Carlos Concepcion, designer, hunk


I first took notice of Carlos Concepcion in Metro Magazine’s recent Body Issue — he is described: Carlos Concepcion, designer. Designer of what? I don’t know. From the photos I saw, he seems to be a professional model as well. Maybe it’s just me, but he kind of resembles Drew Arellano — a sexier version, I must say. Enough of the intro, here are some really nice photos of this Carlos.









carlos_concepcion_beach-3.jpg Concepcion, designer, hunk  digg:Carlos Concepcion, designer, hunk  spurl:Carlos Concepcion, designer, hunk  newsvine:Carlos Concepcion, designer, hunk  furl:Carlos Concepcion, designer, hunk  reddit:Carlos Concepcion, designer, hunk  fark:Carlos Concepcion, designer, hunk  Y!:Carlos Concepcion, designer, hunk


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77 Responses to “Carlos Concepcion, designer, hunk”

  1. Mark Says:

    Oh god oh god oh god. Weren’t those white briefs/beach photos outtakes from an issue of Metro Him Magazine? I remember seeing something similar in one of the earliest issues of the magazine, when we working in PR still thought it was a gay magazine. Also, he must be a good buddy of Einar, because Einar has lots of pictures with him. Sample:

  2. l Says:

    Wow!! Thanks for those. He is definitely sexy, and I do see a resemblance to Drew.

  3. Mark Says:

    That’s Einar Ingebrigsten, ooops.

  4. gago Says:

    hes a fashion designer…

  5. gago Says:

    what if people will believe my comment? ahh.. alooot of gay men would be happier. haha!

  6. Ian Says:

    While the beach shots are superb, my favourite is the first, as Clark kent turns into superhunk!

  7. Ian Says:

    Hey Mark - I clicked on your link and all I got was one foto of Einar, none of him with Carlos.

  8. Mark Says:

    @ Ian: it’s his Friendster’s photo gallery so just try clicking the next button. It should be there. :-)

  9. booh Says:

    i so love his n1ppl3s…arghh!

  10. spanky Says:

    wow! he’s hot!

  11. jo Says:

    Ooh la la!!!

  12. jo Says:

    Carlos and Einar(2005 winner) were both 2005 Mossimo Bikini contestants.

  13. kanto_TEEN Says:

    he makes me sick with lust…. uhhhhh!

  14. argo Says:

    he joined d infamous mossimo bikini summit if im not mistaken 04 or 05…
    he’s my bet, but he didnt win d title..

  15. Leslie Says:

    he is cute in a dorky way

  16. Jerome aka Bridget Jones Says:

    i hope wit and sense of humor and intellect also come with that package. god knows how it is such a turn off to find out that a prime steak can elicit drooling but when you actually eat it, there’s no fcuking juice. right? don’t mind me, dahlin. i’m in a bitchy mood. hehehehe.

  17. dats07 Says:

    he is a student of UA&P-im not usre if he already graduate, CRUSH KO TO!!!! he always hangs out at VIKTOR @ PODIUM…he once emailed me back (friendster) regarding body building! haaaaay..looikn those pecs!!!! grrrrrr….

  18. perfeeduh limping Says:

    objectively speaking, he’s just ok. pleasant looking. i wouldn’t file him under “stick your head in the oven gorgeous” type. he seems short hence the need to buff up a bit. but i wouldn’t date a guy who seems this “hiao”. i prefer to be the vainpot.

  19. VM Says:

    ohhh he’s my classmate in ABS CBN workshop tv acting umm hes pretty quiet. friend nya yung weird girl na ngayon DJ na her name is malorie or whatever ummmm i dnt like him though i want yung friend nya ahahahahhahaha

  20. Jason Says:

    he is really a head-turner in the gym but he is so quiet.. He works for viktor jeans.. A great bod indeed! He goes commando in the locker room, unfortunately he has a small “one”..

  21. astroboi Says:

    he’s always hangin out with v_c_t_r wet. go figure. sleep overs and stuff. like what little girls used to do.

  22. jo Says:

    Small “one”, well the pics says it all, ni-contours nga wala eh!!! Walang kabakat-bakat. Sa cute fez n bod na lang.

  23. Nate Says:

    cute bastard. Looks weak though. Still, he can be trained in bed to be a savage animal. hehehe.

  24. envy Says:

    he’s cute. always see him at the gym…just realized he’s this guy. he seems nice.

  25. ciana Says:

    sarap niya… grrh!

  26. Rob Says:

    5 stars!

    * * * * *

  27. chika Says:

    i like the 1st photo.. very alluring.. and.. good body.. so HOT..!! wish i could be with him.

  28. jj Says:

    oh my….got me soooo wet!

  29. bacolod Says:

    he’s gay… my friend is his x bf… bottom xa… nag meet kmi once sa party ng friend ko, friendly naman… walang bahid ng kabaklaan…nasa loob lang!

  30. shayerahol Says:

    he is really handsome. as for speculation/confirmation abt his size, well he could be a “grower”. nonetheless hes handsome n i do agree he seems like a clark kent/superman type. i do love jlu obviously.

  31. shayerahol Says:

    hes handsome. the clark kent/superman thing works for me sinc ei obviously luv jlu

  32. ejearl Says:

    is he really gay? hope to meet him.. haaaay

  33. LEY Says:

    oh, absolutely good looking guy! fortunately I’ve met him at SOP last Sunday, he’s currently working wit GMA7 fer the all male gorgeous (ba?) group something like cover boy which ABS has.. there grup called as take 5.

    inc. douglas robinson, hansen (i think he’s the lead vocal), rey, and joseph, tha remaning guys dunno what are their surnames.

  34. vince Says:

    jus ko! kasama siya sa grupong iyon? yung kumanta (or rather tumula) sa SOP last sunday? yung recorded na nga lang hindi pa ma-lip-synch nang matino?

    tumayo ang balahibo ko, i swear. ni hindi sila magaling kumanta. lalo na yung douglas! (he sounded like he was drunk and still singing in jailhaus sing-along he he). i think it would do carlos good if he leaves that group habang maaga. hindi sila TAKE 5, kasi mukhang TAKE 56 bago nila nakuha ang tono ng song. hay…

    tama na ang mga talents na wala namang talent….oxymoron di ba? pleeeeeeease lang po….. pakiusap po…….. tama na……. pleeeeease…… sa ngalan ni julie vega!

  35. aaaaa Says:

    he’s apprentice designer to the viktor jeans brand. under ino caluza. i think he’s elaving na though

  36. adana gey Says:

    hello u so cute in picture i like ur body like a sweet candy hi alam m sana wla ng clothes dapat brief lang po pra marami kang fans sana umunlad k pa po lalo

  37. Anthony Says:

    NO, Bacolod. He’s not gay. I don’t know who this fantasizing dude is. Carlos has been my classmate and a very close friend for the past few years and I can attest to his being straight. He does hang out with a lot of gay people, being a designer that he is. Problem with some gay people is that they tend to be a bit delusional sometimes. They want men so badly that they spread false rumors to fulfill their fantasies. Give the guy a break. The others are right though - Take 5 can’t perform.

  38. bacolod Says:

    Anthony… i have proof that he is indeed gay! i can post it here if you want…

  39. LEY Says:

    go! bacolod, post yer reason why he is?

  40. Angelito Says:

    can i have more of this sexy pics of carlos concepcion

  41. andrew Says:

    Uber-hot is how I feel he is. Napanood ko rin s’ya sa SOP. Parang ansarap dilaan. *Slurp*

  42. patrick Says:

    well, i feel he’s a loner. but he’s also cute but not the “WOW, the model who will last!” type.

    and for the record, that take 5 [some] group from GMA7 really can’t perform, saw them on SOP.. but they look good, only the talent would matter in the end.

    well, that’s something from me.

  43. ishtar Says:

    hahaha its amazing how stories get out of hand and people i suppose have the tendency to exaggerate things. he is definitly NOT gay. ive known him for a long time, before showbiz was even his vocabulary. he is a great guy and its nice to see he has alot of fans out there. but no bashing…;P

  44. ilovepanday Says:

    I think he’s cuter in person…he’s not photogenic nor telegenic…he looked great in person…i saw him a lot before in Gold’s Gym Makati…..he has a buddy that is also cute like him

  45. jappunk Says:

    he wears make up in the mall. Even my conservative mid- thirty office mates think he is gay. He goes out with a group of gay- looking models too. he works with the old looking gay jeans designer at Podium.

  46. chinesehunk Says:

    ang ganda nya mga ate. yun lang

  47. sph brzl Says:


  48. crush Says:

    Does he have a small tatoo on his upper back, right below his neck?

  49. joyce hottie Says:

    wow heavy. hahaha.

  50. jan Says:

    Carlos Concepcion is the grandson of Joe Concepcion. They own RFM (Swift, Selecta, etc) and Carrier. He lives in Urdaneta Village in Makati.

  51. jan Says:

    read the article about him ;)

  52. iObserve Says:

    he has a multiply site and he posted a pic where his “thing” was seen–he already removed it, but i was able to save it! haha

  53. xxxbrianxxx Says:

    i don’t thin he’s gay. he has this gf named veronica scott. the appeared in chris cayzer’s music video of i got you. she’s really pretty.

  54. harajuku Says:

    judging from his pics.. i dont think he is gay..

  55. harina Says:

    oh yeah he is cute. i heard that he is working for monaco models which is owned by bernard anacta remember the guy in the buzz with the issue of his other model andrew wolff. andrew is cute also. i heard also that kian and robert of pbb are models of monaco.

  56. jennicka Says:

    hey iObserve… can you e mail me the pictures that you got pls.. pls.. pls.. i really really love carlos… pls e mail his pictures to me at tnx i will wait for it…

  57. rj Says:

    epek sya even if he’s gay, i dont mind de va?

  58. joy.c Says:

    he’s so damnnn hot && sexy..

    -uhh.. so he’s gay??

    damnn.. hope not =P

  59. flip Says:

    He’s not gay… He has a girlfriend… Seen the girl on his site! And he is a member of Take 5 - a regular mainstay of SOP… :)

  60. Einar Ingebrigsten, desirable dude | manila gay guy Says:

    […] like punchline honcho Joel McVie. Einar was the Mossimo Bikini Summit winner in 2005, the same year Carlos Concepcion and Ramon del Prado […]

  61. Sure Says:

    jappunk Says:
    February 9th, 2007 at 11:00 am

    he wears make up in the mall. Even my conservative mid- thirty office mates think he is gay. He goes out with a group of gay- looking models too.

    ____he works with the old looking gay jeans designer at Podium._____

    SINO naman designer na yan?

  62. Carlos Concepcion, lovely boy | manila gay guy Says:

    […] a lovely boy this Carlos Concepcion! Thanks to “Mark” an MGG reader who sent me Take 5’s pictures. Continue on for […]

  63. monsour abraham Says:

    nice body but underwear is flat.I mean,no “iskol bukol” eh.dyotay vah !

  64. bongy Says:

    Not more than a sigle word I can say, Carlos is AWESOME

  65. Marlon Says:

    hes terribly hot!!! i love him soo m,uch!!!

  66. baldo Says:

    ang ganda ng katawan nya! infairness…… sana ako rin ganyan.

  67. mark Says:

    nice face kya lang mukhang maliit.. hahahha

  68. rye Says:

    saw him today at makati cinema square buying pirated dvds. he was wearing shorts, gray tank top and vans. and with a guy, probably a fellow designer. the tindera was calling him “pogi” haha

  69. michael Says:

    wow Carlos what a hottie

  70. michael Says:

    carlos has great looking abs

  71. Tats Marquez Says:

    Yummy dude!

  72. Joel Pierre Says:

    HE. IS. GAY.


    Need evidence? Here.

  73. paul Says:

    too bitchy wd his testi at his guys4men account!sayang!

  74. Nika Says:

    Hmmm… So siya pala ang karelasyon ni Victor basa…. gwaping naman pala

  75. danish Says:


  76. jm Says:

    nabasa ko sa abante na binisita ni victor si carlos sa set ng sop! ang sweet naman!!! kaloka in fairness… bagay sila!

  77. Propel Says:

    Sus! Ang dali dali gumawa ng g4m profile at mag grab ng pics on-line para ilagay dun! Walang kwenta rin ang verification level kuno. He’s not gay. My gaydar never fails.

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