Malate Halloween Costume Party

Last year, I celebrated Halloween in San Francisco’s Castro District. It was such a blast - with everyone coming in super fabulous costumes. Some even had nothing on! Big crowd, and so fun! This year, I was in Malate, our own version of San Francisco’s Castro District. Not everyone was in costume though, but those who were in costume gave the rest of the crowd a real great treat. Ang saya!

Here are photos of some costumed Halloween creatures prowling the vibrant party atmosphere of Malate last night.





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3 Responses to “Malate Halloween Costume Party”

  1. Bryz Says:

    was in malate last sat…hopefully more PLUs wud participate in the costume party next halloween celeb… para masaya…

  2. Bryz Says:

    i saw the someone in a virgin mary costume… i think it’s kinda foul…

  3. swedishorgan Says:

    just looking at sam he’s really gay!

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