Illac Diaz, idol hunk


Illac Diaz is the kind of man I would like to bring home to Mom and Dad, and say, “Yes I’m gay, and he is my husband.” LOL! Seriously, this guy is amazing. He is an entrepreneur with a heart, and good looking at that (once upon a time, a commercial model)! He was just recently named one of The Outstanding Young Persons of the World (TOYP) by the Jaycees International (JCI). Idol!

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Pinoy is outstanding young person of the world
The Philippine Star 09/16/2006

Illac Diaz of the Philippines has been named one of The Outstanding Young Persons of the World (TOYP) by the Jaycees International (JCI).

The award formally recognizes 10 individuals between the ages of 18 and 40 who exemplify the finest attributes of the world’s young people.

The award will be given at the JCI World Congress in November in Seoul, South Korea. Previous winners of the TOYP include actor Jackie Chan, entrepreneur Anthony Robbins, Australian aviation pioneer Janine Shepherd, Filipino writer Rene Villanueva and Filipino
entrepreneur Jay Bernardo.

Hundreds of TOYM (Ten Outstanding Young Men) awardees from over 110 JCI member countries were nominated for the international honor. Diaz received the 2005 TOYM for social entrepreneurship from the Philippine Jaycees. Diaz is the first social entrepreneur to be so honored.

Earlier this year, Diaz headed the team that topped the $100K Entrepreneurship Competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston for the project CentroMigrante, a self-help business model that provides clean, safe and affordable
urban housing for the thousands of Filipinos who come to Manila to look for jobs as seamen.


His team also won the first and second prizes of the MIT’s IDEAS Competition, which seeks out creative ideas that make a positive impact on the world. The team took the grand prize with their First Step Coral project, which uses a turbine powered by sea currents to energize a wire frame on which corals grow four times faster than normal. They took the silver prize with their replicable, low-cost cement peanut sheller.


Diaz set up the 40-room Pier One Seafarer’s Dormitory in Intramuros in 2000 to meet the need for temporary housing for seaman applicants. Pier One has been operating successfully and today has three branches with over 1,500 beds. He also founded the MyShelter Foundation, which builds low-cost classrooms using the Earthbag Construction System.


Diaz completed this year a research fellowship in the Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies at the MIT. He holds a Master’s in Entrepreneurship degree from the Asian Institute of Management. He was on the national track and field team to the Asian Youth Games and Asian Games from 1988 to 1995, and was the national decathlon champion from 1991 to 1993.

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Illac Diaz was a commercial model before.




Illac Diaz has a blog which he entitled “Beyond the horizon of personal experience is the infinite possibility to reinvent one’s life” — and he indeed lived these words! inspiring isn’t it?

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31 Responses to “Illac Diaz, idol hunk”

  1. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Ay lagi ko siya nakikita sa UST before. I wonder why….

  2. erick Says:

    very gay kaloka !!!!!

  3. erick Says:

    very gay kaloka !!!!! question lang ha migs kanya ba yung massage parlor na Illac?

  4. Migs Says:

    Oh. he’s gay? I didn’t know that. Hindi umaandar ang gaydar ng lola nyo.

  5. Lyka Bergen Says:

    Type ko na sya dati pa! Leche!

    Bading nga ba sya? Di ba cousin sya ni Robin Da Roza?

  6. jay Says:

    lagi ko syang nakikita where i used to work. sobrang kulit, my gawd, gumagawa ng sarlilng event kahit wala namang manpower. big turnoff.. grrr..

  7. Migs Says:

    jay, ganyan talaga mga entrepreneur minsan sobrang hyper at excited sa mga ideas nila. i like him like that. hehehe.

  8. Patricia Says:

    I had a huge crush on him once. He isn’t gay, right?

  9. argo Says:

    bet he’s not one of us nman… maybe Metrosexual lng cia tlga…

  10. Alex Says:

    dba pamangkin siya ni Ms. Universe Gloria Diaz? Hindi naman siya gay. Baka tendencies lang.

  11. br0wn_c0w Says:

    I don’t think he is gay.

  12. Joey Says:

    Intelligence and and good looks should never be mixed like that. Masyadong nakaka-babaw ng self-esteem!

  13. blu-angel855 Says:

    Basta ako ayoko sa kanya.

  14. soxx Says:

    whatever happened to robin daroza? can you update us?

  15. soxx Says:

    robin is iliacs cuz btw

  16. georgena_oz Says:

    letse! isue na naman ang pagiging gay!wHAT HAPPENED TO US FOLKS!WE SHOULD BE A UNITED GAY COMMUNITY.. iT DOESNT MATTER GAY OR NOT AS LONG AS U are a good and talented person!

  17. lanz vargas Says:

    why don’t people look at the good deeds of this guy, Illac? i mean, some are judging Illac behind his back but they have never imagined that this guy is really somewhat a kind-hearted person? does this mean that this is what a filipino really are? na kapag nalaman natin ang hindi katanggap-tanggap na aspeto ng isang tao, basta nalang natin s’yang ibabagsak? masyado tayong mapanghusga sa kapwa. bakit ‘di natin tanungin sa ating mga sarili na ang panghuhusaga ay isa ring pangit na imahe nating mga pilipino? i still believe of what Illac said that:”how can i reach success that other people may come along with me?” see, iniisip n’ya ang kapakanan natin…ang masaklap pa, hindi nakikita ng ilan sa atin ang bagay na ‘yon.

  18. Noel Says:

    tama ka dyan Lance….yang mga taong nag sasabing gay si Illac, ingit lang sila kasi sa age ni Illac he proven a lot in terms of making a bussines…….mamatay sa ingit ang nagsasabing gay si Illac

  19. rommel Says:

    BAding na bading

  20. harajuku Says:

    it wouldnt matter what his sexuality is, the more important thing is the personality of the person… i took it from my ex, hehe..

  21. iObserve Says:

    one really humble guy…
    hehe, he looks way cute whenever his accomplishments are mentioned, blushing and all. haha

    but he’s not gay =p

  22. june Says:

    gay or not, he has accomplished something every filipino should be proud of. and what’s wrong with being gay?

  23. harajuku Says:

    anong commercial yun ni illac na may dala siyang torch? batang bonakid? hehehehe jk

    yeah i admire his passion like i admire his cuteness.. i wish i could bring someone like him home to my parents and say “Mom, Dad, prepare your oxygen tanks…”

  24. SHAMHAE Says:

    I VOUCH FOR U!!!!! tc!


  25. akoito Says:

    He’s married to an Italian and they run the Galleria 2000.
    I don’t know if he has kids.
    He was in the fashion show during the last Italian National Day.

  26. anonymous Says:

    Di kaya siya kasal. May gf na 21 years old atenean ni joyce platon ang pangalan. platon clan ata ng batangas yaman at super ganda.model ata rin eh

  27. docki Says:

    ayan naman ang mga lola…gay kung gay.basta maganda ang kalooban!!! mahiya kayo kay migz.

    Comment from Migs: Yes! “Gay kung gay, basta maganda ang kalooban!” I agree Docki! Mabuhay ka!

  28. Archie Aruejo Says:

    Part na ata kc ng kultura nating mga pinoy na craan o idown mga kapwa natin pg cla umangat o may naachieve! Hw does it feel kung tyo naman ang idown nla? Just asking

  29. je Says:

    nakita ko na yung joyce na girlfriend sa embassy, mukhang bakla. tsaka mukahang nagpagawa nang ilong. cover up pa si ilac, baklang bakla

  30. rodier Says:

    i dont like him, i like janvier forever! amen!

  31. je Says:

    ilac bachelor until when?

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