Chikahan with Gay Idol Vince, pt.2

In part 1, Vince de Jesus shared stories from Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzical (where he is the lyricist, composer, musical director, and one of the lead actors), and a little about his lovelife… this time the Troikasters kick off the conversation focusing on his passion, which is theatre. Vince talks about how theatre has brought him to where he is now. A dash of chismis, including a blind item (which I had to bleep out, hehehe!), and a mysterious chika about McVie’s past with Alfred “Alfie” Vargas.

The chikahan texture of the conversation remains as in part 1, so even non-theatre enthusiast will surely enjoy eavesdropping in this podcast. So go and listen!

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7 Responses to “Chikahan with Gay Idol Vince, pt.2”

  1. mcvie Says:

    Ay na-edit out si *toot* de *toot*?! Awww. ;-)

  2. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    Shalom/Hi!Mga kafatid sa 22ong gulay na walang halong sili,gustong-gusto kong mga boses nyo.Kasi na aalala ko noong bading fa ako eh(lol…char!eh ano ako ngayon?syempri lola fa rin…)Gusto kong mga topics nyo nakakawala ng mga kalongkotan d2 sa pag-aalaga ng mga may sakit na Israeli.Wag nyong kalimotan na sinusubaybayan naming mga taga-Israel ang mga chikahan nyo.Mahal ko kayong lahat.Maraming salamat!

  3. josh Says:

    I sure wish i will be able to watch d final run of zsazsa z. Gus2 ko rin makita c vince & his bebe…

    @mcvie, alfred (alfie…). U still intouch w/ him???

    Hiya migs & gibbs!

  4. Nadriamez Says:

    *remembers the vargas encounter a year ago :-)

  5. Rye Says:

    hahaha! binanggit nyo na naman kami! so finally, narinig ko na ang part2. part1 naman ang kakaririn ko. pinauwi ako mula sa work dahil tinatrangkaso ako. kaya pinakinggan ko to habang inaapoy ako ng lagnat.

    i love this episode. very straight forward and insightful. you guys asked pertinent questions that a lot of people have in their minds and vince answered them truthfully and matter-of-factly.

    i was a peta applicant, and eventually an apprentice from 2001-2003. vince was my audition workshop facilitator and voice teacher (sya ang unang nagsabi sa kin na tenor ako) and director sa unang production ever na ginawa ko for peta. he was also the md for every play and special project i did with the company. hindi nya yata nakilala ung boses ko kung sakali mang narinig na nya ang td&rs. ikumusta mo na lang ako sa kanya.

    kudos to you, guys! more power! dakila kayong tunay!

  6. ian Says:

    hehe, migs, i guess i know who that actor/director is. haha. thanks for mcvie’s comment giving a syllable of his name, plus the clue in the podcast that he did it for a TV/movie of his actress friend, plus your other comments in the podcast about him and about his actress friend! wahehe, i’m almost tempted to give his name! haha. anyway, so sad naman to hear about that. tama lang yung ginawa ni vince. it’s not about the money but it’s about one’s craft being appreciated. ang sakit kaya nung ginawa ni actor/director.

  7. hotnelly Says:

    hi migs! kahit dpa kita namimit, sobrang tenk u for having a site like MGG, grabe ung mga pics ng mga boys at mga articles about gay life! again tenk u & more power to MGG, hope i cud mit u in person!:-)

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