Atom Araullo, beauty and brains

Atom was a child TV personality but is now a yummy-licious hunk — and not just any goodlooking hunk. He is the ultimate beauty and brains hunk. Read on, Atom is Manila Gay Guy’s hunk of the week! Oh, the sexiness of a beautiful mind!

AtomAlfonso Tomas Pagaduan Araullo, better known as Atom Araullo (born October 19, 1982) is a television personality, sportsman, and activist in the Philippines.

He is the second and youngest child of Carol Pagaduan Araullo, a medical doctor and an activist, and Miguel Araullo, an engineer. Both of his parents were both activists during the Marcos regime. His elder sister, Sandra, is an Applied Physics professor in the University of the Philippines and is also a member of the Philippines’ triathlon team.

Araullo spent most of his early childhood days with his parents battling it out during the Marcos regime and dictatorship. This has exposed him to the political struggle in the country. During his early elementary school days, his parents exposed him to sports and the theater. He also joined various competitions as a triathlete. He also became part of several plays.

He also is a well-known television show host. As a child, he has been one of the anchors for the children’s show 5 and Up. At present, he is a regular host for the youth-oriented show Kabataan News Network (KNN), as well as Studio 23’s morning show, Breakfast. Atom is musically inclined and he knows how play the flute. He also is a talented writer. In fact, one of his essays won him a trip to Africa. Atom also loves photography and is often seen during rallies and mobilizations with his camera in handy.

Atom graduated from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics. During his stay in the university, he has been active in political alliances and has served as a councilor in the university student council. He also was an editor for his college’s publication for a year. (Text from Araullo, beauty and brains  digg:Atom Araullo, beauty and brains  spurl:Atom Araullo, beauty and brains  newsvine:Atom Araullo, beauty and brains  furl:Atom Araullo, beauty and brains  reddit:Atom Araullo, beauty and brains  fark:Atom Araullo, beauty and brains  Y!:Atom Araullo, beauty and brains


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14 Responses to “Atom Araullo, beauty and brains”

  1. bryan Says:

    Sus, open secret na sa UP that Atom is gay. Ang balita nga, mas guwapo pa sa kaniya yung bf niya.

  2. kurara_chibana Says:

    ^ i heard that rumor too from my blockmates and they’re 100% positive that it’s true. and to think that he’s being linked daw to patty laurel! the nerve! magpakatotoo ka na ineng atom!

    btw, do you know who his bufra is? app. physics din ba sya?

  3. troyboy Says:

    At this day and age, it doesn’t matter. It makes him actually more desirable since there is a cloud of mystery about his sexuality. Go pareng Atom! Pa-kiss!!

  4. what_boys_want Says:

    Yeah, its an open secret in UPD that he’s gay…but right now, sila na ni Patty Laurel (another co-host in Breakfast). Hmm, bisexual, anyone?

  5. atomicgirl Says:

    i’m not so sure about this though. i think what_boys_want is true: that he’s with patty laurel at present.

  6. Shirtless Atom Araullo | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] When Beauty and Brains Atom Araullo was featured in this blog, some readers said it was an open secret in U.P. (where he graduated) that Atom is gay. Well, seems everyone in showbiz has been rumored gay so that is not so surprising. I remember one American visitor I met some years back — yes he’s openly gay — he facilitated a discussion in a corporate team of which I was a member of. During the break, I told him in such a hush-hush way that I was gay, and he said “I figured you’re too cute and too smart not to be gay!” That gave me a good laugh! I echo the same: Atom is so perfect, beauty, brains — he must be one of us! Hehehe! Well, so much for this, let’s just get on with shirtless photos of this guy. […]

  7. cast Says:

    hey migs. do you have the latest nude or semi nude pictures of daniel radcliffe? i think there pictures circulating and they’re from a London play “equus”.

  8. andrew Says:

    Ang sarap ni Daniel Radcliffe ngayon. Binata na. Lalakeng-lalake na ang hitsura n’ya. Gone are the Harry Potter days.

    (From Atom to Daniel. Why not. Hehe!) :P

  9. mita Says:

    hay naku, hindi open secret sa UP yun
    isa yun sa mga kwentong galing sa mga taong KUNWARI maraming alam na pinagpasapasahan na sa buong campus
    since super convincing mag-deliver yung mga tsismosa, pag may nakwentuhang freshie akala nung freshie totoo na

  10. chester Says:

    i really admire his charm everytime i watch him in studio 23’s breakfast show… there’s just something sexy with his facial hair…

    would anyone know how i could reach him? if he’s really bi, then maybe he would consider having an affair with an atenean…

  11. UchihaMadara Says:

    Cute talaga ni Atom. B.t.w isa na sya sa mga field reporter ng ABS-CBN particularly sa TV Patrol.

  12. kobe Says:

    well i think he’s a real cuty, straight or not. if he is not then thats good news for us. i mean look at him guapo na matalino pa.. hwta more could u ask for. i like that he is a rebel too (syempre UP grad)that adds up to his quality’s. he’s just the right mix of good boy meets bad… and his facial hair is sooo damn hot….hahaha…!!!

  13. pepron Says:

    if he’s gay, thank God!May chance lahat tayo sa kanya…gooooo!

  14. rodier Says:

    i like janvier better.

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