White Bird in Baclaran

Let me share with you a secret, deep and dark

Everytime I pass by Roxas Boulevard, yes that Roxas Boulevard in the Baclaran area, I always salivatingly wonder, what’s inside that bar called White Bird (WB)? Yes dear readers, I’ve been fantasizing about that place since I heard a friend so casually mention that you can literally see birds, huge and beautiful, inside WB. Surfing through the net today, I found some hints. Let’s listen to Ajay,

Between us girls (and gays), the guys at WB are really well-built and good-looking. My foreign friends agree so too.

Yahoooo! So my lusting to get into WB has some merits naman pala.

A French guy wrote in Sticky Rice in 2003:

On weeknights around 40 boys are dancers at White Bird. Around 50 are there on Friday and Saturday. This is the top bar in the city, and the dancers have good bodies. Dancers are rated A, B and C, and White Bird has only A boys. Each, in turn, does a solo macho dance. The bar pays the dancer 500 Pesos per dance. Dancers can expect to dance three times in an evening.

And then I peeked into Pinoy Exchange and saw another comment on WB:

(by PEx user Talipandas9)…Try also White Bird along Roxas Boulevard near Baclaran Church (very expensive but has a lot of good looking guys. Tables here have different price tags.)

I really have to try this place! Promise, I will let you know once I get the chance. So for now? I’ll use my imagination.

(White Bird is located at 715 Roxas Boulevard, Paranaque - Tel.851-2088 - from Julian Bernardo’s Geocities site.)

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6 Responses to “White Bird in Baclaran”

  1. vince Says:

    i have been to white bird and although it’s true that there are a lot of foreigners i do not agree that all the guys are ‘class A’. went there with a friend from orange county (fil born, anerican bred gay dude) and he was quite impressed with a handful of the men, not ALL of them. i do remember there was this short (around 5′5″) guy with a muscular body and he did have a very, very, very big dick (7″) and boy was it hard and thick… there was also this seemingly heterosexual (one male and one female) middle-aged japanese couple who were ’sharing’ a guy. weird. anyway, to see is to believe but if quality of men are to be a basis, then i think gigolo (at the back abs-cbn) is better…

  2. Ram Says:

    Due to curiousity… me and couple of friends went to the place last month and indeed… we saw no white bird… but BIG BIRDS! If you plan to go there, make it a weekend so the eyes can catch plenty of these beautiful birds. Take note! Not all birds can freely seen. Only the guys who have the guts do that!

    Here’s some other info for your reference.

    1.Initial fee is at P1000 (consummable).
    Entrance fee is at P150-guys/P200 girls.
    Drinks at P90 - P100 per bottle/glass.
    Depends on the drink (serves juices/beer/ice tea). Also sells pulutans (P100 and up) from peanuts to sizzlings.

    2. They also have regular staffs (in plain uniforms) who give massages. THESE ARE NOT FOR FREE. In return, you need to give them “tips” (usually P50 and up). You can decline if asked of this service.

    3. If you want to be accompanied by any of the dancers, you’ll just ask any of the floor managers and they’ll get the guy you picked. You can also check out the rest of the dancers through a window of a room/lounge where the dancers hang-out while waiting for their turn on stage or to be “tabled” by a customer. Of course, if you’ll do that, you must buy them their “GUY’S DRINK” which will hurt your pocket the most. A bottle/glass cost P400 and usually, the drink is good for an hour maximum (that means it’s either you buy them again or you’ll let them go already).
    My advise is to maximize the chat. Some dancers would really take advantage and try to finish their drinks as early as possible.
    And if you’re a smoker, try to bring your own pack since cigarettes inside are also expensive.

    4. There are designated areas in the club where you can chat with the dancers but these areas are with price tags. Meaning, they will refer an area based on the amount you initially paid or you want to consume.

    5. Lastly, they will add 10% on your total bill (entrance+drinks+guy’s drink+food) for the service charge. OUCH!

    I just hope I was able to give clear info bout the place. Just trying to help.

    Thanks and ENJOY!

  3. Ricky Says:

    same here…out of curiousity. I went to Whitebird last October 2006 and I’ve spent a fortune just to hang out with a guy who gave me nothing but boring chats. I can’t believe i spent Php 4,500 that night, i must have been drunk. LOL. But anyways, i must say the birds are big. If you wanna play with the birds upclose, try the front seats! Dancers would usually go down there for some hot lap dance. Of course, front seats costs more than the regular lounge. My advice, during lap dance try to grab the bird (believe me dancers don’t mind).

  4. tricia Says:

    last time i have been there in whitebird in baclaran… i thought that there’s a lot of good looking guy…. since i’ve been there a couple of year. so when i was to go there i really dissapointed because there’s a lot of guys now aren’t cute or we can say that he’s not a class A!!!! Damn I really shock for what i’ve seen!!! coz lots of them are ugly and “mukhang matanda na”..i’ll make you straight to the point…. kokonti na lang ang cute sa wb!!!! this are the guys na medyo matagal na sa wb. they said that the models of wb has ” may mga kamukha na artista”. i can give you a list of names that are Class A…
    1) Uno - this guy is the very cute for me!!! he’s face looks very young!!!!
    2) Mike - this guy is not cute but he is very handsome. i thought that this guy was a former “that’s Entertainment member” in short he is former showbiz personalities… he has good built!!! and also i think he is the one has big DICK… but for your info.. he is not showing his dick while he is dancing… he do only a sexy dance!!!!
    3)Echo - he is look-a-like of emilio garcia…. he is cute also…
    4)Daix - this guy i can say that he is not cute nor handsome but he had “maporma looks”. He puts a lots of make up on his face!!!!
    5)Jomar - He is handsome but he had an attitude… He is MAYABANG!!! Feeling Superstar!!!
    …. this are the guys that until now are working there in wb that you can say that they are class A!!! if you had not been there in a couple of year you miss a lot of good looking guys that you can say he is a class A… i can give you some names so you can had an idea… Michael, JP, Vaness, EJ, Ace, JR, and i dont remember some names that i can say that is cute… but this guys that you missed it!!!!

  5. whie Says:

    yup ive been to this place siguro mga 10 times or more na.. i make it to the point na walang makakakilala sa akin hehehe 480.00 ang price ng guys dito 90 ang drinks JP ang pinaka fave dancer ko dito and siyempre si UNO wow wow hehehe

  6. kate Says:

    ive been to this place also many times! well what can i say, hmm if you want to enjoy you can go to wb its a nice place for fun but only for fun mahirap na baka maaddict ka pa bcoz of the guys! theres a lot of cute guys but d naman sobra mga gwapings. i recommend uno hes very cute but he’s a little soplado pero ok sya and also warren he’s cute also and malambing pero syempre if uno is availlable i recommend pa rin sya sobra cute hehehe! i love you uno hahaha!

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