Male Bodyscape

This particular Provoq photo is so beautiful. The shot was so artistically composed! It makes me aspire to be a male bodyscape photographer!


Model: Anthony Logan, for Provoq Bodyscape  digg:Male Bodyscape  spurl:Male Bodyscape  newsvine:Male Bodyscape  furl:Male Bodyscape  reddit:Male Bodyscape  fark:Male Bodyscape  Y!:Male Bodyscape


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2 Responses to “Male Bodyscape”

  1. Max Says:

    ohh! The things I would do to Anthony Logan.

  2. john_aspen Says:

    WEll, according to a friend who is a photography apprentice, these kind of pics are most difficult to take. The contours, shadows, angles, and all. Basta. Believe ako sa mga photographers kasi they can capture all thsoe and make the subject look so hot. Nice pic I agree.

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