Harry Laurel and the Provoq hunks


Here’s Harry Chua, aka Harry Laurel, the newest Provoq hunk.


Hmmm, baby fats… yummy! Hehehe!



Provoq men in undies!




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15 Responses to “Harry Laurel and the Provoq hunks”

  1. BananaShake Says:

    Mmmmm..these provoq guys are so hot….The new hotmen of the new generation….Justin de leon, Harry Chua & Niko Arellano are my favorite Provoq guys..Justin for that undisputed body through all these years and that sex appeal. Harry for that freshness and boyish appeal. Niko for that animalistic hairy magic appeal…Go boys make the gaylandia want for more….

  2. pepron Says:

    talap talap naman nila,,,,

  3. rodier Says:

    anong name nong lumabas ang hair sa baba?

  4. Tita Glo Says:

    totoo kayang mabaho ang nota nito?

  5. chenelynmarkado Says:

    da photokeyla cannot lie. pinaKAH talaga si johnron. AYAYAYAY!!!

  6. Rizalinah Says:

    ang wafu wafu talaga ni Papa Harry! my gosh, definitely the most gorgeous and most fresh provoq guy. kebs na kung mabaho ang notes, hugasan na lang muna bago ishubo! it’s well worth the effort sa pag wawash for choor…

  7. Slow Says:

    I am not sure if The Studs will be enough competition for the Provoq Men. Hehe.

  8. peterpic Says:

    josh ivan ako!!!
    the first honest-to-goodness pinoy porn star!

    sana masundan ang manila exposed vol 1 & 3
    and wreck my asian virgin ass vol 1.

  9. jeemguy Says:

    josh ivan? porn star ba to? hehe.
    i’ve seen this guy sa fitness sa SM North Edsa.

  10. trist_cum Says:

    gosh! they are insanely hot and delisyoso! yummy_

  11. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    les dieux du stade, those european athletes are roman gods incarnated! I guess for “pipol” to compare these “twinks” to the real Men of Provoque is really exageration! Oops hahaha coz ang ninipis ng katawan!!! haller? besides “do this twinks live in France? they should label them appropriately like “hagibis” or “macho men” or something right??? Hahaha
    p.s. Provoq Provoq! only if you live in Europe!!! Okay!

  12. Kris Aquino Says:


  13. me Says:

    my friend’s friend na doctor who came here to manila last week “hired” harry for 75K :) super worth it daw

  14. doodles Says:

    hang-out with him before.. he’s my friend’s friend.. good guy, mukhang mabait… sinama pa kaming manood ng movie nya… and i was shock kasi may frontal nudity… hehehehehe!!! he doesn’t know im gay, but he kept on looking on me though… =P

  15. Loyalista Mirasol Says:

    Ako naman I was supposed to meet him in Starbucks Pasong Tamo the day before yung premiere ng film nya sa UP..It was supposed to be a date pero nagback out ako kasi parang nakonsensya ako kasi may bf na ako..He’s open pala sa pakikipagdate and alam nyo na chukchakan sa parola after ng date…….Magka condomate pala sila ni Paolo Avelino ng Starstruck in Makati siguro share sila sa unit…It was a test of fidelity..Cute sya pero mahal ko kasi bf ko kaya wiz na ang pakikipagdate sa kanya…Pero he seems to be kind hearted naman so kung sino man maging gayfriend nya eh sana alagaan syang mabuti….=)

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