Do you take pictures of yourself?

Oops, title should be — Do you take *sexy* pictures of yourself?

I don’t, but these guys do.





I like the first one the most… hehehe just because of the abs the bukol (bulge) below, hehehe! You like? you take pictures of yourself?  digg:Do you take pictures of yourself?  spurl:Do you take pictures of yourself?  newsvine:Do you take pictures of yourself?  furl:Do you take pictures of yourself?  reddit:Do you take pictures of yourself?  fark:Do you take pictures of yourself?  Y!:Do you take pictures of yourself?


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18 Responses to “Do you take pictures of yourself?”

  1. wonderer Says:

    thnx migs.. nice pics!

  2. argo Says:

    nice page….lyk it so much! my fav. is d 2nd pic. hmmm….yum yum…

  3. gino Says:

    i know that 4th guy! i saw him before at school! do i have to mention what? his name’s something like.. uhmm, bj! i dunno what the b stands for but i’m definately sure that the j means junior..!;)

  4. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Gusto ko ‘yung armpits pictures hahaha!

  5. kurara_chibana Says:

    yipee! more hot pics! thanks migs! :)

  6. mtguy Says:

    i do take pic of myself if you have it flaunt it! why not!

  7. anonymous Says:

    great shots!!!
    how pathetic can people be?!

  8. johanpaul Says:

    Yah, I do….. kung meron ka namang ipapakita y not di ba? In fairness cutey naman cla!

  9. lychee Says:

    i like the 3rd one ………. big big bulges……….

  10. Jan Says:

    Hmmm i like the 3rd one tooo!!! Nice big big bulge and a hot chest!! Greetings from the Netherlands ;)

  11. richard Says:

    hayyyyyyyyy nakaka in luv talaga sila?

  12. David Says:

    I like number 4. Only one bulge but it’s in the right place.

  13. michael Says:

    I like the 2nd one better. But they are all cute.

  14. tonyboy Says:

    ha ha ha..I’am the guy no.4..ha ha ha ..i wish i could postmy new pix..he he.thats old one..

  15. john Says:

    the 4th guy is the cutest, yummy sya!

  16. Calvin Says:

    i like the bulge of number two and number four… i always favor asian more… :) unless the caucasian is simply irresistable! :D

  17. michael Says:

    some guys get turned on looking at pictures of themselves. Seaverl years ago I saw a guy at the gym, he had a boner when he got out of the shower, he seemed to be turned on looking at himself in the mirror and wiggling his prnis.

    Of course I was watching too.

  18. [D.W.A] Says:

    lahat sila yummy - sana mag ka BF ako na ganyang ka sexy ang BODY, my god, thats a blessing :)

    Peace fellow bloggers, more power to MGG

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