg:Hunk-ticipation for Mark Herras  spurl:Hunk-ticipation for Mark Herras  newsvine:Hunk-ticipation for Mark Herras  furl:Hunk-ticipation for Mark Herras  reddit:Hunk-ticipation for Mark Herras  fark:Hunk-ticipation for Mark Herras  Y!:Hunk-ticipation for Mark Herras


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31 Responses to “Hunk-ticipation for Mark Herras”

  1. lol Says:

    yummy pa rin ummh i can feel it yeahh!! srap mo ha infairness!!!!

  2. richard Says:

    hi mark..ang gwapo mo naman…ay naku! basta lahat ng mark mahal ko na..hehehe..take care always

  3. nhikkZz Says:

    whoohoo!! ang cute mo tlga MARK HERRAS!!! mabuhay k!!! hehe…

  4. pringles Says:

    sarap ng armpit!!!!!

  5. leo Says:

    are these pics from x-ray mag?!?! naghahanap ako dito cdo but wala eh…

  6. pringles Says:

    try glorieta, marame pa sila copies kahit past issues na…

  7. Secert Says:

    Ang pinaka-cute na picture ni mark dito yung sa x-ray…

    Ang cute nya talaga…

  8. polo ravales Says:

    sarap mo tlga..

  9. maldy Says:

    ilove his lips! sarap….

  10. rodge... Says:

    the nipples, i like!!!

  11. josephine Says:

    !!!!!! i lkie your nose!!!mwahhhhh

  12. Jun Says:

    Matindi ang appeal ng batang ito pero mas titindi pa if he will work-out his chest.

  13. dennis Says:

    pwede ba tayo magkita san mo gusto

  14. dennis Says:


  15. dennis Says:


  16. carol Says:

    astig k mark i like u very much…..

  17. giean Says:

    hayyyyy…… super cute talagaaaaaaa……

  18. giean Says:

    may tatalo pa ba sa lakas ng appeal ni Bad Boy…

  19. jhongjhong Says:

    he looks like manny pacquiao in his last pic…hahaha

  20. chuvarot Says:

    hi mark herras…
    pwede poh ba tayong magkita?
    ang cute mo kasi eh!

  21. jumalia Says:

    the perfect picture of a sexy,tasty, and lustful bad boy

  22. hazel of AKLAN Says:

    hi powh…ur so pogi tlga..nai-iinluv 2loy aqow ,,..jejeje..
    . i am hoping da’t someday i will meet,,, personal…

    kep up da gud work idol.. nd’ gudluck sa career…

    luvyahhhh so much… ajahhh!!!jejeje

  23. hazel of AKLAN Says:

    Eow powh…!!! plz accept me nman powh as a ur fwenster….plzzz…

    tenkzzz yah in advanCE..


  24. che relimbo Says:

    #1 hearthrob ng phil. powh mr. mark herras.
    ung pnkmgndngpc. pra sa kin eh ung 356 but ung pnka bezt eh ung # 5 powh.. pogi muh…

  25. michael Says:

    mark is eye candie

  26. fattyacid Says:



  27. juststitch Says:

    honestly, cute sya kea lng talaga ndi ko like ung body nya, mas gusto ko si enchong kahit na mas bata pa sa kanya, grabe sa ganda ang katawan, mas bagay sya sa cosmo at x ray kea kay mark .. medyo matagal tagal pa ang hihintayin natin para magkaroon ng pandesal effects ang tummy nya!

  28. Calvin Says:

    don’t like him… :(

  29. SweTTy Says:

    tse!!!!!! di ko n sya bet!!!!!

  30. katy Says:

    i like him, his cute & a good dancer.
    his my idol!

  31. YuriKa Says:

    sarap sana kaso parang kalansay.. Happy Holloween!! migs

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