Borgy Manotoc, next Manila Mayor

Surprise, surprise! First Lady Imelda Marcos is at it again. She’s becoming funnier and funnier as she ages ha, bongga talaga si lola. According to Meldita, she is too old for politics so she snooped around her house, and found hunky apo Borgy lying, lazying around, so she assigned him as her representative to foray into politics as, guess what!, the new Manila Mayor. Interestingly, Imelda will stand as Borgy’s campaign manager. So Manila, if you have had one too many beautification projects from flowery Lito Atienza, well then watch out for more glitz and glamor with Mayor Borgy running the ramp this next election season!

Now, let’s see more (of Borgy’s) skin….



borgy-manotoc.jpg Manotoc, next Manila Mayor  digg:Borgy Manotoc, next Manila Mayor  spurl:Borgy Manotoc, next Manila Mayor  newsvine:Borgy Manotoc, next Manila Mayor  furl:Borgy Manotoc, next Manila Mayor  reddit:Borgy Manotoc, next Manila Mayor  fark:Borgy Manotoc, next Manila Mayor  Y!:Borgy Manotoc, next Manila Mayor


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27 Responses to “Borgy Manotoc, next Manila Mayor”

  1. Ben Says:

    According to Manuel Quezon3’s website, Borgy’s mom passed the rumor on just to piss off her mom. Only in the Philippines!

    Nice blog, btw. Just found it last night.

  2. marko morales Says:

    he is very sexy

  3. khalel Says:

    thanks for the borgy’s pictures!

    love your blog, just found it today!

    Keep it up!

  4. ivantots Says:

    hi to all,

    i really love Borgy M. for being so straight forward…cool na cool at cute na cute pa!…so pls pass this to Borgy:
    Keep up the good work dude,whatever your grandpa & grandma did as well as the rest of the Marcoses i dont care…all i know during my Marcos years sila lang Nagpaganda ng Pilipinas!….unlike now lahat Magnanakaw…

  5. rick Says:

    OMG! he’s gonna run for mayor?! WTF!

  6. what_boys_want Says:

    7 inches na yan??

  7. witterquick Says:

    what a disappointment! he has a small prick. really disappointing. thinking he has a huge c**k but well,…

  8. Allan Says:

    7 inches? Never, just look at the brief. The most is 5 inches with some allowance :-)

  9. Little Fish Says:

    OK…ok…ok! Borgy is a hunk with a 7inches cut-c–k. Is it functional? Is it yummylicious and bubblytasty?
    Gf..Bf…and lovers of him response.
    Borgy is goodlooking but I saw him in Boracay….damn hell! he doesn’t have a great butt.
    One of the turn-off, he kiss and tell. Yak! Potential women and men too of Borgy go with cautions!
    I’m a Marcoses fanatic…I still like him.

  10. Dennis Caba » Another Marcos? Says:

    […] And if you think I’m the only gay guy excited about this news, you’re wrong. ‘Cause ManilaGayGuy is just as excited! […]

  11. Timmy Says:

    Everytime I see his pictures I am constantly reminded of the Marcoses, Martial Law, 20-year dictatorship, inflation rate, poverty, opression, solid gold bathroom faucets, 1,000 plus shoes, swiss bank accounts, human rights violations, …………. and the list goes on. He he he he! Anyway he is probably not aware of these since he is too much of a hunk to care.

  12. antonella Says:

    I stl blieve, d Marcoses did good to d Phil….we r jst being blinded by all these political bickerings…look what these (SELF PROCLAIMED GOOD-HONEST-MAKABAYAN- MAKATAO) successors did to our country? Where r we now?…anyway…i luv BORGY. Whatever others say about him, he s stl d BORGY that i luv….good luck f u r really runnung for mayor n manila Borgy!

  13. watduh Says:

    yeah, i think he’s got a little tut…

    i got some rumors bout it, and it sucks!!

  14. watduh Says:

    u’r being too complicated, borgy may be a marcos, but borgy is borgy…..let’s not associate him with martial law..that’s too far…

  15. william Says:

    Korek tita allan buti nga aabot cya ng 5,hmmmmmmm kaya tigum na nya bibig nya kasi wala din cys binatbat.

  16. Bogs Says:

    Totoo bang di pa sya tule..Hahahaha!! =)

  17. PCGG Says:

    yuck, he’s not even hot

    marcoses are thieves and corrupt. don’t patronize them pls

  18. Jimbo Says:

    Tuldok lang eh?? Pano 7 yan???

  19. orgyanotoc Says:

    imposibleng tuldok lang yan, mahilig si lance raymundo sa mga malalaki, hindi siya pumapatol sa mga tuldok lang

  20. John Says:

    He’s HOT! Very nice lips!!!!

  21. Gracie Dijkhuyzen Says:

    Please not another marcos,for crying out loud!from Europe.

  22. john_aspen Says:

    He has Marcos written all over him. People like, adore, love him. People loathe, dislike, hate, disgust him. He is a big guy and he’s got a big attitude too.

  23. juancarlos Says:

    If I were a Marcos descendant, I’d be ashamed of that name. Marcos to me epitomizes corruption on a grand-scale, dictatorship, and unparalleled lack of conscience. How on earth did the Philippines end up as one of the poorest countries in the Far East in 1986 after having been its second richest country in 1966? MARCOS DICTATORSHIP!!!

  24. beg76 Says:

    isaw him once when i was having a breakfrast in Water front Hotel, at first, i saw Rajo Laurel, and then when i was already in a buffet table, i noticed this korean / malaysian looking guy, coz his boxer is showing off, he;s wearing a too toght, too over layered ensembles ,parang kasing bangag and i think he just came from a party or something, so i went to my table and saw rajo laurel talking to that guy i saw earlier and then i realized that it was borgy manotoc, he is not that attactive, to thin and wala talaga syang puwet.

  25. chorva Says:

    wa promise ang notes! un lang

  26. Tats Marquez Says:

    He’s a hottie, mama! I tell you!

  27. rodier Says:

    i dont believe anyone. I like janvier better.

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