Gay Idol: Vanessa (2)

(Continued from Gay Idol: Vanessa.)

29042007218.jpg Some years back, while Vanessa was accompanying a friend to audition in an ABS-CBN show, he was spotted by Marc Logan. Vanessa was brought to Marc’s office where he was asked to sing. To Vanessa’s amazement, while he was singing per Marc Logan’s request, some ABS-CBN bigwigs (Noli de Castro, Korina Sanchez, etc.) took notice of the beautiful voice that was emanating from Marc’s office. To make the long story short, Vanessa was offered to be Marc Logan’s “sidekick” in his shows and segments. While Vanessa was telling me this part of his story, I saw how — with his industrial-strength hardwork and constant determination — he was able to turn his peculiar physical condition, a negative by any standard, into an advantage that propelled him to higher levels of success in his career. Vanessa continues to appear in some ABS-CBN shows every now and then.

Vanessa’s career in comedy bars blossomed, and continues to provide for him and his family to this day. His career has been challenged by encounters with diva personalities in the industry. He told me this story on how one diva in a prominent comedy bar in QC just suddenly turned belligerent on him, apparently due to a conflict arising from the diva’s ka-praningan on who is the bigger star. While the diva was nearly 6-foot tall, Vanessa’s midget size person stood his ground. “Wala naman akong ginagawang masama sa kanya, pinagmumura niya ako.” The conflict was eventually resolved but not without Vanessa’s courageous fight for the respect he so deserved. Indeed, a gay idol.

Catch Vanessa in his hosting stint at Bar Uno (Timog Avenue, Quezon City) every Saturday, and at Fun Line (Roxas Blvd., Pasay City) every Thursday and Friday.

* * *

Vanessa, Froilan Ibanez Jr. in real life, is indeed an inspiring figure. It is not realistic to expect anyone to be perfect, and we do not expect that from Vanessa, nor from anyone — the only objective of this “gay idol” post is to highlight some exceptional part of our “idol’s” life so that we can learn a lesson or two, which hopefully can inspire us to be even just a bit better. I believe that all of us should strive to always better ourselves, always, always, always. And what better way to do it but through the inspiration of our fellow gay folks. World Peace, everyone! Idol: Vanessa (2)  digg:Gay Idol: Vanessa (2)  spurl:Gay Idol: Vanessa (2)  newsvine:Gay Idol: Vanessa (2)  furl:Gay Idol: Vanessa (2)  reddit:Gay Idol: Vanessa (2)  fark:Gay Idol: Vanessa (2)  Y!:Gay Idol: Vanessa (2)


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11 Responses to “Gay Idol: Vanessa (2)”

  1. aeriol Says:

    napaka inspiring naman !!!!!!!

  2. Kai Says:


  3. GAYNGAME Says:

    lots of people are complaining how hard it is live in this cruel world: earning money, earning respect, earning friends, earning a small corner of the earth.

    but look at vanessa, he may lack something on the physical aspect, but it never hindered him to live and gain respect from other people.

    i am really inspired when i first saw him at bar uno. i believe it would take a lot of courage and self-confidence to face other people and perform despite of “that lack in the physical aspect.”

    this person is truly amazing.

    and he is gay.

  4. monsour abraham Says:

    that is why ; ” don’t judge the book by its cover”.hanga ako sayo kafatid i know you are beautiful inside & out.May the shower & blessings og God be unto you always.Take care !

  5. Ace Says:

    I wish Vanessa continued success. His life-story shows that with a bit of luck but with a lot of will and determination, it is possible to overcome the negatives that life sometimes dumps on us. Powerful piece, Migs. Thanks.

  6. empress maruja Says:

    Mapanood ko nga siya…

  7. Little Fish Says:

    We are all…
    and Bakla….alam ko ‘yon!

  8. mcvie Says:

    That’s why “Don’t judge a book; cover it.”


  9. Daizuke Says:

    mcvie Says:
    May 7th, 2007 at 12:01 pm
    That’s why “Don’t judge a book; cover it.”
    —-> Certified Correct!! Agree!

  10. pirena Says:

    very inspiring story…way to go sister vanessa… yaan mo one of this day i’ll visit you at bar uno….hi ace……

  11. Wireless Says:

    Powerful story! Very inspiring, really…

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