Migs interviews Janvier Daily

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(Janvier Daily played the character of Dodong — alternating with the veteran Dodong, Arnold Reyes — in the 4th rerun of Zsazsa Zaturnnah ze Muzical.)

Upon seeing Janvier’s photos, MGG readers mostly comment about how Pinoy- and astig-looking he is; truth is, Janvier is only half-Pinoy (his father is Irish) and he has this very shy demeanor that puzzles me to no end — I think to myself, with that dashing good looks, how can one still afford to be shy?

On the evening of our interview, as we walked that short distance between Tanghalang Batute at the CCP to Harbor Square’s Starbucks, I noticed how people we passed by didn’t fail to stare in awe at the hunky guy I was with. I tell you, that’s how striking Janvier is in person. More striking, however, was when we started talking.

In the coffee shop, he was seated just an arm’s length away from me. At first it felt more like 100 meters — he was like a little creature inside his shell, and was hard opening up. And so even when I told him I wanted it to be more of a conversation rather than an interview, it still felt like I was a stranger talking to another stranger. The interview wore on for another half hour, and I didn’t feel him warming up — he was his same shy self, his replies peppered with “po” and “opo,” (to which I responded with “Uy, Janvier magka-age lang tayo!”). He was answering my questions in short shy dribbles, just enough so I can come up with either a follow up, or another new question. Then something divine happened that changed the whole mood of the interview, and made it more like conversation between friends.

(To be continued…)

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10 Responses to “Migs interviews Janvier Daily”

  1. Little Fish Says:

    Haaaaaaay! Janvier can smile! Love it…Miggs, kilig ako to death.

  2. neon Says:


  3. sire_lee Says:

    welll he really is nice. mahiyain though kc mejo ako pa ung naglakas ng loob mag pa pic sa kanya…ahaha

  4. euges Says:

    Chinito kasi kaya !!!!!
    Lakas ng dating ha, Mabait ang aura!!!

  5. andrew Says:

    Alam ko na kung ano yung something ‘divine’ na yun… biglang naging virgin si Migs sa kalagitnaan ng interview. LOL! Jowk lang :)

    Maybe he still considers himself a foreigner. Maybe that’s the reason why he’s so shy (and darn cute).

    Wag na bitinin, kwento na, hehe!

  6. Jonathan Zamora Says:

    Lalaking lalaki ang dating mo. Chinito. Guapo pa. Sana may utak ka.

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    […] Once every blue moon, I find nudes that are indeed works of art. The Troika Coffee Table Book is one compilation of such images. (And it incidentally features MGG favorite, Janvier Daily!) When the magazine first came out, sometime after the movie that inspired it, it had very limited distribution. Now, it is available at all Filbars and Papyvore outlets. Let me give you a sampling in this post. […]

  8. dax Says:

    magkasing age kayo ni janvier, Migs?!! 22 years old ka pa lang! but you talk like ur on your early thirties!… very mature ang thinking mo… at ang outlook mo sa buhay… maybe u’ve been through a lot kaya ganyan… anyway… nice blog!… i’d say… i’m hooked on your site… won’t last a day w/o taking a peek… hehehe… i love the topics… the issues discussed here… and the comments of my co-viewers of course… don’t care much about the hunky pix coz i’m straight… but then… who knows right? hehehe… but for now… i just hope i have the same bod and as good looking as those you feature here on your site… so you gals (and gays) can drool over me too!… ala janvier daily! hahahaha… keep it going Migs! Congratulations! c”,)

  9. pepron Says:

    He is definitely a star in the making!!!

  10. Karelin Says:

    Nakakakilig talaga si PAPA Janvier.

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