Gay Short Films on Logo Online

If you have broadband connection, lucky you.

Logo Online has more than 200 gay-themed short films all for your viewing pleasure. Logo is the newest channel from MTV Networks, the force behind US channels like VH1, MTV, TV Land and SpikeTV. Logo is entertainment programming for lesbians and gays and just about anyone who enjoys a gay point of view. You don’t have to be in the US to watch their gay short films and docus… as long as you have broadband, you can watch “The Click List,” Logo’s online repository of featurettes!

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Most Watched Short Film:
Directed by Daniel Falcone
Total Runtime: 17:09
Synopsis: A teenage punker named Otter has a crush on his best friend Darby. For kicks, the boys — along with Amber, Darby’s girlfriend — frequent a swimming hole and complain about their recent high school graduation. The motley twosome set out on a mission from suburbia to see a beloved band perform in New York City. (Amber stays put.) Their adventure takes an unforeseen turn. Once the road trip ends, the real adventure begins!
Watch “Night Swimming”

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Top Rated Short Film:
Directed by JC Oliva
Total Runtime: 27:53
Synopsis: The annual student body president election at the wildly eclectic and diverse West Beach High School pits the quirky, much-beloved incumbent Sissy Frenchfry against a handsome, charismatic and socially intolerant transfer student with a devious plan to restore the status quo.
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