Vote for Zaturnnah zee Komeekz!

Let’s support Zsazsa Zaturnnah zee Komeekz!


Carlo Vergara, Zaturnnah’s creator, says Zsazsa is currently shortlisted in the 2007 Pinoy Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Komiks. Let’s help Zsazsa emerge as the rightful Queen of Komiks! Vote here! for Zaturnnah zee Komeekz!  digg:Vote for Zaturnnah zee Komeekz!  spurl:Vote for Zaturnnah zee Komeekz!  newsvine:Vote for Zaturnnah zee Komeekz!  furl:Vote for Zaturnnah zee Komeekz!  reddit:Vote for Zaturnnah zee Komeekz!  fark:Vote for Zaturnnah zee Komeekz!  Y!:Vote for Zaturnnah zee Komeekz!


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3 Responses to “Vote for Zaturnnah zee Komeekz!”

  1. Carver Says:

    Thanks, Migs! :-D

  2. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Accccckkkkk!!! I’m torn between Zsazsa and Arnold Arre’s After Eden!! Will give this some thought first. But I do love Zsazsa!!!

  3. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Ah eh pwede naman pala umulit ng vote e ahahahaha! I also voted for Pugad Baboy. Wasted I have yet to read.

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