It started with my cousin…

(For the newbies: this post is part of the Tiburcio Series. It’s some kind of a “Dear Migs” thing… with a letter/email sender and all… Read the previous installments from the archives.)

Dear Migs, this feeling, errr…. confusion started a good number of years ago. I was 14 then. One summer day, my Amboy cousin from the province (who was vacationing with us here in Manila) and I were the only ones left in the house. The night before we slept really late due to a loooong “Nintendo Family Computer” session (remember this?). Thus we woke up rather late the next day, around 3 PM. Because there was nothing to do, and we wanted a breather from the Family Computer, we decided to watch a VHS tape lying around in the living room (yes, there were no DVDs yet back then). The tape was entitled “Tapestry of Passion” — see I can still remember it — and yes, it was porn.

After the usual nervous laughter, and several minutes through the movie, we suddenly fell silent. I quickly glanced at him, and saw he was quite intent with what we were watching. I did not dare stare for fear that he might get weirded out. A few minutes more I felt he put his sweaty arms around my shoulder (inakbayan ako)… it was warm, no, hot! I was not wearing a shirt then, just my shorts, because the summer heat was cruel. He whispered something. For a moment I felt extremely confused. But I knew I wanted to experience it. And it happened. **(I am censoring the details here, as this site ain’t a porn/erotica site. But I’m sure you know what happened. ~Migs)**

Afterwards as if nothing transpired. We both pulled up our shorts, he went out to buy something — cigarettes, I think. I went straight to the shower. I consciously buried that memory in the deepest recesses of my brains. I was successful. Nothing was mentioned ever again, even during the times my cousin and I would be together, going out, partying, etc. Nothing. As if it never happened. And I was silently glad.

Until… the memory resurfaced some 10 years after, my cousin now married and have migrated to the States. In fact Amboy has nothing to do with it. The culprit was my girlfriend’s guy friend.

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