Sanctuario Spa in Malate

There’s this pa-girl gay friend of mine who never stops pestering me to try out Sanctuario Spa in Malate.
There’s this other pa-mhin gay friend who raves about the cruising he’s done there.
And finally, another supposedly straight guy friend (but my gay-dar goes off all the time I’m with him) who raves about it as the best “Filipino-inspired spa” ever chu-chu.

I’m confused! Is it or is it not?

I’ve been in and around Malate, and I’ve had the chance to see the place (from outside) while walking from one bar to another (yes dearie, it is indeed in the heart of busy nightlife in Malate)… and one thing I can say is that they have this group of masseurs who hang out just outside the spa, apparently to lure in customers. My first impression was — how low can they go! But, my immediate next impression was… “uhmmmm cutie pies… when will I get to try them… errr…. this spa out?” Hahahaha!

I really have to. My friends have very mixed information. So I better check it out myself.

And, you, why not? If you happen to get there before I do, come back here and leave your comment. Dear readers would find that useful.

(By the way I also heard that this spa is gay-owned so maybe that pa-mhin friend of mine is right…. just maybe…)

* * *

Text below from their website, photo from

sanctuario7.jpg The Sanctuario Spa, Salon and Organic Cafe is a pocket of heaven in the middle of bustling and busy Manila. It is a refuge of calm in a frenetic city. Our spa attendants, all trained in the ancient arts of oriental healing, will soothe away the stress of everyday living. Nourish your body, as well as your spirit, with recipes that include only organically grown ingredients. To ensure that the beauty within glows and radiates to the surface, indulge yourself on our beauty regiments. Come and step through the doorway and discover that you have travelled to a totally different world.

Sanctuario is located at 1829 Jorge Bocobo St., Malate, Manila (between Nakpil and Remedios Sts.).

The Spa and Organic Cafe are open from 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM on Sundays to Thursdays, and from 4:00 PM to 3:00 AM the following day on Fridays and Saturdays. The Salon is open daily from 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Spa in Malate  digg:Sanctuario Spa in Malate  spurl:Sanctuario Spa in Malate  newsvine:Sanctuario Spa in Malate  furl:Sanctuario Spa in Malate  reddit:Sanctuario Spa in Malate  fark:Sanctuario Spa in Malate  Y!:Sanctuario Spa in Malate


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26 Responses to “Sanctuario Spa in Malate”

  1. gibbs cadiz Says:

    it’s a good spa, comparable to and in some respects even better than other spas of the same grade/level abroad. and yes, very gay-friendly (hint, hint). :)

  2. Migs Says:

    gibss, you ha…

  3. eric Says:

    how much is the service fee at sanctuario spa? how many hours? type of massage?

  4. tupe Says:

    the owner of this spa is….JOMAR of ReachOut. So classy but so cheesy inside. Never will I come back in that place again. NEVER!

  5. winner Says:

    the guy na nag massage sa akin eh helped me release when i went there last sept. siguro depende din sa mag mamassage at mina masahe. i will not go back there kasi parang naging gay ruising area na siya.

  6. rich leo Says:

    went there last week to try out their massage. d facilities were decent and clean. Just didn’t like the staring of other customers as you plunge in the pool or jacuzzi. D foreigners even follow u everywhere u go. Anyways i got my massage in a common room with 3 to 4 other customers. D massuer i got was quite a tease…He would actually reach down my crack, and when i was lying supine he would slide his fingers along my inner thighs until he could touch my tootoot. I couldn’t help but get aroused of course, and when he saw what was “up” he whispered to me “sir gusto nyo lumipat ng kwarto?” I declined because I dont know if it was a trap of some sort (there was a sign at the first floor that hanky-panky is STRICTLY prohibited)and because he might charge me a very high price and tell me off to his boss if i didn’t pay. Eniways, it was still pretty hot and erotic. Too bad i didn’t finish. :-)

  7. rich leo Says:

    Ey winner, mind telling me who was your masseur during that time? might be d same person who massaged me *wink* :-)

  8. Mikee Says:

    been here once, with girlfriends, exclusive na ata for gays from 10pm onwards. Looked at the place yung may jacuzzi, medyo mga wranglers na guests at that time.

  9. T-Rex Says:

    Been to Sanctuario several times already - about thrice last year. It truly has the interiors, trimmings and array of services (as well as the prices) akin to a first-rate joint like The Spa. But I have to insist that it is rather pretentious on their part to claim that all their therapists render only professional services like the more legit spas, and that no lewd behavior is ever allowed. Proof positive to this contradiction is the fact that when you enter the locker room, the one thing that will inevitably catch your attention is a wooden carving on the wall of a crucified nude Christ with exposed genitalia. (Talk about sacrilege - how could you, Jomar Fleras?) That already expectedly sets the stage for one to expect that cruising unashamedly transpires within the wet floor area. This is decidedly pathetic because the place IS indeed classy but is unfortunately defiled by these goings-on. Every single time I was there, I had to outrightly reject “indecent proposals” from other guests usually inside the steam room (which needless to say is a venue for libidinal trysts, with nary a single spa attendant tasked to patrol the area as a means to discourage somesuch activities). Also, just like what Rich Leo mentioned above, I was also subjected to similarly blatant “manipulation” (I think molestation is more like it) and offers of extra service by the masseurs assigned to me during my first few visits (which I turned down, openly expressed disdain for and promptly brought to the attention of management). The most brazen episode was when I had a coffee scrub on my second visit - the therapist unhesitatingly rubbed the grainy concoction on my flaccid member and attempted to stroke me to an erection despite my protesting that the sensation was actually irritating my dick! He repeated the same when he insisted on soaping me during the milk bath that followed, during which I was admittedly aroused to near abandon (what made it all the more enticingly erotic was his consistently flattering me with his supposed admiration for my physique) - until he dropped the bomb that he will finish the job if I will throw in a nifty four-digit tip for him! That’s when I went sort of ballistic and told him to his face that I have never nor will I ever pay for sex! Told him to leave the treatment room right away so I can shower off on my own (and relieve myself), after which I immediately complained to the manager on duty and requested for a change of therapist right then and there for the remainder of my treatment. I found out later on that the culprits involved in this separate incidents were fired on the spot (that gets my vote for customer-oriented damage control, though it also helped that they offered me a complimentary treatment as an appeasement gesture). The latter incident also proved to be a blessing in disguise - the replacement masseur that they gave me turned out to be a certified and purely professional physical therapist who can really work wonders with his hands, making him the most requested among regulars. He made a convert out of me right after that and I’ve consistently sought him out ever since. That’s why I’ve never given up on Sanctuario inspite of the erstwhile hitches, and I even ended up recommending the place to others (with the requisite precaution though). But pardon me if I have to decline in giving away this masseur’s name - at present he already has a long list of devoted regulars and I have to resort to booking him at least a day in advance, so methinks you guys would understand if I choose not to add more “competition” to the fray.

  10. imelda c. banez Says:

    hi if i my ask how much spa to your salon?and how many hrs.


  11. The Toolman Says:

    Paid a visit a couple of times last February to check out the facilities, didn’t look too bad to even though I heard some stories about it but I’ll try anything once.
    First time I took a shower not bothering too much to cover-up but nothing untowards happened to me then proceeded for the tub soak and a pubes shave, enjoyed soak before going for the shave, a new experience for me but I do shave there anyway and fancied a professional shaving me. A bit clinical for me but good even if she did shave a bit too much off.
    Second time I opted for a massage and shave. The girl (not too pretty) took me a comunnal room in semi darkness, only saw there a number of beds when light shown thru the open door, anyway once in she asked to remove my shorts and gave me a small flannel to cover myself. Before lying down I took in the room and all the rest were guys giving massage, mine was the only girl in the room, the guy lying in the next bed too me had his bare butt well oiled, hmm I thought “whats goes here” The girl was quite good at relaxing my aches and pains, she hinted by letting the towel slip off my butt as she slipped her hands between my legs nudging my balls a bit, I then asked to turn over where she carried on removing the aches, again the towel slipped off exposing my cock for all to see on entering or leaving the room, a couple of times she her fingers up my flacid member but nothing more. From here I taken to another room to have the shave, this time I made sure the girl did not shave too much off which she obliged but no hanky panky.
    In all a good experience, might go back to experience the male attendants but I do prefer females.

  12. tudelaal Says:

    I wanted so much to be a “suki” of Santuario…the masseurs are good looking, the interiors are soothing to the senses and its near my house. But the biggest deterrent to my frequenting the place is their sanitary procedures, more specifically, the lack of it!

    Even before I tried Santuario, I already heard the same comments from 2 other close friends who have been frequenting the place but I didn’t mind it because I thought they were just exagerrating.

    I’m allergic to oil and lotion so I always go for dry massage. When I started to lie down on the bed my masseur pointed me to, I realized the bed sheet was sticky with oil from the previous customer, meaning, the bedsheet wasn’t changed. I became ballistic and told him I didn’t want to itch all over, he apologized profusely and changed the sheets, but since the oil had seeped into the leather cover of the bed, the new beddings also got wet with oil. I had to ask the masseur to take out the new sheets again, wipe the leather bed cover first with a wet towel, to take out the oil, before putting the new sheet on.

    I must have been the only one who complained of previously-used sheets because I could tell the masseur, although following my directions, was perplexed at why I had to make a big deal out of it. But, isn’t that part of spa standards belonging to Santuario’s price category?

    My woes didnt end there! When I finally started my massage, with my face fixed firmly on that round hole in the bed, I found out that they NEVER clean that hole because I almost suffocated from the smell of saliva from, I surmise, the many previous customers who must have been drooling while asleep on that bed during the massage. The smell was so pungent I had to ask the masseur to transfer me to the nearby empty bed, only to find out the bedding again was wet with oil, so I had to ask the masseur to wipe the bed again with wet towel, put clean sheets on, then wipe the interior portion of the round hole, so that I can finally have my relaxing massage!

    Whew! What a way to start what was supposed to be a de-stressing session!

    I reported the incident to the management right after my session. The lady at the desk gave what must have been “canned” apology.

    I say “canned” because I precisely gave them several months to fix what, to me, was a big problem. I went back to Santuario after 3 months. Guess what? I had to do exactly the same ritual of having the bedsheet changed because I inherited—AGAIN—a used bedsheet wet with oil, and the round hole on the bed still smelled of saliva! I’ve stopped availing of their massage since.

    But I still go to Santuario, though, because I like the “action” on the wet floor.

    For real, exciting action, Santuario is it! For real, relaxing massage, go to the CLEANER Spas.

  13. Robbie Says:

    for rich leo, winner and t-rex

    Could you kindly tell me who your masseurs were when you went there at Sanctuario? I do hope that it isn’t too much to ask! Thanks and more power!

  14. T_Rex Says:

    For Robbie:

    Ask for Yazu, Lanz, Jericho or Arvin - in that order with regards to massaging expertise. Whether they accede to rendering “extra” service is all up to you to discover.

  15. arnel Says:

    For T_Rex:

    Bigyan mo naman kami ng tip on how those masseurs will render extra service. I was there last Friday, May 11 and YAZU was my masseur but what he did was purely professional massaging, and he was very good. Walang ni anumang hanky panky na nangyari.

  16. rich_leo Says:

    Isa dun sa 4 na minention ni trex was my masseur. I was surprised with what that guy did. I mean, I already expected that some therapsts there are really out to tease you. But this guy, well he just went all the way.

    First, he led me into one of the smaller rooms na 4 lang yung beds and may divider pa yung 2nd and 3rd beds. I’v never actually used that room before until that time.

    Next he actually massaged me wearing only his lower garments. He had his top off.

    I wasn’t that surprised when he began touching my dick every now and then, but I got very much surprised when he started kissing me; torrid with tongue action. Then he asked me kung ok lang na i-jack off nya ko. I gess u know what my answer was. Greates surprise of all, he didn’t ask for extra. When I insisted, he refused. sya naman daw yung nag-insist.

    whatanexperience! definitely one of my most memorable encounters. Kung sino sa kanilang apat…up for you guys to find out (tip: he’s maputi, cute, with funky anime hair. His day off is on a tuesday)


  17. t_rex_rules Says:

    For rich_leo:

    Ang haba ng hair mo, kuya!

    Pero hindi kaya hair extensions lang yan? Hehe…

    Needless to say, I know without a doubt who your much ballyhooed masseur is. The last time I had him as my therapist, he almost put me in a compromising situation as well inside the same four-bed communal room. While giving me a rather lingering Swedish massage on my back, he straddled my thighs then rhythmically slid his upper body over mine - all the while repeatedly rubbing his bulge on my butt (there was no mistaking it because I could feel the semi-turgid member inside his pants hitting my crack, and he is the only masseur who has done those moves so far). It felt quite erotic at first (it was somehow giving me a boner), but when he was at it for almost five minutes already, I begun to feel uncomfortable with his lewd intentions and had to distract him by saying the pressure was beginning to hurt my back already and that he should proceed with working on my other body parts. Seemingly embarrassed, only then did he realized my disinterest and thereby ceased his sensual innuendos for the rest of the treatment.

    This guy can undoubtedly give a good massage, but he can also get too ornery for comfort at times - his means to an end is definitely not my cup of tea. But such may be to your liking so go ahead and request for his services at your own risk. I still won’t be divulging his identity though - just be guided by rich_leo’s description of this guy.

  18. eric Says:

    kaloka ang mga experience!!!! bat ako walang ganun???or is it because alam nilang baguhan ako o di kaya baka umbagin ko sila kasi mas malaki pa katawan ko sa kanila?????

  19. rich_leo Says:

    Ey Trex! :-)

    Wla ako hair extensions. Semikal ako e. hehehe (ang weird nung itsure nun ano? semikal na may extensions…)

    If u guessed hu d masseur was, then ud know that guy is actually capable of doing those things. *wink* I really tink dat masseur likes guys. If he were more masculine and buffed, im sure he’d be the top pick all the time. Kasi he is decent looking, has nice skin, soft lips. He just kinda talks effeminate sometimes kasi. He’s nice, but im hoping to get a better attendant. hehehe (*horns growing out of the head*)

    cheers 4 sanctuario! d best attendants in town.

  20. spa lady Says:

    ei rich,
    I want to go to sanctuario one of these days….what do u wanna advise me to get the relaxation i want . i like swedish massage and the waters….i like to be massaged sensually also….please advise

  21. cute-boy-alert!!! Says:

    I went there last Tuesday when it was raining very hard. PLace is so-so. Rates are a bit pricy. My total bill went up to about 1,800 and they dont issue receipts (even if they charge you 12% VAT).
    I got Ryan as my masseur. Un lang… try nyo rin but I won’t go back there anymore. Masyadong mahal.

  22. micolopez Says:

    hey rich_leo! sino yung masseur mo? i wanna try him. please? para di naman masayang punta ko don if ever. my email’s hope to hear from you very soon.

  23. giu Says:

    hey, just heard that Sanctuario has just opened its branch in QC, can you recommend a masseur there and how does it differ from the Bocobo branch? oh and rich_leo, can you also give me the name of your masseur in the Bocobo branch? my email is

    Hope to hear from you soon guys! ;-)

  24. eric Says:

    I’m planning to go to sanctuario. OK lang kaya if i’ll bring my girl friend dun?

  25. Sanctuario Says:

    ei, peeps…
    SAnctuario Spa in Quezon City, is so great. i’ve been there last night, masseurs are so accomodating and very good. It has this VIP rooms, actually, all massages are in a VIP rooms, there also a couple room.the place is so nice.
    masseurs are good looking also, there is this good looking and so nice ckin and smells good ha….
    Be there people.

  26. La Sallista Says:

    To Rich Leo, T-Rex

    I personally know the masseur who goes on day off every Tuesday. Maputi, soft lips, with anime like hair . . hehehehe

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