Cagayan de Oro’s Gay Fascination

Previously I published in this blog how our dear Philippines ranks highest in Google Trends for the country with the highest propensity for searching the terms gay sex, masturbation, and cybersex.

Just recently, by tinkering the same Google tool I discovered that you can zoom in on one country and see which cities rank the highest propensity for searching certain terms. I tried different combinations, and somehow the results were kind of predictable, and the cities do not vary that much. Until I tried the term, oh what else, “gay.” I was quite surprised how Cagayan de Oro managed to burst out of the pack and exhibit outstanding propensity ratings. Here’s a screenshot of the Google Trends results.


Again, tell me, does this mean people in Cagayan de Oro has some kind of fascination with gays? Hmmm…. maybe we should watch out for CDO Gay Guy? Hehehe.

Anyone reading this from Cagayan de Oro? I’m not picking on you guys, just stating an objective finding. I’m interested to know, what do you think of this?

Or anyone, from Cagayan de Oro or otherwise, who can offer his/her opinion? de Oro's Gay Fascination  digg:Cagayan de Oro's Gay Fascination  spurl:Cagayan de Oro's Gay Fascination  newsvine:Cagayan de Oro's Gay Fascination  furl:Cagayan de Oro's Gay Fascination  reddit:Cagayan de Oro's Gay Fascination  fark:Cagayan de Oro's Gay Fascination  Y!:Cagayan de Oro's Gay Fascination


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16 Responses to “Cagayan de Oro’s Gay Fascination”

  1. cliff Says:

    hi!!! would just like to share some comments on ur piece… i think the google tool does not use an “exact-word” match. if u’ve noticed ‘gay’ is within the word ‘ca-GAY-an’

  2. manila gay guy Says:

    hi sir cliff… that’s a smart one there :) you may be right… hehehe.

  3. JUnjie Says:

    Hello to all of out there! I think that chart is unfair! Bakit nakita nyo ba? Hindi naman aahh. That’s is wrong. Hope you understand….

  4. PAXson Says:

    There are a lot of gay people in Cagayan de Oro. In fact there are now two gay bars in the city! The first one open 2 years ago. Though I would not also dismiss Cliffs theory that the word GAY in CaGAYan could be the culprit.

    Despite the number of gay people in Cagayan de Oro, the city remains conservative and a bit homophobic.

  5. LEO Says:

    hi, i am from cagayan de oro. i think what CLIFF said has some merit. but i have to admit that there are a lot of gay persons in CDO (cagayan de oro). Madami kang makikita na OUT na talaga, but i think mas marami yung nagtatago pa… i visited a gay-site once, there was a number of members from cagayan de oro. but as Paxson said, cdo is still one conservative city. Kahit pa, inilabas sa news na number din ito sa drug cases… hehehe

  6. hippo Says:

    I am a closeted man (just because i hate the stereotypical scene)from cagayandeoro..and i must say..and always felt that the gay population according to density is highest in cdo. manila has 13million ppl with a little gay corner in malate.. cebu has no gay bar.. while cdo with a population of maybe a million has two..that must stand for something..

  7. PAXson Says:

    Hippo, Cebu City had its first gay bar around 1994 and was named Bird Cage after the Bird Cage movie. In fact the Navigator Gay bar in Cagayan de Oro is a branch of Navigator Cebu which is located in Mandaue. There are other gay bars operating in Cebu. As for Cagayan de Oro’s population, it is only around 500,000. BTW there was already a gay bar in Cagayan de Oro in the mid 1990’s but was closed down after a month of operations. For more info email at

  8. qwerty Says:

    Wow!!! really??? sure na ba to??? di ba kaya mas known ang cdo sa scandal… tulad nalang ng The BIR scandal pictures. review mo kaya ulit… kasi in just 1 and a half year naka 3 scandals na in a row ang CDO… diba mas sikat yun… hehehe

  9. bORGY Says:

    hi there.. im from cdo and im in cebu now. in CDO, there are a lot of “closed/private” cubicles cafe wherein gay/guy could do the ‘private show’. however, since im new here in cebu and i havent explored cebu beyond expectations but so far i dont find cafe the same as CDO. but definitely cebu has ‘navigator’ somewhere in mandaue and the other one in ramos. (but i havent been there. someday hehe)and for gay channel in cebu, there’s no difference. the people are ‘hot’ as CDO.

  10. inday_garalgal Says:

    dugay na kamo cebu tonto pa gihapon! damo gaybar didto…. unum naa!

  11. Jay Says:

    people who made comments to cdo im gonna ask you if have you been here already! Kasi if ala pa then better to keep ur mouth shut. Try to evaluate the city your living in baka mas masahol pa sa daga ang pinag gagawa ng mga tao jan! Hinay hinay lang po sa pag comment kasi baka kainin kayo ng lupa!

  12. bluepink Says:

    whats wrong with that Jay, they are only trying to assess gay people, interest by country and cities in the Philippines. Ayaw mo nun, rank number 1 kayo, hahha, mga closet queens

  13. bluepink Says:

    This site is really an intellectual avenue for exchanging insights and mayby experiences

  14. Andrian Says:

    First & foremost, being here in London for 3 years now and had been extremely curious on how gay life has been doing in the Philippines, I just recently found this website. And without a doubt in mind, I higly find Mig’s blogs as credibly commendable. Kudos indeed.

    Anyhow, the way i see it — considering I am from CdO, there is nothing wrong if my dearly beloved homecity ranks first in it’s fascination for everything gay. For all i care being nurtured here gay and all, I for one could not say that CdO is a homophobic place. There may be certain sectors of society that may tend to be on the conservative wing (like any other place), but i definitely could conclude that CdO is absolutely gay-friendly — perhaps that’s why people may seem fascinated by it.

    Another justification that I could add about this matter is that, eventhough CdO maybe a premature metropolis in bloom — there had and has been gays in bloom (no pun intended) eversince. Way back in university whenever we see High school gay students or even as young as elementary, my friends & I just refer to them as the “Generation Next” in the making.

    In ending, let me just say, so what if CdO ranked number 1 in the Philippines with the fascination for gays… we’re the most gay friendly city that i know of. I just hope that in the near future the city will host it’s very own CdO Pride march.

    Migs more power again to such a novelty piece of a website.

  15. Ryan Says:

    For the past 3 years, I’ve been in and out of cdo(part of my job). It was in cdo that i discovered PARASAT chat TV. It was also in CDO that I met a lot of friendly open and descreet gay people.
    Punta ka lang sa Site or sa X-cite and even sa Divisoria plaza at night time, dami dun.
    But what I just really want to tell anyone is, there’s nothing wrong naman kung #1 nga ang CDO, ryt?

  16. Yor Says:

    To Bluepink, I think Jay’s reaction is quite common. If I will make generalizations, it’s because it does happen that people react the way Jay reacted. If someone fr the south especially CdO says he’s fr CdO, & the person he’s talking to is fr Luzon & let’s say Manileño, the invariable reaction of that fellow fr CdO goes something like this: Excuse me CdO is a city & most people there live better than you people here in Mla. I am Manileño but I don’t think people fr the province should throw to my face the poverty of Mla w/c is not in question anyway. I have travelled around the country North to South; For some reason, people in the visayas or people who speak the visayan dialect are prone to do this than any other ethnic group. I get this reaction when I have not done any negative comments on them. They are quick to point that out because they seem to make itas their advocacy.

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