Big Papa ain’t so big afterall

It’s past noon and I just woke up — was at Big Papa last night. Yes, that gay bar in front of KIA in Pasay just off Tramo. It was nothing spectacular. Entrance fee was Php250 (non-consummable), and each customer is required to order 2 drinks at least — SanMig Light was at Php130 each, so yes it was kind of a rip-off. Each dance routine of the macho dancers was the same as the previous one, and the same as the next, except for one macho dancer who bumped his head on the stage for overzealousness, a great comic relief in a set of boring body gyrations. Nothing much to say but I thought there were more eye candies in Adonis. One of my uber excited companions wasn’t too happy too when we left the place. I can’t blame him, he lives right across Gigolo in Timog Avenue. Papa ain't so big afterall  digg:Big Papa ain't so big afterall  spurl:Big Papa ain't so big afterall  newsvine:Big Papa ain't so big afterall  furl:Big Papa ain't so big afterall  reddit:Big Papa ain't so big afterall  fark:Big Papa ain't so big afterall  Y!:Big Papa ain't so big afterall


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7 Responses to “Big Papa ain’t so big afterall”

  1. Lyka Bergen Says:

    Nahilo ba sa kabadingan ang nauntog na Macho Dancer. Mag-komedyante na lang kaya sya?

  2. dorky Says:

    I haven’t been to a gay bar for quite some time now. Almost 6 months to be eact. I was trying to be a good boy.

    But last week, me and my friends met up and went to three gaybars. Why three? The first one was boring so we left after 20 mins. Second was simply filthy so we got up and went. And the third was pathetic. We ended up in Coffee Bean and actually had a fun time just talking of over coffee.

    The “macho dancers” aren’t macho anymore. Ke-tataba! Sabi nga namin, dapat “chubby dancers” ang tawag sa kanila. Meron ding ke-papayat. Maganda pa ang katawan ko… at hindi ako gorgeous masyado ha! And their dance, it ain’t that exciting anymore. More like senseless movements trying to pass off as choreography.

    Frustrating. This is the word that best describes our evening at the bars. I’d much rather watch boys playing basketball in a village court. Gone are the days of cute, yummy dancers.

    Meron ka pa rin namang makikitang guwapo at yummy na mga macho dancers… pero parang mga bangag. Kung hindi naman bangag, mas maarte at mayabang pa sa tagak na nakatung-tong sa kalabaw.

    That’s why I just stay home during weekends and watch myself girate in front of the mirror. Naaliw na ako, naka-exercise pa ako. Ha ha ha.

    Gorgeous macho dancers… where have you all gone to? Nasaan na kayo?

  3. dorky Says:

    Ay! Mali ang spelling ko ng girate. GYRATE dapat. Ang shonga ko. sorry.

  4. fiona Says:

    Ummm…meron p nmn ntitirang mga cute dancers.. iv been 2 gigolo l8ly lng, and a nmber of them is yummy prin..

  5. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Hindi pa ako nakakapunta sa gaybar waaaah!! I want!!

  6. peterpic Says:

    i used to go to big papa myself. even during the time when they were still on the ground floor. about early this year, they had really great shows. the dancers were exremely beautiful samples of manhood. and so were their manhoods. they were all required to perform at least one number all the way (buck naked) and even had production numbers with the impersonators surrounded by hard-ons.

    about two months ago, i went back expecting the same. i was veru disappointed. all the beautiful dancers were gone (some say they moved to white bird or gigolo) and none of those there showed anything. i asked the gay PRO and she said it was because the police were closely watching them now. maybe they forgot to pay. hehehehe.

    bottom line, the shows there now are no longer worth the price they still charge.

  7. Ghel Says:

    Been there once, no plans to go back.

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