I got a Braziliano Praia!


Someone gifted me with a Braziliano Praia!

It’s the black-sole, white-strap type. The wrap-around strap style is so sexy! I guess my favorite Crocs would have to rest once in a while to give way to this.


I’ve tried it on, and I noticed the way the strap hugs all 5 of my toes neatly close together — it’s so telling, and subtly saying I’m such a classy gay guy! Hahaha! Thank you, friend, for such a nice advanced birthday gift!

For more info about the Braziliano Praia, you may go to their site here.

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19 Responses to “I got a Braziliano Praia!”

  1. genre Says:

    I got the same thing Migs! Color and all! Yes, I agree it looks classy :-)

  2. blue_harajuku Says:

    hmmm still a spartan fan here… lol

  3. anton maton Says:

    MIGS … meron kang CROCS?!!!! *shudders* *shudders*

    bading na anti-crocs,

    anton maton

  4. JHVRothschild Says:

    I’m just not a sandals person at all. I prefer my Manolo pumps. Charing!

  5. fioux Says:

    Gifted is an adjective and sometimes used as an adverb or a noun. NOT a verb po. “Gifted” is not a word.

  6. AJ Says:

    i’m actually wearing one right now migs! it’s the baby blue sole with white straps! i’ve had this for more than a month already i think…i don’t use it often cuz sumasakit yung pinkie toes ko after a full day wearing it and i also find it hard to match with my clothes! any suggestions on what color would go with baby blue???

  7. Marko Says:

    I just don’t understand why people wear those hideous crocs!!! Please Migs… donate those “creatures” to the salvation army…. :)

  8. jkhay Says:

    ang cute nya…. i appreciate it,, how much does it cost????? hehehehe dont have an idea

  9. mao Says:

    how much does a pair costs?

    kapresyo din ng havaianas o kasingmahal ng crocs?

    just curious.. i wanna get one myself. if i can afford it! hahaha

  10. Tony Says:

    SRP for a pair of beatles is 990PHP. I have 3 pairs myself! Blue, Red and Black&White. Meron rin ako nung “mountain” style! Oo, addict ako sa flip flops…..

  11. jim Says:

    ang mahal cguro nyan pero cute sya

  12. AJ Says:

    i got my beatles for Php995 :) mas mahal ng Php5 dito sa cebu hehehe ;) i’m not into flipflops that much but this one i like cuz it’s not like your ordinary tsinelas…i hope they come up with more colors

  13. question Says:

    my god those are so last year
    the ones they sell here in manila, like the one that you have, have been out since last last year or early last year.

  14. taylor Says:

    i just wonder how people can wear crocs in manila, eh super init diyan. di sobra sweaty ang feet. i do love crocs tho’, yes, they are hideous, marco but they are super comfortable.

  15. Sarahdine Says:

    I think mas maganda pa ang Havaianas.

  16. Nadriamez Says:

    nalala ko nung bata ako at nahumaling sa rambo sandals :-)

  17. kalachuchi Says:

    i agree @Sarahdine

    they both look the same with hav, and i still love my hav.

    mas na cu cute-an ako sa mga design ng hav eh.. my fave right now is the silver ed of brasil…

    wala lang..
    Crocs kasi ang hirap bagayan, or *no offense* but mas kadalasan bagay sa medyo may bigat..

    ngayon ko lang narinig ang praia kasi.. =)

  18. LonesomeGayGuy Says:

    gosh, those sandals are for Amazon creeps only! yaks!!!!

  19. JM Says:

    I have crocs the open sandal type, its so soft. I bought it last march when the only outlet is in rustans. By the way Crocs has many style so better check it out before you judge, the one many abhor is the close toe type but they are cute on children.

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