Cafe Bola

Cafe BolaWhen I think Cafe Bola, I think cool and refreshing kamias shake (yes dearie, don’t squirm there, it’s a jewel of a drink ha!), crispy adobo flakes with kesong puti (white goat cheese), and spicy tuyo (salt-preserved fish). Yummy and totally Filipino! Foreigners out there, try this resto! And to my fellow Pinoys, if you have taste, I’m sure you’ve already found out about this resto.

I usually go to either their Greenbelt 3 branch, or the one in Araneta Center. Here’s my observation: in their Greenbelt 3 branch they have more handsome waiters. In Araneta Center, their location is so strategically gay — right beside Starbucks, a certified gay hangout. Go for the food, and you may just take out an exciting dessert, courtesy of the neighbor hangout place! Hahahha!

By the way, Cafe Bola is celebrating their 3rd anniversary, an Inquirer article here. Bola  digg:Cafe Bola  spurl:Cafe Bola  newsvine:Cafe Bola  furl:Cafe Bola  reddit:Cafe Bola  fark:Cafe Bola  Y!:Cafe Bola


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5 Responses to “Cafe Bola”

  1. Jose Manilla Says:

    Sorry to disagree but I think the waiters in Araneta Center are pretty hot, too. Check out the semikal cook, Arnel — what a damn tease! And there’s this handsome, albeit short, waiter who’s on at night…either he’s playing ocular tag or he’s focused on my dietary requirements, hahaha! And the assistant maitre d is boyishly charming…always ensuring a good tip from me and mine.

  2. manila gay guy Says:

    hello jose manilla! thanks for the tip ha! kakaripas ako sa cafe bola ng makilala yang mga sinabi mo! hehehe. thanks for dropping by! mwah!

  3. jonat Says:

    very agreeable… good consistent and reasonably priced food plus good looking servers & crew (Especially in GB3, Of course times have changed, so has their resto and staff)

    but hey Ms. Fores always delivers whether reasonable bola or tony pepato … she also has good looking servers during catering duties.

  4. Jose Manilla Says:

    So sad: the maitre d was let go: was just told it was a disagreement with management. Still see him hang around the place at night. So wishing we can help him…and table him pa ;)

  5. luis Says:

    nothing beats cafe bola’s adobo flakes + kamias shake! cafe bola in araneta center has a new captain waiter who looks very gay. also, the waiters are flirt there… try jeffrey, he’s not really cute but he is really flirt.

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