Gay Idol: Ricky Reyes

In this first part of the i-Witness documentary featuring Ricky Reyes, ang Parlorista ng Bayan, ang “Mader ng Ganda”, Ricky teaches Howie Severino (docu writer and host) how to cut hair. Ricky delivers the message: “Lahat ng tao kaya mag-gupit.”

His 39 Ricky Reyes salons, 3 Ricky Reyes Learning Institutes, and most recently, the Reyes Haircutters franchise empire (joint project with his youngest sibling, Les Reyes.) are testaments to Ricky Reyes’s astounding business success. Les, his brother, says about Ricky, “Gay siya pero mas lalake pa siya sa ibang lalake, when it comes to decision making.” RR employs more than 1,000 employees many of whom are gays. In one lecturette one can see his genuine and personal concern for his people when he addresses them: “Mga bakla, lalake yan… wag ninyong sabihining talo kayo niyan sa ka-etchosan, dapat kayong mga bading ang mas etchosera kaysa sa mga lalake.”

Watch this first part of the Ricky Reyes feature on i-Witness… video up ahead. Idol: Ricky Reyes  digg:Gay Idol: Ricky Reyes  spurl:Gay Idol: Ricky Reyes  newsvine:Gay Idol: Ricky Reyes  furl:Gay Idol: Ricky Reyes  reddit:Gay Idol: Ricky Reyes  fark:Gay Idol: Ricky Reyes  Y!:Gay Idol: Ricky Reyes


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12 Responses to “Gay Idol: Ricky Reyes”

  1. neonego Says:

    ricky reyes is an icon na talaga. success is not measured by sexuality, it is measured by determination.

  2. Ace Says:

    I’m very impressed with this guy. Despite the odds, he is able to reach the pinnacle of success. Equally impressive, is that he is able to retain his humanity which most often gets lost in the struggle to maximize the business bottom line (which is profit). The fact that he is able to employ so many people (thus improving their lives) and share his knowledge of the business with them, is commendable.

  3. harrystone Says:

    thanks for posting this. i wanted to see this i-witness episode but i missed it, and i’d been looking for it since.

  4. Jedd Says:

    Kudos to MGG for recently featuring more real gay people and their stories. These little diversions are a breath of fresh air from the usual hot abs and biceps we see on this site. It’s nice to stop ogling at hot straight men we’ll never really have, and look at our own selves for a change.

  5. amateur misanthrope Says:

    Maybe i-witness (gma7) will feature more gay icons soon. May I suggest, Boy Abunda? Hihihi.

  6. empress maruja Says:

    Sabi nga ni Mama Ricky, “Ang bakla gilingin mo man ang labas baklang hamburger pa rin.”

  7. Gay Idol: Ricky Reyes (2) | manila gay guy Says:

    […] manila gay guy “the national gay blog of the philippines!” « Gay Idol: Ricky Reyes […]

  8. peak fantasy Says:

    ricky reyes is indeed a gay idol.

    on the other side naman….migs, can u also share some info on joey gosiengfiao? i learned from the tabloids that he died with zero savings and his hospital bills were shouldered by some few friends. maybe we can learn a few lessons from his life…he was a success during his prime…and died penniless?

  9. monsour abraham Says:

    kaya kong may ;”american idol” syempri pa eh mayroon din tayong ;”pilipino idol” sya ay walang iba kundi ang nag-iisang dakilang “Mother Ricky Reyes”.Hindi ko man sya nakita sa personal damang-dama kong kagandahang loob nya sa kanyang mga tao at lalo na sa mga mahihirap.ako’y lubosang nagpapasalamat sa mga tao nya or hair dresser jan sa isa sa mga outlet nya sa robinson mall ermita/mabini dahil nang magbakasyon ako galing dito sa israel eh nagpaganda ako sa kanila at talaga naman palang totoong magagaling service nila cut,facial,massage,at lahat2 ginawa nila sa akin.binigyan nila ako ng tudo service talaga halos maluka ako sa saya.kaya super gibsong naman ako ng tip sa pagbakasyon ko muli dadaan ako sa kanila para magpaganda. i love you mama ricky.God bless you more !

  10. Pinoy Says:

    I wish they would as well feature seasoned writers/ authors and educators like Danton Remoto and Neil Garcia.

  11. harhar Says:

    yes to mother ricky. yes to all the gays who have to do triple work to earn respect in their work. yes to all the self-sacrificing gays who labor unheralded for the sake of their family and loved ones. no to self-aggrandizing gays whose efforts at self-promotion are greater than their accomplishments.

  12. Daizuke Says:

    I Salute you. Mother Ricky!!.. with matching standing ovation.. Such a good example not just for the Queer community but for straight as well.. :-)

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