Chikahan with Gay Idol Vince, pt.1


Vincent de Jesus is the lyricist, composer, and musical director of the phenomenal Filipino musical Zsazsa Zaturnnah ze muzical. (And he is also a regular MGG reader! He is the guy in pink at the rightmost of the photo above.) What I like about Vince is that while he is totally talented and multi-awarded he has remained a disciplined artist and worker; he is intelligent and witty, yet with a big, big heart (the main reason I super love Zaturnnah ze Muzical is the meaningfulness and heart of its songs). Inspiring, to say the least. The Troikasters — Gibbs, McVie, and I — thus decided to invite Vince as our guest for this podcast episode. Since Gibbs is the recognized theater expert among the Troikasters, he led the discussion, which turned out to be more of a fun conversation among gay men rather than an interview. Of course hindi nagpaawat si Mcvie, himself being once a stage actor too! So expect me to be just in the sidelines (that’s why I managed to snap some photos) in this podcast.

I invite you to eavesdrop in this chikahan galore that goes from Zaturnnah inside stories to Vince’s love story to being an OFW, etcetera, etcetera!

To listen, press the PLAY button here:

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Part 2 (continuation) coming soon! Watch out for it! with Gay Idol Vince, pt.1  digg:Chikahan with Gay Idol Vince, pt.1  spurl:Chikahan with Gay Idol Vince, pt.1  newsvine:Chikahan with Gay Idol Vince, pt.1  furl:Chikahan with Gay Idol Vince, pt.1  reddit:Chikahan with Gay Idol Vince, pt.1  fark:Chikahan with Gay Idol Vince, pt.1  Y!:Chikahan with Gay Idol Vince, pt.1


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33 Responses to “Chikahan with Gay Idol Vince, pt.1”

  1. Luo lan Says:

    I enjoyed this podcast episode the most hehehe. Nakaka-bitin nga kasi ang saya-saya ng usapan. I’m excited for the 2nd part.

  2. KittyQT Says:

    It doesn’t seem FAIR. We see the three of them except the looks of the now famous MGG’s MIGS!!! screeeeeech!!!
    Mga MGG readers, panahon na para ipakita ang tunay na beauty ni MIGS (endorser of Olay) lol!

  3. neon Says:

    sana may libreng tiket. actually di ko pa siya napapanood kuya migs.

  4. vincedejesus Says:

    May picture ako ni Migs. For sale to the highest bidder.

  5. jholou Says:

    great to know one’s life(i mean tid bits of it)…more power to vincent and the life and work that he has…

    this is what i notice that we really are evolving…i mean we have accepted who we are and as well as people around us…and it never matter who and to whom we offer our love…this is one of the greatest achievements of homo sapiens sapiens…

  6. McVie Says:

    Vince, ikaw picture. Ako, I will KIDNAP Migs and sell him to the highest bidder. Your turn, Gibbs.

  7. Ace Says:

    It sounds like you guys were having a lot of fun (I really should learn more Tagalog). As for Vince, it is good to hear from such a talented,accomplished and well-adjusted person. May you’ll have many more successful project to come.

    Yes, Vince and McVie, do start the bid for Migs’ picture or person.:)You know what they say, everybody has a price.:)

  8. kumagka Says:

    haha very funny ang number na toh. vincent kerry talga ang pagsagot kakatawa. where’s MIG in the pics nang mahusgahan na. jk :)

  9. jholou Says:

    cge nga…ill start wid Php199.95 hahhahhahha

  10. margs Says:

    all this talk about zsa zsa zaturnnah is gettin me excited to watch you play ada tito/a(?) vince!! can’t wait!!

  11. vincedejesus Says:

    Aayusin ko muna sa photoshop ang picture ni migs bago ko ibenta ng P199.95. Naku… baka tampalin ako sa fes ni migs.


  12. jholou Says:

    bwahahahhaahah wala na ba iba magbid??? hoi asan na kayo!!! hmmmfttttttttt

  13. Misterhubs Says:

    Vince is hilarious. :)

  14. McVie Says:

    Naku Vince, paano ko ba papantayan ang pagfo-Photoshop mo? Hmmmmmm… siguro hayaan ko munang mag-take effect ang Olay Total Effects bago ko kidnapin si Migs. Pag mas beauty ang kidnap victim, mas mahal ang presyo.

  15. josh Says:

    Cge i’ll bid P250, nghehhee.

    @Vince - ur one great artist, hope may makasama ko makanuod ng ZsaZsa Saturna musical kc di ko pa sya napapanuod :(
    @mcvie … la lang, hi lang :)

  16. josh Says:

    though i know i’d seen migs sa Bar Uno when i went der,,, or c nabung yung nakita ko :) :(

  17. mickey Says:

    vince, pa autograph naman ng CD ko ng zaturnnah. I bought tickets for the July 1 matinee in RCBC :-)

  18. vincedejesus Says:

    Hi mickey.

    Hindi ako ang ADA sa 3pm show sa July 1. Evening show po ako. Pero andun din naman ako chumichika sa lobby kaya tawagin mo na lang ako para chika portion tayo pare. Tawagin mo ako ng “Pst… teh.”


  19. chriscapade Says:

    kalowka talaga! aliw ang podcast mo Papa Migs! panalo.
    panalo ka rin kuya vince.. di ko alam nakasama mo pala tita May ko dati.

  20. KittyQT Says:

    Meoooooow, at may bidding na!?!

    Naku, at sisikat pa ang lola ko pag-nag-reach ito sa e-bay…And it started with Olay!!!

    Hmmmm….next bid at Php300.00?

  21. Kai Says:

    Is he the guy from Phil’s Next Top Model?

  22. jholou Says:

    aba aba abacadaegahailamanangao….tumataas na ang bid…cge bid uli me… Php300.00 plus 1bot of olay total effects!!!

    take it take it

  23. jholou Says:

    kai uve got a nice blog…its really great…

    anyways,,,back to bidding…

  24. dan Says:

    ke gibbs ako mgbbid :p

  25. jholou Says:

    ayan may magbbid k juday este paula a.k.a. gibbs…

    go start na ang bading este bidding bwehehehehhehehehehhehe

  26. jholou Says:

    dan estatchu ung may gusto at naka date n miggs noon???f i cud remember nasa post un dito e…kung kaw ung dan na un…

  27. dan Says:

    nope, thats a totally diff dan, im like the yet-to-be-discovered dan :p do you know the guys personally jholou? :)

  28. jholou Says:

    ah awkie gokongwie…cno cnong mga guys ba dan???witch is witch???hahhahahhahahahah

  29. KittyQT Says:

    Ahahay jholou, tayo lang ba ang may gustong mag-pa-post ng picture ni Migs dito sa MGG?

    What about the rest of MGG readers, gusto niyong MissTery si Migs?

    Go girls, bid na!!!!

  30. jholou Says:

    KittyQT e asan bid mo?????

    last bid is Php300.00 plus 1bot olay total effects … go once…


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  33. El Guapito Says:

    i i also have that pink shirt! :D

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