Zsazsa Zaturnnah Zemplangz

zsazsa.jpg “Zsazsa Zaturnnah zoars,” writes Gibbs Cadiz. Through his intercession, and with the kindness of Vince de Jesus, yours truly got invitational tickets to yesterday’s premiere night showing of the movie starring Alfred Vargas, Chokoleit, Rustom Padilla, and Zsazsa Padilla. The premiere night turned out to be a premiere nightmare.

With excited anticipation I was already in SM Megamall when the clock struck 6, and thought I had a full hour before the published start time of the movie, which is 7:00 PM. With all the prim and proper I could muster I queued up by 6:30 PM outside Cinema 10. Then came 7:00… 8:00… 9:00… 10:00…. Without belaboring the issue, up till 11:00 PM (yes, more than 4 hours of standing and waiting) the movie had not started yet. There were mentions that they were waiting for the prints (or was it the permit?) but the bottomline was that the audience was made to wait for more than 4 hours.

I realized that however fantastic the movie may turn out to be, it won’t be able to appease my being made to wait such long hours. So I decided to silently, even respectfully, walk out of the moviehouse. Three of my friends decided to stay on.

This morning, one of those friends who stayed on texted me: “The movie was fun — too bad it stopped midway, and again the audience was made to wait (for the 2nd half of the film to arrive).” It was 1:00 AM and the audience probably felt the same way I did when I left — so they did too, much to Mother Lily’s dismay. She was apparently seen instructing the guards to ask the audience walking out to come back since the movie has not finished yet.

Sh1t happens, and too bad for Zaturnnah, it actually did. At least for this premiere night, Zsazsa did not zoar. Zsazsa Zaturnnah Zemplangz.

UPDATE: Carlo Vergara, creator of Zaturnnah, himself was pissed with this premiere night shenanigan.

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12 Responses to “Zsazsa Zaturnnah Zemplangz”

  1. vincedejesus Says:

    Diyos ko. Nakakahiya sa mga tao. Hay…
    nalungkot ako sa nangyari. Kinarir ko pa naman ang music niyan. Sana hindi na nila pinilit ang issue kung hindi siguradong darating ang prints on time.

    Siguro naman sa Dec 25, ready na ang prints. He he he.

  2. Migs Says:

    Vince, it’s not your fault… this sad event does not nullify the great job you’ve done in the movie. too bad i was not able to see it. but i promise, i will still catch it during its regular run. more power!

  3. what_boys_want Says:

    …and I thought they had the editing finished early? I know a friend who’s friend was part of the editing team who said that they had finished the film waay to early in its projected calendar.

  4. Bryan Anthony the First Says:

    another super hero bites the dust

  5. chriscapade Says:

    vince congrats in advance!

  6. Jerome aka Bridget Jones Says:

    zhit talaga! you waited for four hours? damn! patience is not one of my virtues, dahlin…

  7. Ang-ang Says:

    Thats is sooo hot!

  8. peterpic Says:

    i just hope that the genius of people like carlo vergara and the rest of the people involved in the movie was not diminished by the whatnots of people like kother lily and others shose names i would rather notn mention.

    my support goes to the brilliance that is zsazsa zatturnah reagrdlkess of whoever gets their slimy hands on it.

  9. beth Says:

    i’m so sorry you had to wait that long during the premiere night. i just want to let you know that i enjoyed the movie, from where i had just came out now, and all people who were responsible for making the movie should really be congratulated! sana mag best picture. wish ko lang : )

  10. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Ay that’s so wrong!!! My sister watched the premier night rin, but I didn’t get to talk to her much about it, she didn’t mention if they had to wait that long. But she did mention the movie’s good. Will watch it on the 30th! Can’t wait hehehe!

  11. ciana Says:

    nakita ko sa blog ni gibbs cadiz na sinabi ni sir vince na lalabas na ang zsazsa zaturnnah ze muzikal cd ngayong jan 2007 commercially both in record bars and on the internet., sana naman totoo na ito, gusto ko kasi bumili kaso im here sa cebu,,, sana naman dalhin nila dito ang musical play., ive seen the movie at nagandahan talaga ako., pero sabi nila mas maganda pa rin ang musical, ala akong mapag compare.an kasi di ko pa nakita… sayang…

  12. ciana Says:

    i mean the zsazsa zaturnnah ze muzikal soundtrack digitally enhanced and remastered…

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