The Two Groomsmen

groomsmen1.jpg My girl bestfriend, Chyna, got married recently. She chose her 4 handsomest friends to stand as groomsmen, and of course I was one of them (hahaha! kapal!). It was a grand wedding — the ceremonies at St. James in Ayala Alabang, reception was at the Rizal Ballroom of Makati Shangri-La, with all the bells and whistles, and yes President GMA was one of the ninangs. But the more exciting part, at least for me, was this other groomsman. Let’s call him Doc.

Doc is Chyna’s classmate in pre-med college, while I was her classmate in MBA. Doc actually pursued medicine (Chyna chose not to), and now Doc is, obviously, a medical doctor. And I, a corporate bloke, and more importantly, needing Doc’s skillful hands to mend my broken heart (ka-drama! hahaha!).

Bridal Shower

During the wholesome bridal shower, he was there. So I asked Chyna, “Hey, is Doc gay?” I was floored with her answer. “No!” So I took the answer grudgingly, making myself believe that Chyna should know her better. Then as the bridal shower event went on, I stole quick glances at him, several times catching him looking at me (haba ng hair di ba?). There was a pampering corner setup during the shower — and I saw him get himself a free manicure — hmmm, I said, quite contrary to Chyna’s “answer” so I took a mental note. Somewhere during that same event, we were introduced, and the usual “pare, pare, nice meeting you, blah-blah” were exchanged. Sadly, if I like the person, I usually become a notch less sociable with them (mahiyain po si Migs sa mga crush niya).


Wedding Proper

During the wedding ceremony, Doc and I were together most of the time as he sat beside me as co-groomsman. Kick me as I tell you I did not even attempt to start conversation. What was in my mind? “This guy’s straight.” I busied myself with the other groomsman who flew in from the States and was just too happy to chit-chat with someone local and doing him the favor of talking to him in his usual stateside twang. Secretly, however, I was wishing it was Doc I was spending those conversations with. So near yet so far — because I’m so torpe.

At the wedding reception, we were in different tables so that “wished for” conversation never happened. I told myself, “don’t bother, he’s straight anyway.” So the night wore on, and when the time came for some dancing towards the end of the reception dinner, I saw him dancing and enjoying among his predominantly male friends (later I found out, all doctors). Imagine this scene: I was about to leave with my other MBA friends, and doing the customary conversation and goodbyes with the couple near the dance floor. He was dancing with his friends when he saw me, he waved at me, approached, and shook hands. “See you around, pare,” he said while he was holding my hand. I returned the smiles and oh-so-strong handshake, but deep inside I was telling myself - “Stupid Migs, here in front of you, now present, is your probable future. Grab him!”

To Grab or Not to Grab

Sigh. I wanted to get his number but the dancefloor was too noisy, and there were too many people around to see that awkward request and act of exchanging numbers. Hay, hay, hay. Is Doc a possible future? Chyna says he is straight. I thought, maybe she is mistaken? Doc is accomplished, good looking, and does not have a girlfriend (he’s 32). Maybe he is gay. In those last moments I was saying my goodbyes to the newlyweds, I was still debating whether or not I should make a more drastic move.

Unfortunately, I did not.

But as I stepped out of Makati Shang, I texted Chyna. “Would you get me Doc’s cell number? Pretty pls?” Two Groomsmen  digg:The Two Groomsmen  spurl:The Two Groomsmen  newsvine:The Two Groomsmen  furl:The Two Groomsmen  reddit:The Two Groomsmen  fark:The Two Groomsmen  Y!:The Two Groomsmen


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36 Responses to “The Two Groomsmen”

  1. Little Fish Says:

    If you are looking for sex…why not?
    If you are looking for a friend…..sure! Check him out.
    If you are looking for love…..think 10 times!
    If you are looking for a doctor…..make appointments!

    Afterthought…..I dated a doctor once, damn hell! Bad doctor in bed!

    Have fun….Enjoy!

  2. Verdenc Says:

    Pareho pala tayong torpe pag andyan yung crush. Been on the same boat sometime back. Straight and cute yung crush ko pero he always gives me a special attention whenever we are together. Binigyan ko ng kahulugan and I ended up brokenhearted.

  3. dave Says:

    hi migs….. what a dilemma…if i were you, i would take one apple a day.

    as they say, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. corny.

    good luck.

  4. vincedejesus Says:


    Did Chyna give you his number?

    When she does, invite him out WITH OTHER KUNSINTIDORA FRIENDS. That way, you can size him up some more without you being so ‘torpe’ about it kasi marami kayo. If he brings a ‘girlfriend’… well, malay mo prop lang yun? I used to bring girl ‘friends’ din dati as a date para hindi ako mabuking sa mga reunions namin. When he accepts the invitation akbayan mo agad tapos sabihin mo “Kumpare, musta na?” Sabay kiss. He he he.

    Subukan mo lang. Suave at sophiticated ka naman eh. (Naks) If he’s well-educated naman, he wont take offense kahit straight siya. The worst that he’ll tell you is “I’m flattered pare, pero I’m straight eh…” That’s how I ended up with my partner (of two years now.) Akala ko straight din siya (he was… kinda… just broke up with his girlfriend) but we eventually got along so well and now we live together. Try mo lang, if not… he’ll forever be the “man that got away.”

    Eto na naman ako… nagpapanggagp na Dr. Phil!

    Goodluck, Migs.

  5. ghel Says:

    Lumalandi ka Migs, heheheh.

    of course Im kidding.

    Parang kang budding flower. Hehehe.

  6. drklght Says:

    isa lang masasabi ko …. kabitin!!!! LOL! =)

  7. prock Says:

    kinilig ako dun! hahaha!
    malay mo, lightning could strike ;)

  8. suede Says:


  9. girl next door Says:

    hay naku! grab him!

  10. mandayamoore Says:

    nagpa-cute ka pa kasi. malay mo.

  11. Kulot Says:

    maybe he’s gay, but not yet aware of it…

    baka ikaw ang kailangang magmulat ng mga bulag nyang mata…


  12. fukesah Says:

    hay naku dalian moh make an appointment pa check mo matris mo ateng im sure OB/GYNE ang doctor na yan………kaloka!

  13. fried_ika Says:

    Haha. migs so cute. parang pa-virgin effect. Haha, I can so relate. Torpe do (too).

  14. Spydey Says:

    ay pareho tayo. i can’t be my charming self everytime i am with someone i like. i don’t talk to him as well, and pretend that i don’t like him. probably this is how discreet gays react, dahil talagang nagtatago pa.

  15. zizou Says:

    nakuha mo naman ba ang numero ni Doc?..hehehe.. aren’t intelligent people soooo attractive?.. lol :)

  16. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Exciting! Ahahhaa! Did your friend give you his #?

  17. DOC Says:

    Migs, whats your email address?

  18. Migs Says:

    Hello, hello! Wow overwhelming your responses — so thankful I have this blog and you guys!

    First of all, kisses to all - mwah! Lalo na sa inyo, aking mga “Dr. Phil”, “Dr. Love”, “Joe D Mango” etc. — salamat sa inyong mga advice!

    Second, I agree with you guys saying this is such an exciting time! Hehehehe! Sarap maging single! :)

    Third, mabuhay tayong lahat!

    P.S. Doc, my email add is

  19. spock Says:

    hello migs,

    been a lurker here for quite some time… couldnt help but answer… well, all i can say is “when there’s smoke….”

    you’ll never know…

    if he aint gay and you try to hit on him, well at least youve tried… if he is such a cutie, then, definitely he must have been hit on by a lot of other gay guys.. he should be used to these kind of things (a cute doctor is really someone that would make people drool :)

    and, if you hit on him, and voila, he is one of us… that will much much better…
    good luck!

  20. Jayson Says:

    totally str8 guy, just because he doesnt have a girlfriend doesnt mean hes gay. if he was interested he would have asked u to go out or ur number .

  21. chismoso Says:

    i guess you can research him discreetly on friendster or similar sites. find out about him. maybe his specialization.

    i know a cute doctor who is a cosmetic surgeon… he might be the guy. he’s about that age, single, and out and gay to a handful of people.

    maybe he would have asked for your number if he were not feeling as shy as you :P

    i suggest finding out his specialization, find a reason to visit, and see what goes on from there :D

    happy stalking ;)

  22. my yellow shirt Says:

    an dami nang nag reply. I think that eprot or otherwise, self preservation is indeed the order of the day. Kung nga si Archie binigyan mo nang wait sign, I think the doctor can wait too.

    Besides, if he’s anywhere as closetted or adventurous as most doctors that age (ay ang tanda ko na!!!) you’ll meet in a less than threatening venue.

    Bet ya a neck full of chiquinini.


  23. dats07 Says:

    LOL….nakilig ako!!!!! GO MIGS!!!!!

  24. neon Says:

    doc maysakit ako. ung puso ko oh.

  25. chriscapade Says:

    wow panalo! dun pa lang sa holding your hand moment kinilig na ako.. wishin you all the luck pagdating sa lovelife Migs!

  26. dennis Says:

    32 and single. hmmm tough one. but i think he’s gay.
    and he’s a doctor… girls literally throw themselves at him. and still, no girlfriend?

    maybe he has a partner already.
    (just assuming)

  27. leo Says:

    ei migs, is everything all right? last post was January 14, I was just wondering what happened to you…

  28. Leslie Says:

    no!! you must left me hanging..ay nako. you should have asked him for his number!!

  29. josh Says:

    Well what more can we say but may U HAVE A HAPPY ENDING with somemone…. or the doc

  30. spanky Says:


    Go for it!!! I’ll be your Didi hehehe

  31. szaatchi Says:

    at 32 no GF, well most of the docs that are on that age should b engage na, pero as one of the peepz here said that he might have a partner na… na naiwan sa states??? lolz.. well sana you did some research or have your gaydar on full power.. lolz… peace!

    and who knows, you might bump him on one of the “FEW” spots and perhaps he’s just waiting for you to ask him… :)

  32. rhoda Says:

    32 no attachment. he’s MD, busy cguro kaya walang jowa… go Migs, malamig ang gabi nyan cguro and kelangan niya ng adventure… hehehe!!!

  33. Manila doctors Says:

    […] “>The Two Groomsmen So the night wore on, and when the time came for some dancing towards the end of the reception dinner, I saw him dancing and enjoying among his predominantly male friends later I found out, all doctors. Imagine this scene: I was about …dancing:2 later:1Original article […]

  34. twinky Says:

    dude! i can tell, u don’t trust your gaydar.. dang. coulda, woulda, shoulda.

    next time this happens remember,

    “he who hesitates doesn’t get laid.”

  35. vvhoemi Says:

    i think i know that “doc” ur talking about.. yan ba yung ex ni mikee cojuangco? .. sayang may bf na sya and i bet u know who.

  36. BJ Says:

    Why are there are so many great, unattached gay men?

    How many “Migs” do i know.. Ow! There’s me.. and.. wait.. still counting..

    How many “Docs” do we know?

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